EXO’s Lay USA Full Album Debut “NAMANANA” October 19.

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Posted: Friday September 21, 2018 @ 6:32 pm PST

EXO‘s Lay is making his official debut in the States with a full album titled, “NAMANANA”

The album is set to release in the US on October 19. It contains 11 of his Chinese tracks that will be recorded with English lyrics. In total, the album will have 22 Mandopop (Mandarin Popular Music) songs. He aims to spread Mandopop to the global market through his album.

Lay took part in writing the lyrics and producing each and every one of the songs, solidifying himself once again as a singer-songwriter. He collaborated with global composers and producers, such as BazziRice n’ Peas153 Joombas Music Group and more.

It comes as no surprise that Lay will be taking on another global music scene, as he’s already set himself as an accomplished artist in Korea and China! He’s also collaborated with renown Norwegian-British record producer and DJ, Alan Walker for a “Relift” on his solo track ‘Sheep’.

exo lay namanana

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