IZ*ONE Japanese Band Is NOT On Music Bank’s ‘Restricted Persons List’

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Posted: Friday November 23, 2018 @ 4:20 pm PST

Viewers of Music Bank have recently uploaded posts requesting that IZ*ONE be banned from appearing on the program due to their alleged right-wing controversies.

IZ*ONE, the girl group created through Mnet’s Produce 48, was involved in “right-wing controversies” as soon as they debuted. It began when a photo of one of the Japanese members began to spread. The photo showed the idol singing “Kimigayo” (the Japanese national anthem) wearing a costume with the rising sun flag at the Yasukuni Shrine during her promotions with AKB48.

After seeing the photos, the public began requesting that IZ*ONE be banned from appearing on numerous broadcasting stations including KBS and a Blue House petition was even filed in regards to the issue.

“Please ban the right-wing Japanese group IZ*ONE from appearing on public broadcasting

On November 22, Music Bank responded to the post from KBS’ Viewer Rights Center website titled, “We request that the group IZ*ONE, which was produced by a right-wing producer and has a right-wing member, be banned from appearing [on the show].”

“In regard to matters of IZ*ONE, we have not been notified by the Review Board of any guidelines on their appearance or regulations and in terms of the songs to be broadcast, all songs excluding ‘Your in Love, Right?’, which is written entirely in Japanese, has been qualified as ‘appropriate for broadcasting’. None of the performers of Music Bank including the group in question are on the ‘Restricted Persons List’ set by the Review Board.”

ㅡ Music Bank

They added that they do not deem it appropriate to regulate the appearance of certain performers without clear regulatory basis and guidelines.

“We do not believe it is appropriate to regulate the appearance of specific performers based on the arbitrary decision of the program staff without clear regulatory basis and guidelines on the music and cast.”

ㅡ Music Bank



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