Jermhi Sings On MEGASTARZ Debut Song “Viral”

Blogged By: La Tray

Date: Thursday September 19, 2019 @8:38 pm PST

Source: Jermhi Will Be Featured On MEGASTARZ First Song “Viral”



The 6’2″ Singer and Model Jermhi who will be featured on MEGASTARZ first single, “Viral” as well as doing cover songs with the group, TVXQ’s Tonight and Before You Go.”

Although, Jermhi only lends his beautiful vocals to the background of “Viral,” however; this dreamboat will be featured in the music video and will have more of a singing role when the group performs their tribute cover songs by TVXQ.

Is Jermhi Just Sexy or Way To Sexy For His Own Good? Stroll down on the web site to VOTE: VOTE ON JERMHI




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TO READ MORE ON JERMHI: Jermhi Will Be Featured On MEGASTARZ First Song “Viral”

For Booking Information: Jermhi


110 thoughts on “Jermhi Sings On MEGASTARZ Debut Song “Viral”

  1. I looooooooooooooooooooove me some Jermhi already. I want to see new pictures of him. I’ve been following for a while now but never new pictures of him.

  2. I would have a 3 some with Jermhi and Gohan. They look like they can take care of business in the bedroom. Jermhi first

  3. Omg I finally listened to the song everyone’s talking about in the comments and he does look like the guy. I fell in love with the song and I can totally see Jermhi singing it.

    Just know this before you go
    That I was the only man who loved you only
    So stupid was I
    An idiot a scumbag who couldn’t even protect you
    If you stay beside me ’till the end
    You’ll be more heartbroken, you might fall
    Made a very good choice
    A person who will set you free
    Will come to you, will come to you

  4. He reminds me of Minhyun the way he pose. He looks like Yunho. I want him. I will have him. I will get him. He will be mine

  5. I tried to click vote for Jermhi but when I went to the page I didn’t see a voting poll. Between 1-10 he gets a 10000000000000000000000000000000%

  6. Ok let me start off by saying I have lost a lot of sleep and functions due to me trying to research this guy with no ablutions. I’m here crying my eyes out because I just want to be able to talk to him. He’s just so handsome and it’s killing me because this guy may blow up one day and I want to say I was here and a fan first. Can someone please please please please please please tell me how to contact him anything instagram something Facebook I’ll take anything

    1. I definitely feel for you. I wish they would provide more information to contact him instead of another website. I want his social media as well.

  7. He is extremely sexy.
    1. Where does he live?
    2. What’s all his personal information?
    3. What’s his social media?
    4. Is he single?
    5. Does he want to marry me
    6. I want to have his children
    7. I want him so bad
    8. Can you please let him no?
    I want I want I want him

    1. We should build something together. People are meeting kpop idols, we can meet him. Let’s stick together an find out everything we need to know about him

  8. Does anyone know his booking agent? I don’t care if he can sing or not, I want to book him. Just to have him appear is great.

  9. For you Jermhi my love I will find you and together we will be together forever. Nothing is going to separate us. You may not no me no but you will know me in the future and for that my love you will never forget me. I will make sure 777

  10. I stumbled on this site and instantly fell in love with Jermhi. Just as the other people were saying in the comments he does look a lot like U-Know from SM Entertainment. He has the looks of a goddess. I’m surprised he isn’t a major kpop star because he definitely looks the part. I would love to see more of him if possible

  11. Ok so after listening to the song, I can see myself making love to Jermhi listening to Before you go. It’s a sex song that fits him. I would have a bunch of kids with him

    1. Lol I thinking the same. I was imagining him naked but now I’m googling to see if I can find anything even his shirt off will satisfy my craving for this delicious hunk

      1. I sent an email regarding his booking. However I’m just awaiting for a reply. Thank you in advance

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