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KĒI, DANEYI, GOHAN #MEGASTARZ Listen To “Viral” Sample (Vote Link)

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Date: Wednesday October 23, 2019 @ 12:10 am PST

Source: KĒI, DANEYI, GOHAN #MEGASTARZ 30 Seconds of Viral (VOTE)


Viral is the anticipated first song by  MEGASTARZ group members, the principal group leader / lead singer KĒI, the main singer DANEYI, and the step-in leader / lead dancer GOHAN under TAURUS THE BULL ENTERTAINMENT.

Fans can listen to 30 seconds of MEGASTARZ debut song “Viral.”  CLICK: Viral

MEGASTARZ debuts Thursday October 31, 2019 with their first lyric video.


KĒI, DANEYI, GOHAN #MEGASTARZ Sign Up For Contests and Giveaways

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Date: Monday October 21, 2019 @8:32 pm PST

Source: KĒI, DANEYI, GOHAN #MEGASTARZ: Join The Mailing List For Contests and Giveaways

Subscribe to the mailing list for MEGASTARZ contests and giveaways. CLICK:  MEGASTARZ

MEGASTARZ debuts with “Viral” on Thursday October 31, 2019 under TAURUS THE BULL ENTERTAINMENT

DANEYI (MEGASTARZ) In Spain Celebrating His Birthday

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Date: Monday October 7, 2019 @8:03pm PST

Source: DANEYI (MEGASTARZ) Celebrates His Birthday In Spain

MEGASTARZ main singer DANEYI celebrates his 22nd birthday on October 8th in beautiful Seville, Spain.  He shared a handsome photo of himself standing behind a monument and a river of water on the group’s official MEGASTARZ  Instagram account.

MEGASTARZ will debut on Thursday, October, 31, 2019 with their debut song “Viral”
featuring Jermhi and the lyric music video can be viewed on the group’s official YouTub channel. CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: MEGASTARZ


Source: MEGASTARZ Instagram / Tour Spain Travel Guides / TAURUS THE BULL ENTERTAINMENT