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KĒI, DANEYI, GOHAN #MEGASTARZ (Kpop little megastarz)

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Date: Monday November 4, 2019 @12:20am PST

Source: little megastarz

Fans can checkout Kpop group  MEGASTARZ photo of them when they were little.

The members are the principal group leader / lead singer KĒI, main singer DANEYI, and step-in leader/ lead dancer GOHAN will debut Sunday December 1, 2019.




Jermhi (Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh) KĒI, DANEYI, GOHAN (MEGASTARZ) Viral

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Date: November 2, 2019 @12:00 am PST

Source: Jermhi (Baby Baby Baby)



The background vocals of the very handsome solo artist Jermhi can be heard on the recently released “snippet” of MEGASTARZ debut song “Viral.”

CLICK: Jermhi’s background vocals on MEGASTARZ debut song Viral