Jermhi (Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh) KĒI, DANEYI, GOHAN (MEGASTARZ) Viral

Blogged By: La Tray

Date: November 2, 2019 @12:00 am PST

Source: Jermhi (Baby Baby Baby)



The background vocals of the very handsome solo artist Jermhi can be heard on the recently released “snippet” of MEGASTARZ debut song “Viral.”

CLICK: Jermhi’s background vocals on MEGASTARZ debut song Viral


31 thoughts on “Jermhi (Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh) KĒI, DANEYI, GOHAN (MEGASTARZ) Viral

  1. Hello,
    I have a photo shoot coming up out in Los Angeles. I need a guy like that to be apart of my shoot. I’m doing more of an urban style shoot. Who is his manager? I would love to book him. Thanks
    P.S he is like super hot

  2. Such a very handsome Korean man. Hopefully one day you will read this and know I was a fan from day. I love you my beautiful handsome angel. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️JERMHI❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I love you so much Jermhi and I know you love me to. We just need to get married already. I’ve always dreamed about being a kpop wife and I promise I will make you happy.

  4. I can’t imagine seeing him single because he’s extremely attractive to be alone but I pray he’s not married or anything because that would break my heart. I’ve been pretending I’d have a chance to be with him one day in life and I don’t want to give up hope

  5. Was that my baby singing (Baby, Baby,Baby)? He sounded good as shit, not only is he fine as shit but his voice and his looks, I would pregnant by him in a heartbeat.

  6. Oh I pray and pray he is single. The troubles I’m going to get into in order to contact him and make him mine. Once my mission is completed I will be Mrs. Jermhi

  7. Hello La Tray,
    I’m asking since you were to blog this story out, is there any additional information on Jermhi? Like his whereabouts or phone number or anything to make it easier but us stalkers to do our job?

  8. I usually only date white or Hispanic guys but I would marrying him in a heartbeat. I’m officially a new Jermhi fan 😌

  9. Does anyone know what country or state he lives in? I’m going to find him. I found that one Instagram and they posted his pic. I’ll try sending a dm

  10. I was going too lose my virginity to other kpop idols especially BTS but I’ve reconsidered after looking at this pic. Someone as sexy as this man is, why isn’t he in a kpop group or something. SM is sleeping on him. He’s super super sexy

  11. I tried so hard to see what I can discover in that water but it seems like he has shorts on oh well hot ass body though. He’s gorgeous

  12. I don’t understand why he’s not in megastarz he’s the hottest one of them all. Those muscles are just everything. He’s an angel

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