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Casey James Wins 5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of April 2012

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Posted: Friday June 1, 2012 @2:32 p.m. PST


Singer and musician Casey James wins 5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of April 2012.


James received 91.3% of the votes. Actor Kyle Lowder (Days of Our Lives and Bold and the Beautiful) came in second place with 6.52%, Backstreet Boys Kevin Richardson with 2.17%, actors Allen Payne (House of Payne) and Esai Morales (La Bamba and NYPD Blue) came in last.


James will join 5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of January 2012 Matt Jacobi, 5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of February 2012 TJ Jackson, and 5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of March 2012 Shahid Kapoor to compete for 5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of The Year 2012 in December 2012 where the winner receives a trophy.


Thanks to everyone who voted and congratulations to Casey James for winning 5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of April 2012.

Casey James wins 5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of April 2012. Photo Credit:

JYJ Facebook Is Born (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu)

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Posted: Friday January 6, 2012 @ 1:53 am PST

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JYJ South American Tour Poster

JYJ, finally have a Facebook page for their millions of fans.

5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of The Year 2011, singer, songwriter, model, and actor Jaejoong tweeted on Thursday January 5, 2012 that “JYJ Facebook is born”.

S.M. Entertainment created TVXQ’s (Yunho and Changmin) a Facebook page, it was only a matter of time for JYJ to have one as well.  Next should be an official YouTube Channel just like TVXQ (Yunho and Changmin). What’s next for Yunho and Changmin should be Twitter accounts. Then Yunho and Jaejoong could re-unite.

Social networks are one of the main reasons why JYJ have increased popularity, all three members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu have Twitter accounts and communicate with their fans.

JYJ’s company C-Jes have created one the biggest social networks, this is only going to increase their popularity even more so and they deserve to gain more fans. They are so talented. In a short time, JYJ have over 30,000 Facebook likes.

What makes JYJ’s Facebook so cool is that the Korean language is translated in the English language. They’ll definetly will gain more fans who are fluent or understand the English language.

Here’s the first post:안녕하세요. JYJ의 공식 Facebook이 오픈하였습니다. 월드와이드 스타 JYJ의 활동소식은 물론, 비하인드 스토리까지! 공식홈페이지에서 만나보지 못한 신선한 컨텐츠들을 만날 수 있는 공간! JYJ의 Official Facebook 많이 찾아 주세요! ^^ Hello, JYJ Official Facebook page is now open!  This page will provide JYJ’s news and their behind stories that you haven’t seen on official website. You are always more than welcome to visit this page. Thank you!

C-Jes didn’t waste anytime by providing information on JYJ’s South American tour dates: JYJ의 남미투어소식!! 다들 들으셨나요? 2011-12 JYJ World Tour의 마지막을 장식하기 위해 올 3월 칠레와 페루에서 공연을 가질 예정입니다. 북미투어, 유럽투어 때 보여주신 남미팬들의 열정에 보답하는 기회인 것 같아 JYJ 본인들도 무척 설레인다고 하네요. ‘좋아요’ 클릭으로 응원해주세요! Good News!! JYJ will be performing in South America! The concerts in Chile and Peru will be the last concerts for 2011-12 JYJ World Tour. JYJ said that it would be a great opportunity to repay for the passion which South America fans showed before. sooo thumbs up if you like this news? South America Tour Information below *March 9, TEATRO CAUPOLICAN, Santiago, Chile *March 11, ExPlanada Sur(Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental), Lima, Peru.

JYJ are working on their next album for 2012. JYJ fisrt full album was all in English “The Beginning” and their second full album was in Korean / English “In Heaven”.


Jaejoong Wins 5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of The Year 2011

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Posted:  Sunday January 1, 2012 @ 1:01 am PST

Topic: Jaejoong -5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of The Year 2011

Jaejoong of JYJ wins the first annual 5 Star Hollywood Of The Year 2011. He was featured in the 5 Star Hollywood Hunks Of November 2011.

After a month long of voting, he received  32.95%  (228 votes) of 692. He won over 24 hunks in the competition.

Runner-up was TVXQ’s Yunho(singer, rapper,dancer, model, and actor)  who had 209 votes, Dancing with the Stars Maksim Chmerkovskiy (choreographer and dancer) with 85 votes, 2011 KBS Drama Award winner “King Gwanggaeto”  Lee Tae Gon (actor) with 54 votes, and  Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey (actor) with 45 votes.

All thanks goes out to Jaejoong fans for voting for him and he will recieve a trophy. More thanks to all fans who took out the time to vote for their favorite hunk.

Congratulations to Jaejoong and Happy New Year!