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Nick & Aaron Carter Sister “Leslie Carter” Dead Age 25 (Cause Of Death Update)

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Posted: Wednesday February 1, 2012 @ 8 :25 pm PST

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According to Leslie Carter Us Weekly, Leslie Carter the 25-year old sister of Aaron and Nick Carter is dead.

Leslie was a  singer, wife and mother to a baby girl Alyssa, 10 months. Carter passed away of unknown causes in upstate New York.

“The family legitimately doesn’t know what happened,” a source close to the Carter family tells Us Weekly. “They’re still trying to find out.”

Singer Aaron, 24, is “completely blindsided” by the news. Leslie, whose single “Like Wow!” was featured on the Shrek soundtrack in 2001, had four siblings and married Alyssa’s dad, Mike, in 2008

“She loved her family, she loved her baby,” the source adds of Leslie, whose 1999 debut album was never released. “She was happy stepping away from the show business and just living happily with her family in Canada.”


An incident report obtained by CNN Thursday from the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office indicates that Leslie Carter, the deceased sister of singers Nick and Aaron Carter, suffered an apparent overdose and was taking medication for depression.

Carter, an aspiring singer, died at the age of 25, in New York. The incident report notes that three prescription drugs were found near Carter: Olanzapine, used to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder; Cyclobenzaprine, a muscle relaxant; and Alprazolam, used to treat anxiety or panic disorders, also known as Xanax.

Carter’s step-mother, Ginger, and father, Robert, told police that the 25-year-old mom had a “long history of mental illness and was on medication for her depression.”

An autopsy has been conducted, but an official cause of death can’t be determined until toxicology results come back in four to six weeks.

According to the report, Carter was at home with her step-mother Ginger on Tuesday, and Ginger reported to police that while Carter had seemed OK that morning, at times she seemed depressed, “just by the way she was talking.”

Carter asked Ginger to care for her 10-month-old daughter that day because she wasn’t “feeling great.” At one point, Ginger told police that she realized Carter had been in the bathroom for some time, and when she went to check on her, saw that Carter had fallen into the shower.

After helping her step-daughter out of the bathroom and into her bed, Ginger said she continued to care for Carter’s daughter while periodically checking on Carter. Ginger said she didn’t wake up when she would sit on the bed, or sit the baby on the bed, but still had color to her skin and was breathing, and appeared to be sleeping.

It wasn’t until Carter’s father Robert came home that afternoon that Carter was found to be unresponsive and not breathing. Her father tried to perform CPR, but Carter was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead within the hour.