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Anna Kay (Aaron Kwok’s Girlfriend or Not) Accused The Tabloid For Twisting Her Words

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Source: Yahoo Singapore By Heidi Hsia

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Posted: Thursday September 5, 2013 @9:47 p.m. PST


Chinese model Anna Kay recently denied making any statements saying that she and singer-actor Aaron Kwok are in a relationship.

As reported on HK Channel website, the 26-year-old model accused the tabloid for twisting her words and begged, “Please stop making things up! I can vouch with my honour that I never said any of those things that were written. Do you guys really want me to go crazy?”

Anna made headlines recently for supposedly admitting about her relationship with Aaron, and that the “Cold War” actor had once proposed to her.

The model, who has been criticised for her ‘confession’, turned to Weibo and wrote, “Yes, I did an interview before, but that was not how I answered the questions. When they asked me if I had received a gift, I said ‘yes’. But I never did say what it was.”

“I love Hong Kong, but why does the Hong Kong press have to make up stories like this? All I asked is for you to not harm my friends!”

Anna Kay Denies Dating Aaron Kwok

Aaron Kwok’s Girlfriend Model Anna Kay Hinted Christine Kuo Used Aaron To Increase Her Publicity

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Posted: Thursday September 4, 2013 @ 5:45 p.m. PST


According to Hong Kong media reports, Cantopop singer Aaron Kwok has been dating Chinese model Anna Kay, after ending his seven year romance with model-turned actress Lynn Hung.

Having been spotted visiting Aaron’s apartment on several occasions, there were claims that the relationship was purely a physical one with no love involved.

During an interview recently, Anna refuted such claims, stating that they were in love, and that Aaron had once proposed with a diamond ring.

“I cannot accept a relationship that is purely physical. It’s not like what they all said; I need to make sure that my partner loves me!”

When asked about their low profile romance, Anna said, “He [Aaron] does not discuss relationship, and I’ll respect my boyfriend’s decision on whether we should go public! “

On the other hand, when asked about her frequent visits to Aaron’s apartment, the model replied that it was because she has a “good friend” who lives in the building. Even though she denied that the “good friend” was Aaron, Anna went on to reveal that she has been in a “stable relationship for the past six months”.

Widely speculated to be the fourth party in the ‘Aaron Kwok, Christine Kuo and Lynn Hung love triangle’ previously, Anna clarified that Aaron was already a single man when they first met, and hinted that Christine used Aaron to increase her publicity.

“I got to know him [Aaron] through a mutual friend. We both love cars and he was there when I was out playing with friends once. You can call it love at first sight. I’m sure he was already single then. It’s difficult to control when someone wants to use you.”

When asked about Aaron’s charms, Anna praised him for his “good body and great stage presence” as well as his “humour and love for his family” off-stage.

Will the pair be getting married soon?

“Not that soon as I hope that my career will take flight within these two years. With regards to a wedding, I’ll respect the guy’s decision. Since he’s always low-profile, it could be a vacation wedding instead,” said the 24-year-old, who added that she feels no generation gap with Aaron despite the 23 years difference.

In other reports, Aaron’s manager Xiao Mei had reportedly quarreled with the singer over Anna’s high key ways, and has arranged for a male assistant to watch Aaron round the clock.

The source said, “Aaron said that he does not need an assistant during his private time, and that Xiao Mei has no say in his relationship issues. The two has been rather cold to each other recently, and Aaron ignores calls from Xiao Mei when he is off work.”

Aaron Kwok and Anna Kay
Aaron Kwok and Anna Kay


Aaron Kwok and Christine Kuo
Aaron Kwok and Christine Kuo




Aaron Kwok Caught With Model Anna Kay At His Apartment, Called Police On Paparazzi

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Source: Yahoo Singapore By Heidi Hsia

Media: Yahoo Singapore

Posted: Thursday August 29, 2013 @ 6:27 p.m. PST


Despite having denied his relationship with model Anna Kay earlier, Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok was at a loss when he was caught with the model at his apartment recently, and he had to call the police to disperse the paparazzi swarming outside his residence.

As reported on QQ website, on the night of 25 August, the Hong Kong paparazzi was alerted that Anna, who had spent a day at the “Cold War” actor’s place last month, is back in Hong Kong and has been staying at Aaron’s place.

At 9pm, the paparazzi spotted that the curtains at his house were moving, showing that there is someone trying to take a peek to make sure that the coast is clear.

Two hours later, the police arrived, saying that someone had made a call to them and reported about a mass gathering outside the apartment and quickly dispersed the paparazzi.

A few minutes after, a seven-seater car exited the premise with its curtains drawn, prompting several photographers to chase the vehicle, while others stayed put.

An hour later, approximately 12.20am, another car, owned by Aaron’s good friend Eric Chow, exited the place with the 26-year-old model inside. Upon realising that they were still tailed by the paparazzi, Eric dropped Anna off at a nearby apartment where she then took another car to leave.

Aaron Kwok and Anna Kay


Aaron Kwok’s Girlfriend Lynn Hung In Denial Over Christine Kuo

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Posted: Thursday March 21, 2013 @ 1:26 a.m. PST



Model-actress Lynn Hung finally spoke up and dismissed the rumours of her breakup with her boyfriend Aaron Kwok.

TVB News World recently reported that while speaking to the media at Aaron Kwok’s Coliseum concert on 19 March, Lynn denied that the rumours surrounding Aaron Kwok and Christine Kuo affected their relationship whatsoever.

Smiling sweetly, Lynn expressed, “It has always been like this. [Our relationship] has been pretty good all along.”

When asked about her views on the reports saying that Aaron spent the night at Christine’s, Lynn stated, “There are always people taking pictures during filming. I felt sorry for the girl [Christine].”

Meanwhile, during the concert, Aaron was shaking audiences’ hands and singing when he suddenly waved towards the area where Lynn was sitting and shouted “I Love You”.

When asked if Aaron’s “I Love You” message was directed to her, Lynn smiled shyly and said, “How so? No, no, no! He did wave to me though. He was just singing, nothing more.”

Lyn also praised Aaron’s dedication to his often dangerous performances, saying, “His concert is challenging. I’m a little worried, but there are so many people working with him and protecting him. It should be okay.”

Lynn Hung
Lynn Hung


Aaron Kwok
Aaron Kwok


Christine Kuo
Christine Kuo


Aaron Kwok Secretly Dating Christine Kuo Former Miss Chinese International?

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Posted: Tuesday March 19, 2013 @5:20 p.m. PST



Rumour has it the Aaron Kwok has found himself a new love interest after dating model Lynn Xiong for seven years. Reports claimed that the Hong Kong star is secretly dating 2009 Miss Chinese International pageant winner Christine Kuo.

Dating speculations sparked off after Christine’s neighbours spotted Aaron’s car parked in front of her house last Saturday, claiming that they witnessed the pair leaving the house together. Aaron was also reportedly seen in the vicinity a few times that week.

According to the Hong Kong media, Aaron and Christine acted as a couple in a commercial last year and the two developed a good rapport despite their 19-year age gap.

Christine once admitted to the media that she has a good impression of Aaron. “I like guys like him who appear to be very ‘cool’, but are actually very humourous,” she said.

The 29-year-old’s good friend also revealed that Christine’s recent behaviour suggested that she is currently seeing someone.

“I asked her who she was dating, but she refused to reveal the person’s identity. She only told me that she needs to go to the church to ask for forgiveness and seek advice.”

In related news, Aaron’s girlfriend Lynn reportedly bought a new house and moved out of Aaron’s neighbourhood recently, giving rise to speculations that the 33-year-old has found out about her beau’s new love interest.

Aaron Kwok and Christine Kuo