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American Idol New Judges? Your Time To Vote (POLL)

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Source: TMZ

Posted: Friday July 13, 2012 @ 5:27 p.m PST


According  to TMZ,  both Jeniffer Lopez and Steve Tyler said their goodbyes to American Idol.

Who Do You Think Would Be The Perfect Judges?




Owl City, Karmin, Adam Lambert & Demi Lovato Endfest 2012 Rock Event

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Source: SF Gate

Photo Credit: SF Gate

Posted: Friday June 8, 2012 @ 6:30 p.m PST

According to SF Gate, Sacramento Rock Events> Endfest 2012 featuring Demi Lovato, Adam Lambert, Karmin, and Owl City

Endfest 2012 featuring Demi Lovato, Adam Lambert, Karmin, and Owl City
 Friday, July 20 6:30p
at Power Balance Pavilion, Sacramento, CA
Age Suitability: None Specified
Actress/vocalist Demi Lovato began making a name for herself after starring alongside the Jonas Brothers in the 2008 Disney Channel movie Camp Rock. Born in 1992 in Dallas, Texas, she was raised in a household that included her mother (a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader) and her two sisters.
Rock, Pop
Power Balance Pavillion
One Sports Pkwy.
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 928-6900

Adam Lambert & Queen’s Gig Cancelled (Photo)

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Source & Full Story Credit: Rolling Stone

Photo Credit: Rolling Stone

Posted Thursday March 29, 2012 @ 5:45 p.m PST


According to Rolling Stone,  The Sonisphere Knebworth festival, which was to host performances by Kiss, Marilyn Manson and a version of Queen fronted by Adam Lambert, has been cancelled.

According to organizers, plans for the event — which was to be held in Stevenage, England on July 6-8– were scrapped due to unforeseen difficulties.

“It is with very heavy hearts and much regret that we announce the cancellation of Sonisphere Knebworth 2012,” reads a statement on the festival’s website. “Putting the festival together in what is proving to be a very challenging year was more difficult than we anticipated. Unfortunately circumstances have dictated that we would be unable to run the festival to a standard that both the artists and that Sonisphere’s audience would rightly expect.”

Other Sonisphere festivals, including events in Poland, Spain and Swizterland, will go on as planned with Metallica as a headliner. It is unclear how the cancellation of the festival will affect the touring plans of other bands on the bill, which also included Evanescence, Faith No More, Flogging Molly, Mastodon, Andrew W.K., Incubus and the Darkness.

The Sonisphere Knebworth festival is the only date scheduled for a Queen performance featuring Lambert. As of yet, neither Lambert or Queen have commented on the possibility of making alternate plans.





Adam Lambert Covers Fault Magazine

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Source: CNN – Fault Magazine – Just Jared

Photo Credit: Fault Magazine

Posted: Sunday March 4, 2012 @ 7:51 A.M PST


Adam Lambert 30, On choosing the album title Trespassing: “The title track serves as a great mission statement for me as an artist and for how I live my life. I also wanted to give a name to what listeners would be doing by listening to the album. They’re essentially trespassing into my world, getting to know me much more in-depth than ever.” According to, Fault Magazine.

On things his fans don’t know about him: “I’m a crazy hedonistic rebel who wants to liberate the masses. There are songs on the album that embrace my rock n roll spirit and my love of club culture. Yet, underneath it all I’m not always as strong and confident as I may seem. I work hard to project pride and poise when faced with judgement and heartache. That is how I cope. I feel a bit of pressure to set a certain example that suggests that I deserve my place in this industry. Im hard on myself and critical. There are songs on Trespassing that deal with that anxiety. . Until I met my current boyfriend, I was always falling for the wrong guys which caused my self worth to suffer. This is just some of what the album explores.”

Adam Lambert Arrested After Bar Brawl in Finland (Video)

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Blog Source: New York Post – CBS News

Video Credit:YouTube (HollyScoopTV)

Posted: Thursday December 22, 2o11 @ 4:20 pm PST

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Adam Lambert Faces Lawsuit Claiming He Was Ineligible For ‘American Idol’ (Story Link)

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Blog Source: HuffPost Gay Voices

Posted: Sunday November 6, 2011 @ 4:02 pm PST

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Adam Lambert Faces Lawsuit Claiming He Was Ineligible For ‘American Idol’


Adam Lambert Guest Judge Project Runway (Video & New Photo)

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Photo Link Credit: Reality Wanted –  Lindsay in Project Runway

Posted: Sunday September 18, 2011 @ 3:15 am PST

Updated: Friday September 23, 2011 @ 5:30 pm PST

Topic: Adam Lambert – Project Runway – Anthony Ryan Auld

Dedicated To: Sharon – Beverly – Hollywood Holly – Pat R.

Super talented,  HOT,  drop dead gorgeous Adam Lambert was a guest judge on the tv show “Project Runway”  Thursday September 22, 2011 on “Lifetime”  See the sneak video preview with Adam and that knock-Out Smile.

Please check your local listing for time and vote for Anthony Ryan Auld #PR9anthonyryan.


Adam Lambert Should Be Invited To The Michael Jackson Tribute (Videos)

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Blog Story By: Entertainer La Tray

Video Credit: YouTube -Adam Lambert  – ArtisanNewsService

Video Credit: YouTube – Behind The Mask Project –  michaeljacksonVEVO

Posted: Tuesday August 16, 2011 @5:07 pm PST

Topic- Michael Jackson – Adam Lambert

Kiss member Gene Simmons was negative regarding the Late King Of Pop Michael Jackson and has been removed from the line up.  Adam Lambert love for Jackson is genuine and he should be invited to perform in Wales at the tribute.

I had the honor of meeting Michael Jackson.  Jackson and Lambert are my favorite male singers.

Those who should be listed are Adam Lambert; Chris Brown, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, Queen Latifah, Judith Hill  Madonna and his fans who put together “Behind The Mask Project” just to name a few.

When Jackson was humiliated by people like Simmons, it was Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, and Chris Tucker who jumped to Jackson’s defense, therefore, they should be added to the list to introduce the performers.  I don’t know who is in charge, however,  the tribute should be done on the anniversary of Jackson’s birthday and have people there who have nothing but love for the Late King Of Pop. ” Adam Lambert has earned the right to be there” says De De Tillman.

Adam Lambert: 2011 EQCA Equality Awards (Video)

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Posted: Saturday August 13, 2011 @ 8:23 pm PST

Topic: Adam Lambert

The event was held at The Beverly Hilton 9876 Wilshire Blvd

Adam Lambert: CNN Interview (Video)

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Blog Source: YouTube – CNN

Video Credit: YouTube – MsBassXD

Posted: Saturday August 13, 2011 @ 5:55 pm PST

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Adam Lambert VH1 Behind The Music (Episode Link)

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Blog Source: VH1

Video Credit: Vh1

Posted: Monday August 8, 2011 @ 5:55 pm PST

Topic: Adam Lambert – Vh1 Behind The Music


Adam Lambert “Kiss Experiment” (If I Had You) (Video)

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Video Credit: YouTube – srslyevilwizard (August 25, 2010)

Posted: Monday August 8, 2011 @ 5:10 pm PST

This Video Is Dedicated To: Beverly – Sharon – Hollywood Holly Pat R.

Topic: Adam Lambert

According to the video uploader, Adam wanted everyone in the audience to kiss the person next to them . This was almost a year ago in Hampton Beach, NH

Adam Lambert: Do Something Awards Vh1 8/18/11 (Vote Link)

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Blog Source: Twitter –  LOVEADAMEYES – VH1 – Do Something Awards

Posted: Sunday August 7, 2011 @ 1:50 pm PST

Topic: Adam Lambert – Vh1 – Do Something Awards

Please click on the link below and vote for Adam Lambert.   PLEASE spread the word.  If you are on Facebook please post it.   If you tweet please tweet and Re-Tweet so that our baby can win he truly deserves to win… PLEASE VOTE…


Adam Lambert

Throwing huge support towards the Trevor Project Adam donated all the proceeds from “Aftermath Remix” as well as joining the “It Gets Better” campaign. From the beginning of his career, Adam has supported DonorsChoose by helping raise $322,260 for the organization. Instead of birthday gifts for his 29th birthday, Adam asked that friends and family donate to his Charity:Water birthday campaign. In doing so, the fans exceeded his wish of raising $290,000 and raised over $320,000.

Learn More About DonorsChoose »

Learn More About Charity Water »

Visit Adam Lambert’s Official Site »

 The show will be on Thursday August 18, 2011 @ 9/8 c on Vh1  You must log in to be able to vote.




J.Scott G. (Feat. Adam Lambert) Live The Life

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Video By: jscottgofficial

Posted: Sunday July 31, 2011 @9:59 pm PST

Topic: Adam Lambert – J. Scott G. Live The Life

Now that (Outlaws Of Love) is out, for some reason a song Adam did in the past is popping up everywhere,  it’s a HOT song.  People are asking why “Live The Life” was not released.  Maybe it will be released on the new album as a surprise.  Adam’s vocal range on this song and the beat will knock you out. Make sure you are sitting down,  Adam will blow you away…..



Adam Lambert: Outlaws Of Love ( Live Video & Lyrics) Sainte Agathe

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Posted: Saturday July 30, 2011 @ 9:45 pm PST

Topic: Adam Lambert – Outlaws Of Love

Adam Lambert performed live in Sainte Agathe, his new song that will be featured on his second CD.  The title is ” Outlaws Of Love”  It’s a beautiful song.

Here Are The Lyrics To Outlaws Of Love

oh, nowhere left to go.
are we getting closer, closer?
no, all we know is no.
nights are getting colder, colder.

tears all fall the same.
we all feel the pain
we can’t change.

everywhere we go
i’m lookin’ for the sun.
nowhere to grow old.
and always on the run.
they say we’ll rot in hell
but i don’t think we will
they’ve branded us enough
outlaws of love.

scars make us who we are
hearts and homes are broken, broken.
far, we could go so far
with our minds wide open, open.

tears all fall the same
we all feel the rain
we can’t change.

everywhere we go
i’m lookin’ for the sun.
nowhere to grow old.
and always on the run.
they say we’ll rot in hell
but i don’t think we will
they’ve branded us enough
outlaws of love.

outlaws of love.

out laws of love.”

Adam Lambert – Outlaws Of Love Lyrics

Adam Lambert: For The Record To Some Lambert Fans

Written By: Celebrity Blogger De De Tillman

Source: Twitter Posts

Sunday June 26, 2011 @ 11:35 pm PST

SAN FRANCISCO -For The Record, I tweeted what “Other Adam Lambert Fans”  were saying about Adam Lambert’s personality has changed since Sauli. It was “NOT” what “I”  De De Tillman said.  I tweeted to another person along with tweeting Adam Lambert on what people are saying about him because he has a right to know what his other fans are saying. I tweeted Adam so he can be aware of what his “Other Adam Lambert Fans” are saying about him. On Twitter, you are only given so many characters to get your point across.

For the record, I am a die-hard Adam Lambert Fan. I’m the first one to defend him if someone is talking bad about Adam Lambert. I will not stand for no one being mean to Adam Lambert. I voted for him on American Idol. Adam is my American Idol winner. As a true Adam Lambert fan, I defended Adam when a James Durbin fan came on my blog and wrote mean things about him. I stopped that person from writing garbage on Adam.  I’ve written several blogs on Adam Lambert on my love for him. I put Adam Lambert on a pedestal with the Late Great Michael Jackson.

For the record, I don’t have to follow Adam Lambert to show him my love and support. Adam has over a million followers, my tweets will probably get lost.  I’m in love with Jackie Jackson from The Jacksons and I’m not following him on Twitter. I’m in love with Sir Charles Barkley, I’m not following him on Twitter. I’m in love with Adam Lambert, I’m not following him on Twitter. I don’t  like to follow a lot of celebrities, I don’t want to get lost in a crowd. I like to interact with people. Adam is entirely too busy to interact with each fan.

For the record, There was no reason to jump to conclusion, I’m not the one to have an issue with. I was simply tweeting another tweeter messages because that person was not aware of the ugly stuff that was being said by “Other Adam Lambert Fans”.

Once again, there’s no need to be upset at me, I’m “Not” the one  whose saying ugly things about Adam. I don’t like hearing or seeing mean and ugly things said about Adam Lambert. This saddens me to read and to hear what “Other Adam Lambert Fans are saying he’s not the same since the new interest Sauli.

For the record, “Other Adam Lambert Fans”  are saying he has changed since he’s been with Sauli. Some fans have said his tweets have changed too not so sweet. I’m not following him so I wanted to know what in the world is going on. I was concerned about what was being said. I was hoping none of this is true about Adam changing. I just can’t imagine Adam  not being sweet to all his fans. It’s on message boards, twitter, and in public.

This is exactly what happened with Rihanna Blasting and Cursing out MTV News Canada and did not read their post. Take time to read what a person writes and if you are confused or don’t understand then ask the person before attacking that person. It’s very simple thing to do. Another example, some fans were upset at Adam Levine for saying “I’m actually am not famaliar with that song and you forced me to like it,”  “I’m sure you probably sung the song better than the original artist” and Adam Lambert came to his defense for fans not to attack him. Levine said the English word “Probably” not that Nakia (The Voice) “Did” sing it better.

For The Record, I wrote several tweets to two people only. Adam Lambert and another tweeter.  I always delete my tweets when I tweet too much. I don’t want my followers to be annoyed with so many tweets. I enjoy following friendly people who are not in the entertainment industry.

For The Record, marriage is further down the road for Adam, right now, fans are waiting for his second album.  For my music knowledge, I believe his album he can go diamond (10 million or more). Adam is the entertainment field and every single celebrity belongs to the public which means their entertainment lives is an open book.

I’m a friendly person, I am not a mean person, however, I am outspoken. I will not apologize for what “Other Adam Lambert Fans” are saying.

As far as Adam Lambert’s other relationship before his new interest Sauli, “Other Adam Lambert Fans” and “I”  adore and  love Adam’s previous love interest. Of course, it’s Adam’s personal life but unfortunately, all celebrities personal life is public. That’s just the way it goes in Hollywood. Hollywood is a very difficult place to have a relationship with someone. Sadly, relationships suffers and ends quickly as it begins. Celebrities travel a lot and they are away from their loved ones. Their lives are like a soap opera. I want Adam happy with whomever he chooses to be with. Fans can’t pick someone they love for him and I’m one of them. I have my favorite person who will always be my favorite person but of course it’s Adam’s personal choice.

It happens all the time in Hollywood for fans who love a certain couple together and fans get heartbroken because they broke up. They became your favorite couple. For example; Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston,  Brad chose Angelina Jolie.

In conclusion, please take time to read this blog before attacking me. I am one of his defenders. If you read my blogs on Adam Lambert then you will see my super love for him. The “Other Adam Lambert Fans” on message boards and in public are the ones that are saying unkind things about Adam’s personality and relationship.

On Twitter,  there is a woman on there calling Adam all out of his name very ugly names.  The same things she is saying on Twitter are the same things I have read and heard.  This is what I was tweeting to the other twitter so. please take time to read, read first. Calling me a “Rude Crazy Bitch. ”  I called Adam Lambert Gorgeous, Hunk Of The Month,  Gorgeous Eyes,  Talented,  The whole package, Up in orbit, Super Hot, Super Talented,  yet I get called a Rude Crazy Bitch, F-ck me, get a life  Wow! All the beautiful posts, blogs, voting for him that I have done to support him I get named called because some people don’t take time out to read first.  As I have stated early Rihanna did the same damn thing,  jump before reading.  Read my blogs, read the comments where I DEFENDED ADAM.



Adam Lambert’s Friend Brad Bell A.K.A. Cheeks (Video)

Written By: Celebrity Blogger De De Tillman

Source: Cheeks YouTube Channel

Video Credit: GoCheeksGo YouTube Channel

Posted: Saturday June 25, 2011 @ 3:55 pm PST

Updated Saturday August 6, 2011 @12:15 pm PST

Topic: Adam Lambert – Brad Bell A.K.A. Cheeks – Patti LaBelle

Super sexy talentedl Adam Lambert’s  friend Cheeks AKA (Brad Bell) has talent and he is so damn good-looking.  Maybe Adam and Cheeks could collaborate on a music project.

The Late Super Great King Of Pop Michael Jackson and  King Of Pop Rock Adam Lambert are my favorite male singers. It would be a blockbuster hit to see Adam Lambert team up with legendary Patti LaBelle.


Adam Lambert Fans Waiting For New Album

Written By: De De Tillman

Source: De De Tillman – Entertainer La Tray – Adam Lambert Fans

Adam Lambert # 1 Fans:  De De Tillman – Sharon – Beverly – Pat R. HollywoodHolly – Entertainer La Tray.

Posted: Saturday June 18, 2011 @ 1:15 am PST

SAN FRANCISCO –  Sexy Hot King Of Glam Adam  Lambert is in the studio working on his second Album and his fans can’t wait because we know it’s going to start in the universe, go into orbit, out in space and all around the world.  I still say Adam should be granted permission to cover one of the Late King Of Pop Michael Jackson’s songs.

The perfect MJ song Adam could cover and it would skyrock would be (Give In To Me) and (What Ever Happens).  I hope after Adam leaves the studio he is getting plenty of rest because once he drops the new Album he will be so busy touring,  interviews, signing autographs, benefits and more.  Lambert might have to hire someone just to tell him what city or country he is in, that’s how busy he will be.

The studio should give Lambert full control of his songs because he knows what he wanst to deliver and what works for him.  I hope the CD will bring some vocal-range songs that American Idol tried to keep him from doing because they knew the stage was not able to handle such an outstanding and unstoppable talent.


Adam Lambert vs James Durbin Music Boxing Match

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Blog Source: La Tray

Topic: Adam Lambert – James Durbin

ADAM LAMBERT SINGING “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” Dedicated To: Sharon, Beverly and HollywoodHolly CLICK BELOW

Posted: Friday May 27, 2011 @ 12:21am PST

Updated: Thursday November 10, 2011 @ 2:10 pm PST

Now that the rigged show called American Idol is over, the real competition will begin between season 8 runner-up (The Real Winner) Adam Lambert and season 10 fourth place James Durbin.  Durbin was often compared to Lambert and when Durbin was voted off  he said  “I’ve done so much stuff that has never been done on this show before.” Lambert is considered the best Idol has ever seen. Lambert came from another planet and took Idol to another level. Lambert is out of this world supberb! It’s going to be really interesting to see what happens between the two of them as professional music competitors.

After Durbin signs his recording contract, the world will see what he can or cannot do. As the same for Lambert, can his sophomore album exceed his debut. Well Lambert definitely has enough talent to do so, that’s for sure.

The comparison of Lambert and Durbin is that they are both from the state of California, although Lambert was born in Indiana, however he is from San Diego and Durbin from Santa Cruz which are both water cities. Both were born in the 80’s and they celebrate birthdays in January.  They both were in the theater production Grease, of course at different times. Although, Lambert is considered Pop Rock and Durbin is considered Heavy Metal, this heavy metal influence represented glam in the 80’s with guys wearing make-up. However, Lambert did showcase his heavy metal voice to Led Zeppelin “Whole Lotta Love” on Idol which was sensational. Finally, both love hitting and belting out  really high notes. Of course Lambert has more of a powerful and better quality voice than Durbin.

Is Durbin copying after Lambert? Did he study Lambert when he was on idol? Is there any footage of Durbin before Lambert was shown on Idol in 2009? Is this truly Durbin’s style or what?  It is really a competition? Is the media putting to much in it with the comparison of Lambert and Durbin?  The media loves to stir up something. Only time will tell.

Round 1 will be song release,  album release, music video release, TV interviews, Tv show performances.

Round 2 will be sold out worldwide concert tours.

Round 3  the collection of fans such as; Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Official Website and etc…

Round 4  Billboard Charts.

Round 5  the sale of their songs, albums, music videos, ringtones, clothing merchandise (T- shirts, caps and hoodies).

Last Round is who knocks out whom with their music career.

Who Will  Win The Music Boxing Match Lambert or Durbin?






Video Credit: YouTube/For Lambert:LexieeLambert/YouTube For Durbin:DurbinJames

Steven Tyler’s Golden Girl Perfect Pitch Lauren Alaina

By: De De Tillman

Source: PopEater/ Kiki Von Glinow

Posted: Wednesday May 25, 2011 @1:50pm PST

SAN FRANCISCO – American Idol Steven Tyler said he has found his “Golden Girl”  Lauren Alaina. 

Tyler said  “”She doesn’t even try to hit the notes, the words just go to that place,” he said. “Everybody else is trying to hit the notes, and she’s never had that problem with pitch … She’s been perfect and right and great. I circled her months ago and said ‘American Idol.'”    

Recently reports  said Alaina is having vocal problems due to rehearsals,   now what I want to know is,  are they making up  excuses for Alaina?  Or, they know she is not better than Scotty?  I know for a fact Alaina DID NOT  out sing Haley Reinhart. 

That’s goes to show how rigged this sorry azz show is.  Those of you who want to see Scotty Hottie win,  I suggest you get busy and vote non stop!  I will not be voting for either one because I am loyal to Adam Lambert.  Season 8 was the last time I voted.