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Days Of Our Lives Gives Louise Sorel A Ticket Out Of Salem

By: De De Tillman

Source: TV Guide

Posted: Sunday June 5, 2011 @ 1:30 am PST

SAN FRANCISCO –  Actress Louise Sorel is sadden by the fact Daytime Drama “Days Of Our Lives”  Executive has let her go. Sorel plays the villian  Vivian Alamain. Sorel told TV Guide she does not know the reason her character is coming to an end, Sorel was away from “Days” for many years and just returned 2 years ago, her contract ends in September of this year. So far Sorel boss Ken Corday has not spoken to the Actress. When TV Guide ask Sorel about coming back to days this is what she told them, “I would never go back to Days after this, even though Gary said, “You might be back someday.” I just can’t do it. I love the character. I love the people I’m working with. But I can’t deal with it anymore.”

I for one agree with Sorel, this non-sense would have never taken place under Corday’s Parents, he does not know what he’s doing, his parents hard work is being flushed down the toilet. If there’s a petition to save Louise Sorel aka Vivian Alamain, Please share it with other fans. We have to save Sorel’s job and the show.

Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo Exits General Hospital

By: De De Tillman

Source: Soap Opera Digest

Posted: Friday May 3, 2011 @ 11:20 pm PST

SAN FRANCISCO –  Actress Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo is leaving General Hospital she portrays  (Brenda)  the love interest of “Sonny Corinthos” played by Actor Maurice Benard.  Fans were waiting with anticipation for the return of (Brenda) only to hear she’s leaving after being on the show for a year.  It’s possible General Hospital may be ending all the more reason for Giovinazzo to stay until the end.  I get so sick and tired of Actors coming and going  just because.  I wish Giovinazzo all the luck with her acting career, however, I don’t see a Soap Opera future for her because Soaps are no longer wanted by the Networks.

Jennifer Aniston New Man?

By: De De Tillman

Source: AOL /CTV News

Posted: Friday June 3, 2011 @ 8:39pm PST

SAN FRANCISCO –  Jennifer Aniston has not confirmed Justin Theroux, the guy she’s been seen hanging with is her new man. It could be they are really good friends and taking time to really get to know each other because Jennifer’s heart was crushed in public by her ex husband Brad Pitt.  It’s been a long time since Aniston has called someone her new man.

It’s easy to fall in love however it even harder to trust someone and I am sure Jennifer does not want to bring the lack of trust into a new relationship because what Brad did to her was wrong and it would not be fair to compare any man she choose to Pitt. Jennifer is a beautiful woman and deserves a man who will love her and never cheat or lie to her.  Please support Days Of Our Lives, Jennifer’s father John Aniston portrays Victor Kiriakis.

ABC Daytime Soap Opera Fans A Place To Vent

By: De De Tillman

Source: ABC Soap Opera Fans

Posted: May 18, 2011 @ 7:35pm

LOS ANGELES –  ABC fans are sick and tired of ABC Bulls-it!  It’s no reason to take off any Daytime Soaps to bring on more cooking shows, family shows etc, either a person can cook or they can’t.  Now they are talking Katie Couric.   Are you sick tired of ABC Network,  Executives?  Etc…

I want you to VENT,  leave messages and connections on where and how to fight for our SOAPS….  Talk about Brian Frons, Guza and others.



Save AMC And OLTL Boycott ABC Network

Blogged By: Celebrity Blogger – De De Tillman

Boycott  Credit By: CHRISTINA


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!   If ABC/Disney cannot find space/time for Daytime Dramas All My Children and One Life To Live  well it’s time to BOYCOTT the other shows such as “Dancing With The Stars” and others.  I love DWTS however if they cancel ONE show cancel them all.

It is NOT RIGHT to bring on the new shows and kick our shows to the curb The only fair thing for we fans and Actor to do is BOYCOTT THE WHOLE D-mn network….  Write the sponsors and let them know you are NOT going to buy their products and STOP WATCHING ABC  SHOWS…

Thanks to a fan “CHRISTINA”  HERE IS A LINK”


All My Children & One Life To Live Ends


All My Children
One Life To Live

I did a blog a long time ago letting everyone know that All My Children was cancelled and that One life To Live would be moving to California if that happened,  I would have love to see One life To Live move here to California instead being cancelled,  Now that both are getting axed so that Disney can put other shows in that spot.   I am a Huge fan of One Life To Live and Days Of Our Lives.  So many fans are going to be disappointed,  so many jobs will be lost.  I enjoyed watching Susan Lucci,  Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams from All My Children.   Earlier I did a blog saying that it would be great if someone could write a show for Debbie and Darnell (angie and jessie hubbard) .

I guess the Bell family will be happy that all the  soaps are gone in New York, it’s strange that their shows has been so-called number 1 in the Soap Digest.  Moving on from the Bell family because I am NOT a fan of their 2 shows.  It is not the show,  it’s their up nose attitude I do not care for.  When you speak to the main stars, you will not get a “Hello” back if you don’t have a name,  Just ask Aretha Franklin what happened to her when she spoke to the star and did not get a hello back UNTIL she was told that was “Aretha Franklin”
This is what happens when STUPID shows are watched such as Jersey Shore,  Real housewives that not one gives a da-n about,  NON  CELEBRITY REALITY SHOWS…  Non Star are the reason REAL STARS are losing jobs.
I do wish each and everyone on  AMC and OLTL all the best and another job ASAP.  I also hope they will not support NON STARS REALITY SHOWS…  The Non Sense Stuff..  Host Kelly Ripa got her start on All My Children.
Whatever Disney put on in the place of these 2 soaps,  I will not be watching,  Disney is saying GOODBYE TO SENIORS….. and don’t give a da-n about the ones who put money in their pocket since the beginning.
De De Tillman
Actresss/ Scriptwriter/ Celebrity Blogger



Photo Credit/ Photo Courtsey Google Images All My Children ( One Life To Live (


By:  De De Tillman


SOAPnet is coming to an end!   Fans of Daytime drama will no longer have SOAPnet that spot will be occupied by families.   All My children has moved from New York to California which was a big mistake,  now there are talks of ” One Life To Live” moving  to California.    If this is the case,  there will be no more soaps in New York.

I am going to miss SOAPnet,  I guess for those who are unable to view their favorite show will have to find them online. Maybe I should get a head start and stop watching  Daytime Drama all together due to the fact they are ending anyway.  My favorite Daytime Drama  is “Days Of Our Lives” and  “One Life To Live”

The Actors on Daytime  Drama are FAST LEARNERS , very smart and hopefully they will find work right away.  My lifetime dream was to be a Star on one of the Soap Operas then I found out how fast they had to learn those lines. YIKES lol  No problem!  I will continue Acting and writing my films.. lol  I think I could handle the “FIVE LINES OR LESS” on Daytime Drama lol

My favorite one to be on would be ONE LIFE TO LIVE…. Wow, that would be a wonderful dream…  Okay!  I have to wake up now and stop dreaming.  Why?  because,  Daytime Dramas Are Ending.


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