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Allensworth and Artist Charles Alston Celebrating Black History Month “Facts”

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Posted: Thursday February 2, 2012 @ 9:30 pm PST

Topic: Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month on Thursday February 2, 2012.

According to Biography Fact 3, 4, and Fact 5:

Fact #3

Allensworth is the only California community to be founded, financed and governed by African-Americans. Created by Allen Allensworth in 1908, the town was built with the intention of establishing a self-sufficient, all-black city where African-Americans could live their lives free of racial discrimination.

Fact #4

Jazz, an African–American musical form born out of the Blues, Ragtime, and marching bands originated in Louisiana during the turn of the 19th century. The word Jazz is a slang term that at one point referred to a sexual act.

Fact #5

Artist Charles Alston founded the “306 Group”, a club that provided support and apprenticeship for African-American artists during the 1940s. It served as a studio space for prominent African-American artists such as poet Langston Hughes; sculptor Augusta Savage; and mixed-media artist Romare Bearden.

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