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Paul McCartney 2nd Mistake Down The Aisle

By: De De Tillman /Actress/Scriptwriter/Celebrity Blogger

Source: Associate Press

Posted:  May 7, 20011 @ 3:01pm


LONDON- Sir Paul McCartney is headed down the aisle again, this will be McCartney’s 3rd trip to the altar.  Paul 1st marriage ended with such sadness,  the Late Great Linda died in 1998  from cancer.  Linda McCartney and Paul worked side by side to the end.  The 2 of them paired up with the Late Michael Jackson with a song called “Say, Say, Say”  which also includes Jackson’s big sister LaToya.

I have a feeling Shevell will be on The View soon,  she knows someone on their very well…

McCartney went on to marry Heather Mills and it cost him a fortune to get rid of that gold digger,  Now he is engaged to Business Woman Nancy Shevell.  I hope Sir Paul have a Pre-Nup ready this time.  Well,  I do wish Sir Paul the best however,  his true marriage was with Linda.  His first mistake was  walking down the aisle with GOLD DIGGER MILLS and now he is on an airplane headed for his 2nd mistake. SHEVELL..

Attention Attorneys:  Sir Paul Is Signing The Give Me Your Millions Knot Papers, You Have A Client Coming Her Name Is Nancy Shevell.  Heads Up She Will Tell You She Wants Half.

Enjoy ” Say Say Say” With Paul McCartney,  Linda McCartney, Michael Jackson and LaToya Jackson:

Video Credit: Giraldi

Directed By: Bob Giraldi

Singer Phoebe Snow Has Died

By: De De Tillman

Posted: April 26, 2011

Source: Daily News/ Mark Kennedy AP Writer

Singer Phoebe Snow has died at age 60,  If you watched  Bill Cosby’s show ” A Different World” starring Lisa Bonet,  Snow was the first one to sing the theme song next was my Cousin Aretha Franklin.   Snow was also singing in the movie “Noah’s Arc: Jumping The Broom”  Which stars Actor Jensen Atwood.

Here is the link to the story:

A Different World TV Show Theme Song:  (YouTube/classictvthemes2)