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7 Kpop Male Idol Groups Who Carry Their Company {B.A.P – SEVENTEEN} ..etc

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Posted: Sunday December 20, 2015 @ 5:40 p.m PST

Large entertainment companies such as SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, or JYP Entertainment have many popular groups that help them stay in business.

However, smaller companies often rely on the success of just one or two groups. Netizens recently discussed several male idol groups who are the main source of revenue for their respective entertainment companies. Without the success of these groups, their companies might not be in business today.



TS Entertainment – B.A.PTS Entertainment

SEVENTEEN's "Mansae" MV / Pledis Entertainment

Pledis Entertainment – SEVENTEEN


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BEAST (B2ST) {Kpop} “Good Luck” 1st on Hanteo’s Weekly Chart 3rd Week In a Row

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Posted: Monday July 7, 2014 @ 4:57 p.m PST


BEAST’s 6th album, “Good Luck” has been ranking 1st on Hanteo’s weekly charts for the 3rd week in a row.


“Good Luck” ranked 1st on Hanteo’s weekly chart for the first time on the 16th of June, the day it was released, and has since been ranking 1st on the weekly charts for the 3rd consecutive week on the 6th of July.

With their winning streaks on all of Korea’s mainstream and cable music programs such as M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo and Show! Champion, BEAST’s 1st place on Hanteo’s weekly charts for the 3rd week has further proven BEAST’s popularity and large fandom.

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BEAST (Kpop) “Hard to Love, How to Love”

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BEAST finally unleashed the official video teaser for their new title track, “Shadow.”

Cube Entertainment updated BEAST’s official page with a sneak peek of their new music video and title track. They were featured in an artistic, monochrome concept while an audio preview of “Shadow” played in the background.

BEAST’s 2nd album “Hard to Love, How to Love” will be released on July 19th.


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Yong Junhyung (BEAST) and BTOB First Love

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Posted: Sunday July 14, 2013 @10:50 p.m. PST


One of the recent activities of BEAST‘s member Yong Junhyung is his collaboration with BTOB. CJ E&M agency has uploaded the said video onto its official Youtube channel for the fans to firstly experience the music video entitled “First Love,” a great team work for both kpop group members. It turns out to be a hit and perfectly blend in terms of music arrangements.
First Love” used as the OST of the popular Mnet drama “Monstar” in which Yong Jun Hyung also participate in along with some Korea’s rising actors namely Ha Yeon Soo and Kang Ha Neul. The drama tells a story about Yong Jun Hyung character as an idol member which is not far from his current position as part of a group called Men in Black along with the participation of BTOB members as well.
“First Love” is said to be available for download for free on online music sites, It is made available to the public for free download due to the hit drama and it’s OST which is a popular demand after the song was first heard on episode six of “Monstar.” The lyrics entails a deep meaning while Yong Jun Hyung portrays his character as feeling frustrated, regretful, and having his first love. The music producer of “Monstar,” Postino, was the mind behind this popular song.
The music video features between Yong Jun Hyung’s character, Yoon Seol Chan, and Ha Yeon Soo’s character, Min Se Yi, having the feeling of falling in love. It is a montage which was cut with only the scenes of Yong Jun Hyung and BTOB rehearsing “First Love,”which highlighted the scenes that crossover between reality and fiction. But Of course we all know that they are real kpop idols.


Beast (B2ST) Embodies The Heat & Passion For Shin Ramen (Video)

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Posted: Saturday March 31, 2012 @ 12:31 a.m.  PST



K-pop act Beast has become the new face of Nongshim’s iconic line of spicy instant noodles, Shin Ramen. Nongshim Japan said on March 30 that the band was picked to represent the brand just in time for the launch of Shin Ramen Black available in bowls, which was launched in coincide with the company’s 10th anniversary in Japan.


“We believe that the band’s daring attitude as a leading K-pop group embodies the heat and passion encapsulated in our ramen,” said a spokesperson for Nongshim Japan.

The band will star in two TV advertisements; one for the original version of Shin Ramen and one for Shin Ramen Black, which the company claimed to have nutritional value equivalent to a bowl of Korean-style beef soup at the time of launch .


The band recorded a song “Red & Black” to be used for the commercials and in the red version, the band exudes a strong K-pop flavor with a powerful dance performance. Meanwhile in the commercial for the prestigious black version, the band assumes a bold persona as the video was shot in monotone accompanied by rock and roll beats.


The commercials are set to air in Japan as well as being available from the ramen company’s Website from April 2.

Beast (B2ST).