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Bernice Liu Gained Weight Plus Boyfriend and Career Problems

Blogged By: La Tray

Source & Story By: XINMSN

Photo Credit: (XINMSN) (junglekey)

Posted: Thursday February 23, 2012 @ 1:25 a.m. PST


According to XINMSN, the actress has suffered setbacks in both her career and love life

Hong Kong actress Bernice Liu’s dream of marrying into a rich family was reportedly dashed after businessman Alastair Lim dumped her.

In a bid to regain her popularity, Bernice attempted to tarnish ex-boyfriend and actor Moses Chen’s reputation but the move only backfired.

Bernice’s woes continue when she was dropped by TVB. This after the actress distanced herself from TVB senior executive Stephen Chan when he was taken to court. She was seen as ungrateful as she had been one of Stephen’s favourite artistes.

After Bernice left TVB, other broadcast stations in Hong Kong refused to sign her on as their artiste. In the end, the 33-year-old was forced to lower her asking price and successfully won a part in period drama Mystery in the Palace.

While her co-star Kevin Cheng was paid HK$250,000 (S$40,440) per episode, Bernice received HK$30,000 (S$4,900) per episode, for a minor supporting role.

After filming for the drama wrapped, the actress had only a handful of jobs during the Christmas and Lunar New Year peak season.

Suffering setbacks in both her career and love life, Bernice has reportedly given up hope and is staying at home, resulting in her gaining weight. She was recently spotted on the streets of Central Hong Kong alone, looking down and haggard.

Bernice Liu
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