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Top Gospel CDS

Blogged By: Celebrity Blogger De De Tillman

Blog Source: JET

Posted: Tuesday July 12, 2011 @ 4:30 pm PST

Topic: Top Gospel CDS

According to JET Playlist the following Gospel Artists have the top Gospel CDS.

1. Peter Furier (On Fire)

2. HillSong United (Aftermath)

3. Casting Crowns (Until The Whole World Hears)

4. Kirk Franklin (Hello Fear)

5. Casey Darnell (Coming Alive)

President Obama And The Economy

President  Obama is a celebrity in his own right,  I am a celebrity blogger and I do stay away from politics, however Mr. President is seen on TV more than the average Actor.   The is blog is a QUESTION blog,  who do you blame for the bad economy we are in?  Do you thing President Obama stand another chance at re-election?  Do you think he’s doing a good job?  If not, who do you think would do better?

Donald Trump said Sarah Palin would make a much better President than Mr. Obama.  What are your views?  How can we get back on the right track, stop losing our home, jobs etc?  


De De Tillman

Dwyane Wade_The Cheater Gets Custody

I hope Gabrielle Union is happy, She was dating a married man and will soon be playing “Mommy” to his 2 boys. It is NOT cool to come between a married couple, what goes around comes around, one day Gabrielle might wake up and find Dwayne Wade is having an affair on her. Yes! Gabrielle is very beautiful and extremely talented, looks does not last forever.  I pray Siohvaughn will be  all right,  Siohvaughn knew Dwayne when he did not have a place to stay, her mother opened the door and gave him a place to call home, would Gabrielle date Dwayne if he was working for a fast food place H_LL NO! If Dwayne no longer loved his wife all he had to do was get the divorce FIRST before sleeping around in Hollywood. Two wrongs don’t make a Right! The Cheater Gets Custody….

De De Tillman /Actress /Scriptwriter /Celebrity Blogger

Janet Jackson Coming To San Francisco


Hey all you Janet Jackson Fans!  Hot Off The Libra Scale,  Janet Jackson will be performing Saturday April 19th and Sunday April 20th at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.  Get your Tickets Come See Janet I meant Miss Jackson if you’re Nasty!  Remember! You heard it here first.

De De Tillman / Actress / Scriptwriter / Celebrity Blogger

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The Jacksons Should Re-Unite

I grew up listening to The Jackson 5 then The Jacksons lol.  Every girl had a crush on 1 of the guys and, my crush was on  I did see Jackie one year in the Hollywood Parade,  Oprah had the same crush, however, Oprah is a Maga Star who can pick up the phone and say “I Want Jackie” lol  I can’t do that Now back to The Jacksons,  I watched the reality show they had and I LOVE the single that Jackie wrote.  Maybe Mrs. Jackson could step in and get them together or Papa Joe lol  Whomever or whatever it takes I want to hear the Single that Jackie wrote and at least do one more tour.  I know their heart is mourning over Michael and it’s not the same without him,  I just want 1 more tour from the Jacksons.   I don’t have the contact that Oprah has so,  If you see Jackie Jackson please tell him that De De Tillman said “Hello” and,  I would like to see him just one more time in person! Hey Oprah!  I want to see Jackie again! Lol lol

De De Tillman /Actress/ Scriptwriter/ Celebrity Blogger/ Image Consultant

Actor Rueben Grundy’s Birthday, March 7th

Monday March 7th Was my Nephew Actor Rueben Grundy’s Birthday.   Rueben has a Colgate Commerical out a the moment.  Check out my earlier blog on Rueben and you will see his work.  I would love to see him on “Ellen”

Happy Birthday Rueben, Love Auntie De De

ATM the Movie Rehearsal Preview 1

Here is ATM the Movie Rehearsal Preview 1. Starring Actress De De Tillman

Willow Smith?

Hello Everyone!  Due to the fact Willow Smith is a Minor In Age/ Celebrity I am going to ONLY ask a question “What Is Your Opinion Of Willow?”

De De Tillman

Singer Ebony Evans…You Happened To Me

Hey everyone,   Don’t forget to check out my sweet BP Niece singing a beautiful song called “You Happened To Me”  and she get’s even cuter singing on Star Search…. Oh I am so lucky to have a Beautiful, Talented Niece

De De Tillman

Black Singles Romance_Group

I have a WONDERFUL  place for Single Black Woman and Single Black Men to come together and talk about Black History, culture, romance etc.  I hate to see our black communities so apart.  It would be wonderful to see our children get a good education, stop gang violence, say NO to drugs, stop domestic violence. child abuse etc…  If you or know someone who would just love to have a place online to talk about how you feel,  about romance, stress, health in the black community then I have a place for you to come,   all you need is a Yahoo Account and that’s it….  This is Black History Month so,  come join me and let’s have fun….  You can also learn and discuss health issues in the black community and what can be done about it…..  Come join me and please spread the word,  Tweet and Re-Tweet… Thank you so much and I will be looking for you…

Here is the link to Black Singles Romance

 From: Actress De De Tillman / Scriptwriter / Celebrity Blogger

Singer Gladys Horton Of The Marvelettes Dies Age 66

This is a very sad note!   Singer Gladys Horton of The Marvelettes has died of a stroke, she was only 66 years young.   The Marvelettes songs consist of “Please Mr. Postman, beechwood 4-5789,  and my favorite “Too Many Fish In The Sea” and many more… Gladys you are truly loved and will be missed

Here is a link to Gladys Singing On You Tube,  My favorite ” Too Many Fish In The Sea…



De De Tillman

Up and Coming Comedian… Marlon A. Lindsey

Hot Off The Libra Scale


Funny Funny Funny!  OMG  You are going to laugh so hard when you see 55 Year old Comedian Marlon Lindsey…. Marlon has been living in the Northern California for a few years and now he’s packing and headed for Hollywood, California.  His Manager Actress/Scriptwriter La Tray  is busy getting him booked,   I will keep you updated on Marlon Lindsey…. Last but not least Marlon is so dang Handsome,  Off the hook fine….  lol and yes ladies his is single…. lol

Remember!  You heard about Comedian MARLON LINDSEY right here from me….

Actress/Scriptwriter/Celebrity Blogger

De De Tillman

Actress De De Tillman On Youtube

Hello everyone!  Check out Actress/Scriptwriter/New Celebrity Blogger De De Tillman on Youtube… The first video was on The Late Great Singer Teena Marie I was in tears while I was speaking….  The second video was just saying hello and inviting everyone to my blog site…..

Here is the link:

De De Tillman Actress/Scriptwriter/New Celebrity Blogger

Singer Ebony Evans Heart Of Gold

Singer Ebony Evans is my Myspace friend and I don’t know any words in the dictionary to describe her,  we are talking Beauty, Talented. GORGEOUS, down to earth, caring, thoughtful and true to her fans… I want everyone to support Ebony on whatever project she’s working on….  Some stars when you first meet them or just come into contact with them will make you feel welcome as if they have known you for a long time and that’s rare, however, Ebony falls into that category…

At the moment she’s my Myspace friend, all that is going to change I am going to adopt her so she will become my Myspace Neice….lol

I am working on some short films, sitcom, a movie and other projects and hopefully Ebony and I will get together so she can work with me but, Shhhhhhhhh don’t tell her I want to work with her she does not know it yet… lol lol

Here is a link to her page and once again SUPPORT EBONY EVANS… She  is a real gem…. Get her musi,c all of it and remember you heard it here from Ebony’s future Myspace Aunt… lol

De De Tillman Actress/Scriptwriter/New Celebrity Blogger

Please Pray For My Cousin Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin

My Cousin Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin has had surgery,   I am so sad at the moment Please Please pray for her to get well…

Thanks and Love To Everyone

De De
Hollywood California