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‎Block B’s Zico Money In Terms Of Royalty

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Posted: Tuesday September 25, 2018 @ 12:44 am PST

Zico has been producing since his debut with BLOCK B in 2011. Over 7 years, he’s accumulated an impressive list of hits that he produced, composed, wrote, and/or sang!

He recently appeared on The Joy Of Conversation to reveal that out of his multiple hit songs, ‘Boys And Girls’ and ‘I Am You, You Are Me’ brings in the most money in terms of royalty!

“‘Boys And Girls’ and ‘I Am You, You Are Me’ have done the best out of all of the songs that I’ve released as Zico.”

Most recently, Zico has been doing well in royalties thanks to his collaboration with Wanna One for ‘Kangaroo’! He believes the power of Wanna One made the song’s popularity even higher.

— Zico

“If I could be humble… I recently wrote a song for Wanna One called ‘Kangaroo’. I was shocked [by the popularity].”

— Zico

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BLOCK B‘s Zico To Leave The Group In November

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Source: koreaboo

Media: koreaboo

Posted: Tuesday September 18, 2018 @ 12:05 am PST

ews reports claim that BLOCK B‘s Zico is planning to leave the group after his exclusive contract with Seven Seasons comes to an end in November. Artists are allowed to start searching for other agencies 3 months prior to their current contract expiration.

An insider revealed that Zico has expressed his desire to stop promoting with BLOCK B and grow his solo career. He’s received multiple love calls from various agencies and crews.

The insider also explained that Zico’s already begun taking care of his own schedules. Zico is currently on his first solo tour, “Zico King Of The Zungle Tour”, under his label but all of his end-of-the-year schedules won’t be managed by Seven Seasons.

“[Zico] is fulfilling the schedules that were set by the agency in mid-September. However, activities scheduled afterwards, as well as the end-of-the-year activities, are being managed by Zico himself.

I’ve recently been in contact with him.”

— Insider

Seven Seasons revealed that they are currently discussing a possible contract renewal with Zico, but he is focusing on his tour at the moment as it could add more dates up until November.

“We can’t tell you the specific details because we are currently talking with him about the contract expiration. His schedule is being adjusted as more cities could be added to his tour.”

— Seven Seasons

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