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BTOB’s Sungjae And Red Velvet’s Joy

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Posted: Monday September 24, 2018 @ 12:31 am PST

Having gotten “married” at such a young age, Joy and Sungjae may be the most innocent and adorable couple yet!

With matching smiles that have the power of lifting anyone’s mood, they are also the ultimate visual couple as well.

By the looks of the numerous selfies in which they both look extremely happy, viewers have long thought that they could truly be in love with each other.

Their lovey-dovey moments have made the one of the legendary We Got Married couples of all time!

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DIA Jooeun’s and BTOB’s Sungjae Dating Rumors Since January 2018

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Source: koreaboo

Media: Koreaboo

Posted: Monday August 13, 2018 @ 1:04 am PST

It has been reported that BTOB’s Sungjae is dating a fellow idol, DIA’s Jooeun. According to a source, the two have been dating since January of this year.

The two idols, who are the same age, met at a gathering of acquaintances and quickly developed feelings for each other. Moreover, the two allegedly enjoy going on dates in between their busy schedules and have not been hiding their affection for each other.

“Both idols enjoy dates with each other despite their busy schedules. Although they are cautious and are often accompanied by acquaintances, they are not hiding their affection for each other.” ㅡ Source

DIA’s agency has revealed that the two have indeed met through acquaintances but facts had not yet been confirmed. Shortly after, they announced that the two were simply friends.

“Jooeun’s dating rumors with Sungjae are not true. They have met recently through acquaintances but it has been confirmed that the two are not yet even close friends.” ㅡ DIA’s Agency


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