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Aaron Kwok’s Girlfriend Model Anna Kay Hinted Christine Kuo Used Aaron To Increase Her Publicity

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Posted: Thursday September 4, 2013 @ 5:45 p.m. PST


According to Hong Kong media reports, Cantopop singer Aaron Kwok has been dating Chinese model Anna Kay, after ending his seven year romance with model-turned actress Lynn Hung.

Having been spotted visiting Aaron’s apartment on several occasions, there were claims that the relationship was purely a physical one with no love involved.

During an interview recently, Anna refuted such claims, stating that they were in love, and that Aaron had once proposed with a diamond ring.

“I cannot accept a relationship that is purely physical. It’s not like what they all said; I need to make sure that my partner loves me!”

When asked about their low profile romance, Anna said, “He [Aaron] does not discuss relationship, and I’ll respect my boyfriend’s decision on whether we should go public! “

On the other hand, when asked about her frequent visits to Aaron’s apartment, the model replied that it was because she has a “good friend” who lives in the building. Even though she denied that the “good friend” was Aaron, Anna went on to reveal that she has been in a “stable relationship for the past six months”.

Widely speculated to be the fourth party in the ‘Aaron Kwok, Christine Kuo and Lynn Hung love triangle’ previously, Anna clarified that Aaron was already a single man when they first met, and hinted that Christine used Aaron to increase her publicity.

“I got to know him [Aaron] through a mutual friend. We both love cars and he was there when I was out playing with friends once. You can call it love at first sight. I’m sure he was already single then. It’s difficult to control when someone wants to use you.”

When asked about Aaron’s charms, Anna praised him for his “good body and great stage presence” as well as his “humour and love for his family” off-stage.

Will the pair be getting married soon?

“Not that soon as I hope that my career will take flight within these two years. With regards to a wedding, I’ll respect the guy’s decision. Since he’s always low-profile, it could be a vacation wedding instead,” said the 24-year-old, who added that she feels no generation gap with Aaron despite the 23 years difference.

In other reports, Aaron’s manager Xiao Mei had reportedly quarreled with the singer over Anna’s high key ways, and has arranged for a male assistant to watch Aaron round the clock.

The source said, “Aaron said that he does not need an assistant during his private time, and that Xiao Mei has no say in his relationship issues. The two has been rather cold to each other recently, and Aaron ignores calls from Xiao Mei when he is off work.”

Aaron Kwok and Anna Kay
Aaron Kwok and Anna Kay


Aaron Kwok and Christine Kuo
Aaron Kwok and Christine Kuo




Eason Chan In A Bad Mood, Upset With Fans For Screaming and Taking Photos Of Him At Concert “I Don’t Like It”

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Posted: Sunday August 4, 2013 @10:04 p.m. PST


Cantopop icon Eason Chan wrapped up his last concert show on a foul note

Popular singer-songwriter Eason Chan ended his 25thLIFE concert show at the Hong Kong Coliseum last Saturday in a bad mood. According to media reports, the pop singer was a bit unhappy with his fans uncooperative behaviour.

Hoping to leave a memorable night for his beloved fans, Eason had prepared some fast dance songs for his last concert show. While performing, the energetic singer asked his fans to dance along with him. Despite his repeated coaxes (addressing them as royals), fans didn’t budge.

Feeling disappointed, Eason made a sarcastic remark, “Turns out all of you are crippled.”

Adding on to his frustration, Eason was also getting annoyed with fans screaming and taking photos of him throughout the concert show. When he went up close to shake hands, the 38-year-old singer grabbed a fan’s phone over and ‘threatened’ to smash it on stage.

Showing a ‘thumbs down’ to show his displeasure, Eason said, “Is it really so important to upload photos or videos of me online? I am sorry, but I don’t like it.”

Realising that he may have gone too far with his words and actions, Eason added, “I guess when you are older, there is nothing you are afraid to say.”

Eason Chan

Eason Chan

Hins Cheung Signs With Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG)

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Posted: Sunday August 4, 2013 @9:47 p.m. PST


Cantopop singer Hins Cheung has officially become Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG)’s latest resident artiste.

According to Sina, at a press conference to announce his entry into the company, Hins expressed, “I hope EEG will give me a lot of support and encouragement in my career. I will put a lot of effort to make good music.”

He also revealed his wish to hold a solo concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum one day.

When asked if he is trying to replace Leo Ku as EEG’s golden star, Hins denied having such intentions and revealed that EEG has been in search of fresh new faces to join them.

It was rumoured that the six-year contract that the singer signed with Albert Yeung’s company gave him a payout of nearly HKD 10 million (app. USD 1,289,310).

Hins will be joining the likes of EEG superstars such as Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung, Twins, Kenny Kwan, Steven Cheung, William Chan, Jaycee Chan and even TVB stars Wong Cho Lam and Raymond Lam.

Hins Cheung joins EEG