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25 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths… Including “Jiah Khan & Divya Bharati” What Really Happened?

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Posted: Tuesday June 3, 2014 @ 9:34 p.m PST


HOW DID THESE CELEBRITIES REALLY DIE? Jiah Khan, Whitney Houston, Divya Bharati, Gure Dutt, Nafisa Joseph and Many More….. 


Darryl Robinson aka {DR Mixologist} Former Host Of “Drink Up” Found Dead Age, 50

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Also called DR Mixologist, Robinson, 50, known for crafting specialty cocktails from around the world, was discovered Wednesday lying face down on his bed, fully clothed, after a concerned friend called police.

Authorities say the cause of death is still pending an autopsy, but there didn’t appear to be any signs of forced entry or trauma.

“At learning of the sad news, our thoughts go out to Darryl’s family & friends,” says a Cooking Channel spokesperson.

His assistant shared the news with his fans on Facebook, saying he was “full of light and charisma.”

Darryl Robinson, Former Cooking Channel Host, Found Dead

Whitney Houston 42-Page Autopsy Report & Rape Kit Used? (Video)

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Whitney Houston’s autopsy has been released, revealing sad details about the day the singer died.

The 48-year-old diva was discovered face down in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton by her assistant, who had left to run an errand at a high end department store. Houston’s assistant and bodyguard pulled her from the water.


A “spoon with a white crystal like substance in it” was discovered in the room, as were “a plethora of prescription medication bottles” belonging to Houston and “multiple blister packs.” A “white powdery substance” was discovered on a portable mirror found in a drawer.


Houston died in February of “drowning and effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use,” according to a toxicology report. Cocaine, marijuana and prescription drugs was present in Houston’s system at the time of her death.


She was mourned by family members, as well as her mentor Clive Davis, Tyler Perry. Kevin Costner, Stevie Wonder and other celebrities, during a televised funeral ceremony later that month.


Earlier this week, a first look at Houston’s performance in the film “Sparkle” was released, providing yet another sad reminder of a great talent lost too soon.


The Los Angeles coroner today released its 42-page final report on the death of Whitney Houston.

Click here to download a .pdf of the document.

According to the report, investigators discovered drug paraphernalia and apparent narcotics residue in the Beverly Hilton Hotel room where Houston, 48, died on February 11. The entertainer “possibly overdosed on a narcotic substance, prescription medications, over the counter medications and alcohol.”

Houston, who was discovered face down in a bathtub by friends, had traces of cocaine, marijuana, and several prescription medications in her system at the time of her death, the cause of which has been listed as accidental drowning (with heart disease and chronic cocaine use as contributing factors in her demise).


Dated March 29, the report concluded that Houston’s death was “due to drowning due to effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use. No foul play is suspected. The mode of death is accident.”

The report also notes that a criminalist actually “used a sexual assault kit” on Houston in the hotel room where she died. The investigator “later booked the pubic hair kit, the fingernail clippings, the hair standards, and the sexual assault kit at the Forensic Services Center as evidence.”

The autopsy report does not reveal why such a rape kit was deemed necessary, beyond noting that it was “per Departmental Protocol” and that “nothing remarkable being noted.”

And since such invasive reports leave no details unexamined, coroner’s officials made sure to note that Houston had a “perforation of posterior nasal septum” and McGhan breast implants (size: 230 cc).