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Kieran Hayler Affair With Jane Pountney While Wife Katie Price Was Pregnant

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Posted: Friday May 23, 2014 @ 1:36 a.m PST


Kieran Hayler has insisted he wants to “repair” his relationship with wife Katie Price after having an affair with her best friend.

The builder and part-time stripper, 26, broke his silence over the affair today after it was revealed he had been sleeping with the model’s married friend Jane Pountney, while Price was pregnant.

Jason Aldean and His Mistress “Brittany Kerr” Now Dating After Cheating On His Then Wife Jessica Ussery

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Posted: Tuesday March 16, 2014 @ 7:13 p.m PST



From mistress to girlfriend? Jason Aldean is dating the woman with whom he was caught cheating on his wife with back in September 2012. Us Weekly has confirmed that the country singer has been dating Brittany Kerr since he filed for divorce from wife Jessica Ussery in April 2013. Click here to see more recent photos of Jason.

Back in 2012, Aldean, 37, was caught on camera kissingAmerican Idol alum Kerr at a bar in West Hollywood. The “Night Train” singer apologized for the incident on Facebook immediately after, admitting that he “screwed up.” “I had too much to drink, let the party get out of hand and acted inappropriately at a bar,” he wrote at the time. “I left alone, caught the bus to our next show and that’s the end of the story.”




Michael Morris Married With Children and Dating Katharine McPhee Also Married

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Source: TMZ

Posted: October 23, 2013 @ 8:19 p.m PST




Katharine McPhee is dating her former “Smash” director Michael Morris, TMZ has learned … and they’re even making out in public — problem is, THEY’RE BOTH MARRIED TO OTHER PEOPLE.

Morris is married to actress Mary McCormack (who played Howard Stern’s wife in “Private Parts”) … and they have 3 young daughters together, ages 2, 6 and 9.

29-year-old Katharine is married to 47-year-old producer Nick Cokas — they have no children.

Sources close to Katharine and Nick tell TMZ … the two have been separated for 6 months and are living apart. They were married in 2008.

It’s unclear where Michael’s relationship with Mary stands — but it seems it’s also on the ropes, because over the weekend he was sucking face with Katharine in broad daylight in L.A. like he didn’t care who saw.

The two weren’t shy with the PDA either — holding hands and cuddling each other in Hollywood.

So far, no official comment from any of the parties involved.


Mila Kunis Wearing a Gold Band On Her Wedding Finger

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Source: London Evening Standard

Media: London Evening Standard

Posted:Saturday September 7, 2013 @12:52 p.m PST



Mila Kunis,30 has sparked speculation she is engaged to Ashton Kutcher after being seen wearing a gold band on her wedding ring finger while purchasing a bouquet of flowers in Studio City, California, earlier this week, leading to talk the pair may be inching closer to walking down the aisle.

However, tAshton, 35, is still married to Demi Moore therefore they can’t say “I do”.



Mila Kunis & Her MARRIED Boyfriend Set To Move To London

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Source: London Evening Standard

Posted: Monday January 28, 2013 @ 9:17 p.m PST


Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been looking at houses in London as they plan to set up home here while she films Jupiter Ascending. 

 Ashton and Mila  have been spotted house hunting in Marylebone, where their neighbours would include Kate Hudson and Guy Ritchie.

Kuthcer  filed for divorce from his wife Demi Moore in December after 13 months of separation.

Mila Kunis Enjoys Brunch With Demi Moore’s Husband In Chicago

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Posted: Friday December 28, 2012 @8:10 p.m PST


According to E!Online Mila Kunis was having lunch with the still married Ashton Kutcher  at Prasino Restaurant in Chicago in the early afternoon. Kunis seems to be having a ball with Demi Moore’s husband.





Rielle Hunter Speaks On ABC’s 2020

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Source: Twitter/ Nightline

Posted: Friday June 22, 2012 @ 5:05 p.m PST


According to Twitter,  John Edwards mistress Rielle Hunter will be speaking to Chris Cuomo on ABC’s 2o2o tonight at 10:oo EST.  You won’t believe want she tells Cuomo.

Courteney Cox Has Sexual Feelings But Not Ready To Act On Them

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Source: People

Posted: Monday February 20, 2012 @ 10:49 PM PST

According to People, David Arquette  is “having fun” with his “adorable” girlfriend Christina McLarty,  however his wife  Courteney Cox  hasn’t even considered getting intimate again.
“I’m really not ready,” Cox, 47, said Wednesday on The Howard Stearn Show. “I’m just not ready. I’m not saying I’m not ready to have a make-out session, I’m just not ready to – I don’t know. I’m not lying. … I’ve not had a man since David.”
Cox says she’s only “made out with one guy” since the split from Arquette, 40 – admits she has “sexual feelings,” but doesn’t want to act on them with another guy.

Paula Abdul And Boyfriend Jeff Bratton Have Broken Up

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Posted: Sunday January 8, 2012 @ 11:25 am PST

Topic:  Paula Abdul – Jeff Bratton – Jackie Jackson – Emilio Estevez

According to People, Paula Abdul  and her boyfriend  Jeff Bratton have called off their romance.

“Paula and I split in November,” Bratton tells PEOPLE. “It was an amicable thing. But between the final months of X Factor and my responsibilities with [my label] Cascine, there was little time for us.”

Abdul  had an affair with Jackie Jackson of  “The Jacksons” while he was married to Enid Jackson.  Enid Jackson is now deceased.  Abdul was married to  Emilio Estevez from 1992-1994, he’s the brother of  actor Charlie Sheen.  Another short-lived marriage for Paula Abdul was to clothing designer Brad Beckerman, in 1996. They divorced in 1998, citing irreconcilable differences.

In  July 2007, Abdul announced that she had begun dating J.T. Torregiani, a restaurant owner 12 years her junior.  Paula and JT broke up in June 2008 citing their hectic work schedules.

Jesse James SLAMS Sandra Bullock

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Posted: Tuesday December 6, 2011 @ 5:55  pm PST

Topic: Sandra Bullock – Jesse James

According to US Weekly,  James made his return to reality TV on American Chopper: The Build-Off — and he made sure to reference Bullock, his third wife, whom he divorced in 2010 after five years.

Jesse is one of Us’ biggest turkeys for the second year in a row

In an apparent apology to fans for losing touch with himself, James, 42, quipped, “I became a big shot and married some Hollywood actress and didn’t talk to anybody anymore, so I feel bad. . . I feel obligated to reconnect with all these people and show ’em that I’m still the same fabricator motorcycle guy. I’m not what I became.”

James and Bullock called it quits largely due to his affair with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and several other women. He rebounded in August 2010 with Kat von D — to whom he became engaged (twice!) before they broke up for good earlier this year.

Von D later revealed that James cheated on her with 19 women.  In  my opinion Jesse James is a JERK from Jerk City.  Kat Von D can’t make up her mind who or what she wants. Von D & James deserved each other.

Celebrity Cheaters And Their Part-Time Lovers

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Posted: Friday May 13, 2011 @ 3:27pm

Updated: Saturday November 12, 2011 @ 1:55 pm PST

I see way too many celebrities having extra marital affairs all day long.   I just don’t understand “Why?”

Who Is Cheating?

1. Stars who are making 20 plus Millions for a film.

2. Athletics who are in playoffs

3. Singers who just went Gold or Platumin…etc

Who Are They Having Affairs With?

1. Escorts Service Providers

2. Their Mate Best Friend

3.  Co- Stars From Their Sets…etc

Reasons/Excuses They Give

I ask  “Why are you cheating on her?” and I have been told

1.”What she does not know does not hurt”  “She is married to me not the other way round”

2.” She will be on the set all night long and I need attention”  etc..

It is so heart-breaking to see and, it’s even sadder when the mate really think they are not cheated on.  I enjoy Acting, Scriptwriting and Celebrity Blogging, however, my 9-5  places me where I know who is cheating on whom.  I just wish they would not hurt  their mates.  They are so sweet guys however they need to remember they are married or just ask for a divorce.

Camilla Parker Bowes Stealing Again (Photo)

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Updated: Monday October 24, 2011 @ 3:20 pm PST

Topic: Camilla Parker Bowes

OMG!  Camilla Parker Bowes is at it again, first she was a home wrecker and came between Princess Diana and Prince Charles,  now that wrecker has the audacity to say “Her Future Daughter In Law” Kate Middleton is a lovely and she welcomes her to the family.   Kate Middleton IS NOT her future Daughter In Law,  she is the future Daughter In Law to that cheating dog Prince Charles and The Late Beautiful PRINCESS DIANA .

Prince William will be a d-mn fool to have Camilla at the wedding,  I don’t know why when home wreckers break up a family the children be-friends the home wrecker, for example,  when Lionel Richie cheated on Brenda,  Nicole was all smile posing with the one that came between them, that was such a slap in Brenda’s face.  Camilla Stop trying to steal everything that belongs to The Princess. You will NEVER be her.