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Park Woo Jin {Produce101} Hospitalized

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Source: Koreaboo

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Posted: Monday May 29, 2017 @ 12:04 a.m PST

Produce 101 Season 2 contestant Park Woo Jin has been rushed to the hospital due to serious health concerns.

He was rushed to the emergency room and diagnosed with shingles.

“Shingles is a severe and painful inflammation of a group of nerves, with a skin eruption often forming a belt around the middle of the body. It’s often caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox.”


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Bobbi Kristina Brown {Do You Think Nick Gordon & Max Lomas Tried To Kill Her}? LEAVE A COMMENT

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Source: Yahoo

Posted: Tuesday February 10, 2015 @ 4:05 a.m PST


Bobbi Kristina Brown
Nick Gordon is under investigation as authorities try to pinpoint how Bobbi Kristina ended up facedown in her bathtub last week. home on Jan. 31 by Gordon and the couple’s friend, Max Lomas. She was placed in a medically induced coma and was moved from North Fulton Hospital to Emory on Feb. 3.

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Allegedly Rushed To Hospital After Falling Down Hole

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Source:Koreaboo – MTN

Media:Koreaboo – MTN

Posted: Thursday January 22, 2015 @ 5:19 p.m PST


A video of TaeTiSeo members on stage is currently going viral as it shows member Taeyeon falling down into a hole as the stage appears to almost collapse, with member Seohyun also tripping.

While details have yet to be released, the video appears to show Taeyeon falling down into a hole with aids rushing to the stage to help her, while membersTiffany and Seohyun attempt to help the situation as well. The event they were performing at was the High One Seoul Music Award.

The uploader posted the video with the message, “How does this make any sense…. Taeyeon has been rushed to the hospital and Tiffany, Seohyun have all returned home unscathed……A person just fell into a hole. Not just her ankle not up to her waist her entire body went straight down the hole. Have you jumped 2 meters in heels? The angle on this video doesn’t show much but other angles are…severe.”




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Bono {U2’s Frontman} To Undergo Surgery After Bicycle Crash In New York

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Posted: Monday November 17, 2014 @ 1:19 a.m PST


U2 frontman Bono has injured his arm while riding a bicycle in New York City.

A posting on the band’s website says Bono “injured his arm in a cycling spill in Central Park” and will require surgery to repair it.

The posting by guitarist The Edge, bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen did not say when or how the accident happened.



Maegan Aguilar {Singer} Allegedly Nasty Beaten By Partner Ali Sanchez

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Media: (Photo from Maria Silorio’s Facebook)

Posted: Monday November 10, 2014 @ 1:09 a.m PST


Singer Maegan Aguilar allegedly “received a nasty beating” from her domestic partner Ali Sanchez as a “parting gift” after she tried to end their relationship.

This was the allegation made by Maria Silorio, a rapper claiming to be a close friend of Aguilar, which was made more shocking by a series of photos she posted showing Maegan on a hospital gurney and wearing a neck brace.

“Sa ngayon po mukhang dislocated ang right arm ni Ate Maegan at kitang-kita din po na lamog sa bugbog at pasa ang likod at hips nya dahil sa pagtilapon sa kanya ni Kuya Ali ng magpumilit itong umuwi sa condo ni Ate kaninang 2:45am,” Silorio posted on Friday, Nov. 8 at 9 p.m.





Maegan Aguilar allegedly beaten up by domestic partner. (Photo from Maria Silorio's Facebook)

Maegan Aguilar allegedly beaten up by domestic partner. (Photo from Maria Silorio’s Facebook)

Shin Hae Chul {Veteran Singer} Cardiac Arrest “Unconscious Seoul Asan Hospital”

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Source:Koreaboo – Yonhap News

Media:Koreaboo – Yonhap News

Posted: Saturday October 25, 2014 @ 9:30 p.m PST


Veteran singer Shin Hae Chul recently underwent surgery after being sent to the emergency room for a cardiac arrest. Upon being sent to the emergency room, he successfully completed a three-hour surgery, as reported by his agency KCA Entertainment.  In light of the shocking event, friends such asSeo Taiji, PSY, Lee Seung Hwan, and more have expressed their anxious feelings and desires for him to wake up, and fully start recovering from the accident.

Shin Hae Chul


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Michael Schumacher, 45, {F1 Motor Racing Legend} Remains In a Coma

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Posted: Monday February 24, 2014 @4:59 p.m PST



Doctors treating stricken F1 motor racing legend Michael Schumacher have abandoned their attempts to bring him out of his artificial coma following setbacks, it was claimed today.

Doctors announced three weeks ago they were reducing the anaesthetic keeping him under to slowly bring him around.


Ferdinand “Vhong” Navarro Beaten-Up

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Posted:Monday January 27, 2014 @2:42 a.m PST



Doctors are still checking the extent of injuries of actor-host Ferdinand “Vhong” Navarro, who was beaten-up in a Taguig City condominium.

The actor needs an operation to repair the bridge of his nose, Navarro’s lawyer Dennis Manalo said in an interview on on ABS-CBN’s Umagang Kay Ganda.

Navarro may need to undergo further medical procedures, the lawyer added.



Gem Archer (Beady Eye Band) Admitted To Hospital With “Severe Head Trauma” Shows Cancelled

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Source:London Evening Standard

Posted: Tuesday August 6, 2013 @ 8:14 p.m PST



Liam Gallagher’s band Beady Eye have cancelled a series of shows after guitarist Gem Archer was admitted to hospital with “severe head trauma” after an accident.

The musician is “in a stable condition but continues to stay in hospital under observation”, according to a statement on the band’s website.

It said: “His family, friends and bandmates thank everyone who have sent messages of support and well wishes so far and hope to see him back on his feet soon.”



Kyra Sedgwick (Kevin Bacon’s Wife) Cuts Off Her Finger While Cooking

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Source: eonline

Posted: Monday July 1, 2013 @ 3:05 p.m PST



Kyra Sedgwick is recovering after accidentally cutting off the tip of her finger while cooking some kale on Saturday. The 47-year-old actress’s husband, Kevin Bacon, took to his Twitter and Whosay pages to share photos of Sedgwick post-finger chopping.

“@kyrasedgwick in the ER. Kale isn’t ALLWAYS HEALTHY… if you chop the end of your finger off,” Bacon posted along with a photo of her in the hospital.


Ted Dwane (Mumford & Sons) Hospitalized With a Blood Clot On His Brain

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Source: London Evening Standard

Media Credit:London Evening Standard

Posted:Tuesday June 11, 2013 @ 2:14 p.m PST



Ted Dwane, bassist with folk rockers Mumford & Sons, has been taken to hospital with a blood clot on his brain.

A statement from the band said the musician had been “feeling unwell for a few days” and was receiving emergency treatment in hospital.

It said: “The scans revealed a blood clot on the surface of his brain that requires an operation.

“Ted is receiving excellent care and we are being assured that he will recover quickly from surgery.”








Hyuna “4Minute” Sick and Hospitalized

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Media Credit: Koreaboo

Posted: Wednesday May 8, 2013 @1:27 a.m PST



Cube Entertainment has released an update on Hyuna’s upcoming schedules after being hospitalised for high fever and dehydration.

On May 6th, it was reported that Hyuna was admitted to to the hospital after falling ill amidst her busy schedules. It was later on confirmed that she was admitted for high fever and dehydration. The agency further released an update saying that Hyuna will remain in hospital for a thorough check-up on May 7th.

An official revealed that they are currently focused on Hyuna’s recovery and has excluded her for the group’s performances this week. 4minute attended a prerecording session for SBS Inkigayo without Hyuna today and will continue to alter their schedules depending on her recovery.

4minute recently returned to the music scene with the release of their mini-album “Name is 4minute” and is promoting the track “What’s Your Name?” on various entertainment programs.

Lil Wayne Hospitalized For Seizure May Be Caused By Sizzurp

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Source: USA Today / The Guardian

Media Credit: HL  hollywoodlife09

Posted: Wednesday May 1, 2013 @5:54 p.m. PST



Lil Wayne was hospitalized Tuesday after suffering a seizure, TMZ reports. The rap star, 30, was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles late Tuesday night by his bodyguards after a single seizure and released early Wednesday morning, according to the website report.

“I’m fine. Thank u,” Lil Wayne tweeted at 11:23 a.m. PT Wednesday.

His publicists did not return requests for details or confirmation of the TMZ story.

Wayne, who recently revealed that he has epilepsy, spent almost a week at Cedars-Sinai in March after suffering several seizures.

“I’m an epileptic, so I’m prone to seizures,” he told L.A. radio station Power 106 afterward. “I’ve had a bunch of seizures. Y’all just never hear about it. This time it got real bad because I got three of ’em in a row, and on the third one, my heart rate went down to, like, 30%. Basically, I could have died soon. That’s why it was so serious. The reason being for the seizures is just plain stress, no rest and overworking myself.”


Sizzurp isn’t over-the-counter stuff, it’s a combination of prescription-strength cough syrup containing codeine and, often, the anti-allergy drug promethazine, with soft drinks such as Sprite and Mountain Dew, usually drunk from a styrofoam cup. Some users will drop in a Jolly Rancher sweet to mask its medicinal taste.

Nelson Mandela, 94 Hospitalized With Lung Infection, Some Called Him Names

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Source: USA Today – BD Live – Telegraph

Posted: Friday March 29, 2013 @5:23 p.m PST



Former South African president Nelson Mandela is back in the hospital due to a recurrence of a lung infection, the South African government said on Thursday morning.

“We appeal to the people of South Africa and the world to pray for our beloved Madiba and his family and to keep them in their thoughts,” South African President Jacob Zuma said in a statement. “We have full confidence in the medical team and know that they will do everything possible to ensure recovery.”

USA Today

BD Live – Yahoo News–finance.html



Aston Kutcher Hospitalized With Pancreatic Problems

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Source:Yahoo Movies

Posted: Monday January 28, 2013 @ 7:39 p.m PST


According to an interview Kutcher did with USA Today, the fruitarian diet landed the actor in the hospital with pancreatic problems. “First of all, the  fruitarian diet can lead to, like, severe issues,” Kutcher said. “I went to the hospital, like, two days before we started shooting the movie. I was, like, doubled over in pain. My pancreas levels were completely out of whack.” Considering that Jobs died of pancreatic cancer in October 2011, the experience, Kutcher added, “was really terrifying.”

Ariel Sharon Shows Signs Of Brain Activity (Video Images)

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Posted: Sunday January 27, 2013  @6:53 p.m PST



Ariel Sharon, the former Israeli prime minister who has been in a coma for seven years, has shown significant signs of brain activity, doctors say.

A team of Israeli and American scientists say new tests showed he responded to external stimuli. According to, BBC News.

Hilary Clinton Being Treated With Anti-Coagulants

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Source: NY Daily News / YouTube ABC News / Wikipedia

Media Credit: YouTube ABC News

Posted: Monday December 31, 2012 @2:27 p.m. PST



Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, 65, is being treated with anti-coagulants (an anticoagulant is a substance that prevents coagulation (clotting) of blood)  for a blood clot after suffering from a concussion when she passed out and hit her head from a stomach bug.

Clinton’s daughter was seen leaving the hospital.

Clinton is getting emergency care at the New York Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center.

TO READ THE FULL STORY AND VIEW PHOTOS:Hilary Clinton Hospitalized For Blood Clot

Lil Wayne Suffered Seizure-Like Symptoms & Hospitalized

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Source: TMZ

Posted: Thursday October 25, 2012 @10:30 p.m PST


Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.  aka Lil Wayne–  Was transported to a local hospital to get treatment on Thursday evening.

It’s unclear whether Wayne is still in Texas tonight, or if medical professionals have made an exact diagnosis —

Wayne made an emergency landing in Texas after suffering seizure-like symptoms on a private jet . According to, TMZ

Sharon Stone 54, Faints At Fashion Show With Boyfriend Martin Mica, 27

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Source: US Weekly

Posted: Sunday September 23, 2012 @ 5:08 a.m PST

Actress Sharon Stone 54, attended a fashion show  and fainted, the actress was taken to a hospital in Milan. Stone’s boyfriend Martin Mica 27,  was by her side at the fashion show.

According to US Weekly doctors gave Stone a clean bill of health.


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Jerry Lawler 62, (Wrestling Legend “The King”) Collapsed

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Source: TMZ

Posted: Monday September 10, 2012 @ 8:55 p.m PST


According to TMZ, Wrestling legend Jerry “The King” Lawler was rushed to the ER tonight after collapsing at a WWE event in Montreal, Quebec .
Lawler had wrestled inside the ring roughly 30 minutes before he collapsed.