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Prince Andrew {Queen Elizabeth’s 2nd Son} Underage Sex Scandal

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Posted: Tuesday January 6, 2015 @ 2:32 a.m PST


Buckingham Palace stepped up its denial that Prince Andrew had sex with an underage girl introduced to him by a disgraced U.S. financier, and named the alleged victim whose anonymity was preserved in court documents filed last week.


Dean McDermott,47, Emily Goodhand,28, Cheating Scandal

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Posted: Friday December 27, 2013 @ 11:47 a.m PST



Tori Spelling‘s husband of seven years, Dean McDermott, cheated on her with another woman — and the new issue of Us Weekly has all of the exclusive details, including an extensive interview with the woman herself.


While promoting his gig as host of Chopped Canada in Toronto on Dec. 6, McDermott invited 28-year-old Emily Goodhand, a woman he met that day through friends, to his room at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel — where they had sex, she tells Us. “He told me he and Tori had a sexless marriage,” says Goodhand, who stayed over at his hotel the following night too. “I believed him.”


Ian Watkins {Former Lostprophets Singer} Child Sex Offences

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Media:London Evening Standard – Police Mugshot

Posted:Wednesday December 18, 2013 @ 11:08 a.m PST



Former Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins has been sentenced to 35 years for a string of child sex offences which “plumbed new depths of depravity”.

Watkins shook in the dock as he was jailed and told that he would serve 29 years in jail with the final six on licence.

His two accomplices, Woman A and Woman B, were jailed for 14 years and 16 years respectively.


Paedophile rock star Ian Watkins in a police mugshot

Neri Naig Returns To Acting

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Posted: Thursday November 21, 2013 @ 1:35 a.m PST



The former Star Circle Quest contestant, who is making her acting comeback after years of being inactive, said she prefers quality over quantity where projects are concerned.
“Hindi ko naman gusto yung laging nandiyan. Okay lang ako na bigyan niyo ako ng okay na project. Thankful naman ako na ganoon, na maganda yung binibigay nila.”

Neri plays a depressed character in “Obsession,” which  also stars Marvin Agustin, Bianca King and Alwyn Uytingco.
“Gusto ko lang yung passion. Nakakatuwa naman na kaya ko palang umarte nang ganito, yung napaglalaruan ko yung different characters,” Neri added.

Jang Geunsuk and EXO’s Kris Mentioned In a Scandal with Chinese Actress Lin Xiya

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Source: Koreaboo – Newsen

Media: Koreaboo – Newsen

Posted: Sunday November 3, 2013 @ 4:08 p.m PST




Jang Geunsuk and EXO’s Kris are currently involved in a controversy after being mentioned in a sex scandal with Chinese actress Lin Xiya.

Earlier today, it was reported that Chinese model and actress Lin Xiya was hacked. Soon after, intimate photos of her and certain Chinese artists and actors were released, making it a big news locally. Meanwhile, Jang Geunsuk was mentioned in the scandal after being speculated as one of the man in the said controversial photos, while EXO’s Kris was mentioned in a series of conversations.

Currently, no one was able to confirm if Jang Geunsuk or Kris was directly or intimately involved with Lin Xiya. No statements from their respective agencies have commented on the matter.

Stay tuned for more updates on this issue! Any thoughts?

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Source: Newsen

Paul Gambaccini,64, {BBC TV, Radio Host} Arrested On Suspicion Of Sexual Offenses

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Posted: Friday November 1, 2013 @ 3:52 p.m PST



Veteran BBC TV and radio presenter Paul Gambaccini was arrested on suspicion of sexual offenses, the broadcaster said Friday.

Gambaccini, 64, has worked at the BBC for four decades and is one of Britain’s best-known music presenters. The BBC said he was held at his home and was questioned in police custody Tuesday. He was released on bail later that day.

Gambaccini’s spokesman said the presenter denies the allegations.

Police didn’t confirm the report, saying only that two men, aged 64 and 74, were arrested Tuesday as part of an operation probing historical sexual abuse. The investigation was triggered by the abuse scandal surrounding late BBC broadcaster Jimmy Savile, and has so far arrested more than a dozen people.

Derek Ramsey Break Up With Christine-Rayver – Alleged Sex Video

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Posted: Tuesday October 1, 2013 @7:14 p.m PST



Derek Ramsay has ended his relationship with Cristine Reyes days before they mark their first month as a couple.
According to a reliable source who requested for anonymity, the Kapatid actor disclosed on Sunday, September 29.
“Sabi ni Derek wala na sila. Tinanggal niya ‘yung Instagram account niya. Hindi pa siya nagkekwento. Hindi ko pa rin siya nakakausap ng masinsinan,” the source told Yahoo Philippines OMG!
Asked about the reported breakup, Derek told Yahoo Philippines OMG! via SMS that “I don’t want to talk about it, I hope you understand.”
The same source observed that  Derek was noticeably sad and added that  the bad news came as a surprise because the couple looked happy a week before.  

“Hindi. wala nga e. ‘Yung huling post pa nga niya ‘With mine mine e. (referring to Cristine)’ That was last week tapos biglang nasabi na lang niya sa’kin wala na sila,” said the source. “Ganun kabilis na-inlove, ganun kabilis nawala.”







Maja Salvador,24, (Filipina Actress) Sex Video Scandal

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Source: ph.omg

Media: ph.omg

Posted: Tuesday September 10, 2013 @ 5:04 p.m PST



Maja Salvador is not the type who attracts controversy because of her strongly-worded  comments. But she decided to speak her mind about  the  sex video scandals rocking showbiz these days.

“Kayo mismo, dapat protektahan ang sarili. Kung may gagawin kayong isang  bagay,  (dapat)  private yon.  Nakalulungkot lang.  Sa bawat pamilya, may  nanay, may kapatid, may kaibigan na babae.Sana ma-realize nila  na may mga kamag- anak silang babae. Dapat alam nila paano respetuhin ang mga babae.”

Maja is well aware of the ups and downs of social media because she herself is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks to her Coby Kyros tablet (she has just renewed her endorsement of the brand), Maja has become social media savvy.

Maja Salvador


Wally Bayola (“Eat Bulaga”) and Yosh (Dancer) Sex Video Scandal

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Posted: Tuesday September 3, 2013 @ 12:47 p.m PST

An alleged sex video of “Eat Bulaga” host Wally Bayola and EB Babe dancer Yosh started circulating online on Monday night, September 2.

The comedian is married with five children, while it is not immediately known whether the alleged EB Babe member is in a relationship.

The issue of leaked intimate private videos challenges the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009 authored at the height of sex scandals involving local celebrities.

Sean Kingston, Bodyguard, Band Member Sued By “Carissa Capeloto,22 For Alleged Gang Rape

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Posted: Saturday August 31, 2013 @ 6:15 p.m PST




Sean Kingston will have to face a judge for an alleged sexual assault, reports TMZ. The plaintiff, Carissa Capeloto, filed a multi-million dollar civil suit claiming that she was gang raped in Kingston’s hotel room by him, his bodyguard and a member of his band.

According to Capeloto, 22, she was invited for a meet-and-greet with the “Party All Night” singer following aJustin Bieber concert in 2010. Kingston, 23, had also performed that night. When she arrived at his hotel room, he was naked and in bed. The bodyguard forced her onto Kingston, and he, Kingston and a band member had sex with her while she was “obviously intoxicated, incapable of consent.” She had consumed 7-10 shots of vodka and smoked marijuana.

Capeloto says that her friend entered the room to help her and the police were called.





Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Partner Sydney Leathers Filmed a Hardcore Masturbation Porn

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Posted: Monday August 5, 2013 @ 1:23 a. PST



Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for an epic shock — Anthony Weiner‘s sexting partner Sydney Leathers has filmed a hardcore masturbation porn … and TMZ has some pics from the shoot.

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Jose Canseco Allegedly Committed Rape

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Source: TMZ

Posted: Friday May 24, 2013 @1:17 p.m PST



Just hours before Jose Canseco allegedly committed rape … the alleged victim posed for a very flirty pic with J.C. in a Vegas casino and joked that they had just gotten married, TMZ has learned.

The pic was taken on the floor of the MGM Casino at 2:51 AM on May 10 — with the woman cozying up for a couply shot with Jose … with her open right hand placed on the center of his exposed chest.

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Rick Ross (Rapper) “Date Rape Lyrics Scandal” Draws a Protest

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Source: E!

Posted: Thursday April 4, 2013 @ 5:55 p.m PST



Reebok had been inundated with calls to drop Ross after the release of “U.O.E.N.O.,” which includes the lyric, “Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it. I took her home and I enjoyed that. She ain’t even know it.” (Molly is a slang term for MDMA, a crystalline or powder form of the drug Ecstasy.)

“It’s time for Reebok to stop using their brand as a platform to promote rape and the idea that rape is not just okay, but cool,” Nita Chaudhary, cofounder of women’s rights group UltraViolet, said in a statement today following a protest outside the sportswear brand’s flagship store in New York City.

Sarah Jones Sex Scandal (Former Bengals Cheerleader)

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Posted: Wednesday August 1, 2012 @1:05 a.m PST


According to, ABC /Good Morning America former Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones denies sex scandal.



Tulisa Contostavlos Wins Sex Tape Scandal In Court Against Ex-Boyfriend Justin Edwards

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Source: The London Standard

Posted: Friday July 13, 2012 @ 1:55 a.m PST


According to The London Standard, Tulisa Contostavlos took her ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards to court over the sex tape scandal.


John Travolta Had A Homosexual Relationship With Pilot Doug Gotterba Claims Joan Edwards

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Source & Story Credit: NY Post

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Posted: Wednesday June 6, 2012 @1:05 p.m. PST



John Travolta had a six-year fling with his personal pilot, in a completely open secret known to people close to the “Urban Cowboy” actor, according to published reports.

The National Enquirer quoted the actor’s former personal secretary and a boyfriend of the pilot to back up the steamy, bombshell claims.

“I did everything for him, including taking care of his personal and professional schedules. Of course I knew he was gay. It never bothered me,” one-time secretary Joan Edwards told the supermarket tab.

Pilot Doug Gotterba, who now runs a charter plane service in Camarillo, Calif., would only confirm that he worked for Travolta for six years in the 1980s.

“That’s how I met Doug. We both worked for John at the same time. Doug is a wonderful guy and we are still good friends. He told me that John was gay and they had a sexual relationship,” according to Edwards.

Gotterba’s one-time boyfriend Robert Britz said the pilot was very open about his years-long gay relationship with Travolta.

“Doug told me right at the beginning of our relationship that he’d had a homosexual relationship with John Travolta in the 1980s,” Britz said.

“Doug said John was constantly grabbing at his genital area, but he put up with John’s sexual advances because working for him was ‘lucrative.’ ”

Travolta’s personal flyboy eventually turned away from the actor, grossed out by his weight and B.O., according to Britz.

“Doug said he hated sleeping with John because his body was very hairy, and he didn’t like the way John smelled,” Britz said.

“John became very heavy between movies. Doug recalled him ‘huge’ and said it turned him off.

Travolta’s is fighting lawsuits by two male massage therapists, who claim the actor made unwanted sexual advances.


John Travolta. Photo Credit:


Zhang Ziyi Chinese Actress Allegedly Prostituted Herself To Bo Xilai & Barred From Leaving China (Photo & Video)

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Source & Story Credit: The China Post

Media Credit: Photo ( / Video (YouTube Chairweb)

Posted: Tuesday May 29, 2012 @10:40  p.m. PST


The China Post news staff–Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi denied yesterday media reports that she had allegedly “interacted” with Bo Xilai, the former Communist Party boss of China’s Chongqing City in exchange for “huge” monetary gifts.


Zhang, who is currently shooting a new film in southern China, said on her personal microblog that many people “can take wind as rain” using their imaginations.

Her statement was taken as a denial of the media allegations about the sex scandal.

U.S.-based Chinese-language news website Boxun, the Apple Daily published in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and other Chinese-language media reported that the 32-year-old actress slept with Bo at least 10 times between 2007 and 2011.

Zhang was allegedly under investigation by the Chinese government for being paid to have sex with Bo, who was removed from his powerful political position after coming under investigation after the incident involving Wang Lijung, a former Chongqing vice mayor. Wang allegedly “defected” to the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu City, of Sichuan province, in February.

The media reports said that Zhang and Bo were first introduced by Bo’s associate, Xu Ming, 41, who is the founder and chairman of Dalian Shide Group when Bo was party boss in Dalian City.

Unconfirmed reports said that Xu confessed to paying Zhang 6 million Chinese yuan in 2007 to personally have sex with her for the first time.

Xu later negotiated a deal for Bo to have sex with Zhang for 10 million yuan.

The Chinese media reports estimated that Zhang’s sexual transactions with various rich and powerful figures have netted her 700 million yuan over the last 10 years, including 180 million yuan in cash from Xu alone.

Her wealth accumulated from prostituting herself was not taxed mainly due to intervention from Xu and some senior Chinese government officials, said the reports.

In 2009, Zhang was accused of cheating a married businessman of a huge sum of money, with whom she was alleged to be sexually involved with, while still engaged to an Israeli billionaire.

The Chinese media also reported in April that wealthy businessman Xu introduced more than 100 women to Bo for sex and that the women included household-name celebrities.

Bo Xilai and Zhang Ziyi. Photo Credit:


According to the uploader:
– Zhang Ziyi Prostituted Herself To Bo Xilai
– She Is Under Investigation By China Intelligence Service
– She Is Barred From Leaving China (To Attend Cannes Film Festival)
– She Is Expected To Be Prosecuted For Tax Evasion

Tulisa X Factor Judge and Ex Boyfriend Justin Edwards (MC Ultra) Sex Tape Scandal Goes To Court (Video EXPLICIT)

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Source & Story Credit: Contact Music

Media Credit: Photo (Metro) / Video (TulisaCondo) (brayden smith) EXPLICIT

Posted: Monday March 26, 2012 @5:52 p.m. PST


The man at the centre of Tulisa Contostavlos sex tape ordeal has appeared in court in London today (March 26, 2012), the Sun newspaper reports. Justin Edwards, otherwise known as MC Ultra is being sued by Tulisa, to the tune of 100,000 (GBP), for “alleged breach of privacy and confidence” for leaking an explicit video online. The video supposedly shows Tulisa performing a sex act on her former boyfriend and has now been banned from sale.


Justin Edwards, 28, arrived at court dressed in a suit and wearing aviator shades. He denies any involvement in leaking the footage. The six minute clip was briefly made available online at a price of three pound ninety pence. Sale of the footage is now banned and Tulisa, 23, is seeking an extension on the court injunction to prevent it finding its way back online. Last week, Tulisa posted a YouTube video online to explain her side of the story and protest her innocence in the matter. In the video, she said “When you share an intimate moment with someone that you love and trust you never imagine for one minute that footage may at any point be shared with the rest of the UK.” Holding up a photograph of herself and Edwards, from when they were dating, she said “This is the person, Justin Edwards aka Ultra, who is my ex-boyfriend, that has put it online, who is the other person on the tape.”


According to The Sun, Edwards has been “hiding out in the West Country” since the controversy hit the headlines. Tulisa’s fans have also lashed out at him via Twitter. When the legal papers were served at his mother’s West Hampstead home, where he lives, Edwards was not present. A source close to the rapper said “It’s serious stuff and he’s got to take it seriously. It’s a lot of pressure for him.”

Tulisa X Factor Judge Sex Tape Scandal. Photo Credit: Metro via AP
Justin Edwards aka MC Ultra.


YouTube has banned the video but this shows a sneak peek. WARNING: EXPLICIT

Tulisa’s Sex Tape Scandal  Sneak Peek (EXPLICIT)