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Kim Woobin {The Heirs} and Pan Chen In a Chinese Movie ”We Are Young”

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Source:Koreaboo –  TV Report

Media: Koreaboo –  TV Report

Posted: Saturday September 6, 2014 @ 1:51 a.m PST


Kim Woobin has been revealed to be taking part in the filming of Chinese mini movie, “We Are Young”, after behind-the-scenes photos were released yesterday, September 4th.

”We Are Young” will star actors from all over Asia, including countries like Korea, China and Thailand. Fans are anticipating Kim Woobin’s part in the show, as his role in “The Heirs” has catapulted him to Hallyu star status in China.

In the photos revealed, he appears opposite his co-star, Chinese actor Pan Chen, showing affectionate expressions as they carried out the filming. The two co-stars also took selcas together while off-camera.

In other news, Kim Woobin is currently filming for the movie “Twenty” and has also been involved in numerous projects since his role in “The Heirs”.





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Tang Wei (Chinese Actress) Persuaded To Wire Money To A Suspect

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Source: Yahoo Malaysia By Heidi Hsia | From Cinema Online Exclusively for Yahoo Newsroom

Media: Yahoo Malaysia

Posted: Monday January 13, 2014 @ 3:54 p.m. PST


It was reported that Chinese actress Tang Wei recently became the victim of a fraud when she was persuaded to wire her money to a suspect.

As reported on Xinhua, the police revealed that on 11 January, the actress, who was shooting a movie in the city, received a call convincing her to visit a local bank and transferred RMB 210,000 (approx. USD 34,699) to the suspect.

At 4pm, Tang reported about the fraud to the Songjiang District Police. An investigation is currently underway.

Meanwhile, several Netizens uploaded photos and wrote messages on Sina Weibo, claiming that they saw the actress at a bank.

The “Lust, Caution” actress is presently busy filming her new movie, “The Tale of Three Cities”, in which she portrays an opium smuggler, reportedly based on Jackie Chan’s mother.

Tang Wei falls victim to fraud



Angelababy (Chinese Actress) Photo Shoot For Modern Lady

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Source: China Daily / Top Chinese Movies

Media: China Daily / China Daily (Angelababy)

Posted: Monday August 12, 2013 @ 7:07p.m. PST


Chinese actress Angelababy is cover story for the Chinese magazine Modern Lady’s August issue.

Angelababy Modern Lady


Angelababy Modern Lady 2

Zhang Ziyi Chinese Actress Allegedly Prostituted Herself To Bo Xilai & Barred From Leaving China (Photo & Video)

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Source & Story Credit: The China Post

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Posted: Tuesday May 29, 2012 @10:40  p.m. PST


The China Post news staff–Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi denied yesterday media reports that she had allegedly “interacted” with Bo Xilai, the former Communist Party boss of China’s Chongqing City in exchange for “huge” monetary gifts.


Zhang, who is currently shooting a new film in southern China, said on her personal microblog that many people “can take wind as rain” using their imaginations.

Her statement was taken as a denial of the media allegations about the sex scandal.

U.S.-based Chinese-language news website Boxun, the Apple Daily published in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and other Chinese-language media reported that the 32-year-old actress slept with Bo at least 10 times between 2007 and 2011.

Zhang was allegedly under investigation by the Chinese government for being paid to have sex with Bo, who was removed from his powerful political position after coming under investigation after the incident involving Wang Lijung, a former Chongqing vice mayor. Wang allegedly “defected” to the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu City, of Sichuan province, in February.

The media reports said that Zhang and Bo were first introduced by Bo’s associate, Xu Ming, 41, who is the founder and chairman of Dalian Shide Group when Bo was party boss in Dalian City.

Unconfirmed reports said that Xu confessed to paying Zhang 6 million Chinese yuan in 2007 to personally have sex with her for the first time.

Xu later negotiated a deal for Bo to have sex with Zhang for 10 million yuan.

The Chinese media reports estimated that Zhang’s sexual transactions with various rich and powerful figures have netted her 700 million yuan over the last 10 years, including 180 million yuan in cash from Xu alone.

Her wealth accumulated from prostituting herself was not taxed mainly due to intervention from Xu and some senior Chinese government officials, said the reports.

In 2009, Zhang was accused of cheating a married businessman of a huge sum of money, with whom she was alleged to be sexually involved with, while still engaged to an Israeli billionaire.

The Chinese media also reported in April that wealthy businessman Xu introduced more than 100 women to Bo for sex and that the women included household-name celebrities.

Bo Xilai and Zhang Ziyi. Photo Credit:


According to the uploader:
– Zhang Ziyi Prostituted Herself To Bo Xilai
– She Is Under Investigation By China Intelligence Service
– She Is Barred From Leaving China (To Attend Cannes Film Festival)
– She Is Expected To Be Prosecuted For Tax Evasion

Lan Yen Sexy Chinese Actress Admits She’s A Lesbian & Idolizes Leslie Cheung (Photos)

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Source & Story Credit: What’s On Xiamen – Wikipedia

Photo Credit: What’s On Xiamen

Posted: Wednesday May 16, 2012 @4:50 p.m. PST



Chinese actress Lan Yen has announced on Friday that she is a lesbian, according to Chinese news reports.
The 26-year-old Lan said that she “would not choose men in reality” during a press conference introducing her new movie. The bold announcement caught many by surprise.
She also told the reporters that her “eternal idol” was late Leslie Cheung, a world-renown Chinese actor who was also known to be homosexual.
Lan Yen is an emerging actress who recently gained fame by starring in the Hong Kong erotic film 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy.
Lan Yen. Photo Credit: What’s On Xiamen via Internet


Chinese actress Lan Yen in the Hong Kong erotic film 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy. Story Credit: What’s On Xiamen / Photo Credit: What’s On Xiamen


Lan Yen. Photo Credit: What’s On Xiamen


Leslie Cheung. Photo Credit:

Leslie Cheung biography according to Wikipedia,

Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing (12 September 1956 – 1 April 2003), nicknamed Gor Gor (哥哥), which means elder brother, was a  Hong Kong film actor and musician. Cheung was considered as “one of the founding fathers of  Cantopop,” and “combining a hugely successful film and music career”.

In 2000, Cheung was named Asian Biggest Superstar by China Central Television, and voted/ranked the 1st as The Most Favorite Actor in 100 Years of Chinese Cinema in 2005. Recently, he was voted the third of the CNN’s “top five most iconic musician of all time” placing behind Michael Jackson and The Beatles.

Futhermore from Wikipedia, Cheung committed suicide on 1 April 2003 at 6:41 pm (HKT). He leapt from the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel, located in the Central district of Hong Kong Island. He left a suicide note saying that he had been suffering from depression. He was 46 years old.

As one of the most popular performers in Asia, Cheung’s death shocked the Asian entertainment industry and Chinese community worldwide. The day after Leslie’s death, his family confirmed that Cheung suffered from (clinical) depression and had been seeing psychiatrists for treatment for almost a year. They also revealed that Cheung had attempted suicide in 2002. Later at his funeral, Cheung’s niece disclosed that her uncle had severe clinical depression and suffered much over the past year (2003).

Despite the risk of infection from SARS and the Who’s warning on travels to Hong Kong, tens of thousands attended Cheung’s memorial service, which was held for the public, on 7 April 2003, including celebrities and other fans, many from other parts of the world such as mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, the United States and Canada. Cheung’s funeral was on 8 April 2003. For almost one month, Cheung’s death dominated newspaper headlines in Hong Kong and his songs were constantly on the air.

Cheung’s last album Everything Follows the Wind (一切隨風) was released three months after his death.

  • Cheung’s suicide note (translation): “Depression! Many thanks to all my friends. Many thanks to Professor Felice Lieh-Mak (Cheung’s last psychiatrist, 麥列菲菲). This year has been so tough. I can’t stand it anymore. Many thanks to Mr. Tong. Many thanks to my family. Many thanks to Fei-Fei  (Lydia Shum Din-ha). In my life I did nothing bad. Why does it have to be like this?”
  • Cheung’s suicide note (Chinese): “Depression! 多謝各位朋友,多謝麥列菲菲教授,這一年很辛苦,不能再忍受, 多謝唐先生,多謝家人,多謝肥姐. 我一生沒做壞事 為何這樣?”



Wang Xuebing and Sun Ning Divorce

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Source & Story Credit: CRIENGLISH – Duanlei

Photo Credit: CRIENGLISH via (File photo:

Posted: Sunday April 15, 2012 @2:40 p.m. PST





Mainland actor Wang Xuebing and his actress wife Sun Ning filed for divorce to end their three-year marriage, the Information Times reports.


Wang’s agent Miss Hao told the media that Wang left all the real estate and property to Sun, but Sun’s agent refused to respond.


Some insiders suggested that their dispute was caused by Wang’s investment in a short film “The Brave Tin Solider”. Sun was not very supportive of the project.


The couple has been separated since last December.

Wang Xuebing and Sun Ning Divorce. Photo Credit: (CRIENGLISH via file photo:

Bai Jing (Chinese Martial Arts Actress) Murdered By Husband Zhou Cheng Hai (Videos)

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Source & Story Credit: Whats On Xiamen

Photo Credit: What’s On Xiamen

Video Credit: (YouTube fourfame4)  / (YouTube chnnewsengsub) / (YouTube Bladeliu) / (YouTube TheFlashpoint75)

Posted: Wednesday March 21, 2012 @ 8:21 p.m. PST



Chinese authorities have confirmed that 28-year-old Chinese martial arts actress Bai Jing, was stabbed to death by her wealthy husband Zhou Cheng Hai at their Beijing home on Tuesday, reported Chinese media.
44-year-old Zhou, who married Bai in 2010, apparently killed himself after the fatal stabbing.
The police said they are still investigating the cause of this incident.
Although the authorities are not sure what transpired between Zhou and Bai that eventually resulted in their deaths, speculation is rife that Zhou killed his wife after finding out she wanted to divorce him.
Bai had appeared in a number of television dramas and films, including the 2010 action film “Kung Fu Wing Chun”, alongside Hong Kong actress Kara Hui.
Bai Jing Chinese Martial Actress Mudered By Her Husband Zhou Cheng Hai.
Bai Jing (right) in a promotional poster for "Kung Fu Wing Chun".

Sun Feifei 孙菲菲 (Actress) Sexy Bikini Magazine Photo Shoot

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Source – Story – Photo Credit: Hot Cute

Posted: Thursday February 23, 2012 @ 8:17 p.m. PST


Recently, the popular actress Sun Feifei(孙菲菲) shot a group photo for a magazine.In the photo, Sun Feifei dressed in a variety of candy colored bikini, wearing a cute rabbit ears, sexy without losing the lovely, and show a perfect body, a powerful smash the plastic surgery rumors.

Sun Feifei


Sun Feifei


Sun Feifei




Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy Marriage Certificate

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Source & Photo: XIN MSN

Posted: Friday February 9, 2012 @ 2:18 a.m. PST

Actor Huang Xiaoming 34 and actress Angelababy 22 may have secretly married but not the news isn’t confirmed.

It seems there’s a marriage certificate that indicates Huang and Angelababy may have registered the certificate on October 26, 2011.

According to XIN, a reporter asked Angelbaby’s manager if the couple were married, “Of course [she’s] not [married]! How many times have you asked about this? No.”

The marriage may or may not be authentic or as XIN have reported that someone with the couple’s personal information had the certificate made for them.

The couple have been dating since 2009.

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy
Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy Marriage Certificate

Jiang Xinyu Chinese Actress Half-Naked Exposes Tattoos (Photos)

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Posted: Thursday January 26, 2012 @ 3:53 pm PST

Topic: Jiang Xinyu

Chinese actress Jiang Xinyo showed off her tattoos in half-naked photos.


Name: Jiang Xin Yu    Nationality: China Place of birth: Heilongjiang     Date of Birth: May 8     Occupation: Actress     Height: 167cm     Weight: 44kg

Li Nian Names Her Newborn Jessica (Photos)

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Blog Source: Xtep Sohu Entertainment / AsiaOne

Photo Credit: Li Nian / AsiaOne

Posted: Wednesday January 25, 2012 @ 11:35 am PST

Topic: Li Nian – Jessica

Actress Li Nian gave birth to her daughter on January 25, 2012 at 9:27 a.m. and named her Jessica.

Li blogged and shared a photo of her baby girl who weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces.

Li is 27 who is from the popular TV show “Dwelling Narrowness” and she married a billionaire businessman who graduated from Standford and Harvard University Lin Heping which is his Mandarin name in 2011.

Li Nian and her baby girl Jessica
Lin Nian and Her Husband