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De De Tillman {Asian Celebrity Re-Blogger} Says “Farewell” To Blogging & “Hello” To Producing Films,TV Shows & Movies Beginning 2016

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Posted: Friday January 1, 2016 @ 8:00 p.m PST



I want to thank everyone for joining me here since 2010. I have to say a special thanks to “Koreaboo” for giving me permission to Re-blog their wonderful articles.

I also have to thank my daughter “La Tray” For introducing me to the Korean Music {Kpop} Since that time I have fallen in love with Kdramas as well.

I will be adding to the page as time goes on,  there are a lot of artists I would love for you to follow on Twitter, Facebook etc and support their work.

I am moving on from Re-Blogging to owning my own production  company with my daughter. I will inform everyone on the upcoming website where it will be a list of our works.

We have written several scripts and now it’s time to get them on TV,  Movie Theaters and Stage.





De De Tillman

Actress, Director,  Scriptwriter, Producer 







Save All Daytime Dramas – Soap Operas

By: De De Tillman

Source: De De Tillman

Posted: Wednesday June 8, 2011 @ 1:20 am PST

HOLLYWOOD – We are losing our Daytime Dramas everyday and it’s not right! My 3 favorite soaps are “Days Of Our Lives” , “One Life To Love”,  and General Hospital.”  No matter which Soap you watch, we must save them all. The only ones we have left are:

1. Days Of Our Lives

2. One Life To Live

3. All My Children

4. General Hospital

5. The Young & The Restless

6. The Bold & The Beautiful

One of these shows may not be your favorite, however, we must band together to keep our Soap Writers and Actors working. We enjoy our villains and we love when they get what’s coming to them. Reality shows, cooking shows, and others are forcing our Daytime Shows off the air.  Please sign all petitions, write the Sponsors, and let them know you’re not going to buy their products if the soaps are canceled. Please do not watch NON- Celebrity reality shows.

I met Anthony Geary and Stuart Damon, they both were so sweet, took their time laughing and talking to me. Damon made a special trip just to see me because I was talking to him on the telephone and I did not know it was Damon.

I do like or watch The Bell Family Soap, however, I did watch the show when Actress Victoria Rowell was on there. I love the character Victor Newman. Furthermore, a lot of stars have been on their favorite soap,  My Cousin Aretha Franklin is a HUGE Victor Newman.


Justin Timberlake Reminisce About Britney Spears

By: De De Tillman

Source:Popeater /Vanity Fair/ Kiki Von Glinow

Posted> Thursday June 2, 2011 @ 10:25am

SAN FRANCISCO –  Singer Justin Timberlake reminisced about the relationship he once shared with Singer Britney Spears. Timberlake spoke highly about Spears and that both of them are now mature and has grown up.  Justin said “”We were two birds of the same feather — small-town kids, doing the same thing,” Timberlake told Vanity Fair. “But then you become adults, and the way you were as kids doesn’t make any sense. I won’t speak on her, but at least for me, I was a totally different person”.  Timberlake is an amazing guy with respect for his ex.

Celebrities BLAST Trump In Obama’s Defense

By: De De Tillman

SAN FRANCISCO-  April 30, 2011

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Several Celebrities has come to President Obama’s defense regarding his birth certificate.   A short list includes Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Seinfeld,  Tracy Morgan, to name a few,  De De Tillman can be added to the list at anytime.

Here is the link from The Hollywood Reporter:

Aretha Franklin_A Woman Falling Out Of Love

By: De De Tillman

SAN FRANCISCO- April 28th 2011 10:50

Source: The View/Aretha Frankin And Sadly ABC

It was so great seeing my cousin Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin on The View today!  I know  I am not to watch ABC however,  I have been praying for my Cousin to get well… Aretha new album is out,  she produced, write and took control of the whole album.  A Woman Falling Out Of Love is available at Walmart…

Now that I know she has lost so much weight and feeling good,  NO MORE ABC for me…. Thanks everyone for praying for Aretha, She is LOOKING GOOD…

Outspoken Celebrities

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Posted:Tuesday April 26, 2011 @5:26 pm PST

Updated: Wednesday August 31, 2011 @ 11: 59 pm PST

Updated: Sunday May 6, 2018 @ 5:38 am PST

Topic: Outspoken Celebrities

Below is a list of outspoken celebrities who are extremely outspoken, does not bite their tongue and I love them with all my heart.  This is the best way to be.  The below list are not 2-faced at all and they will not apologize to anyone when they know for a fact they are right. 

1.  Sir Elton John

2. Madonna

3.  Whoopi Goldberg

4. Boy George

5. Adam Levine

6. Sir Charles Barkley

7. De De Tillman

8. Simon Cowell

9. Cher

10. Stephen A. Smith

11. Joy Behar

12. Roseanne  Barr

13. Rosie O’Donnell

14. La Tray

15. Adam Lambert

16. Judge Judy

17. Nancy Pelosi

Janet Jackson Will Set San Francisco On FIRE

Janet Jackson

 By: De De Tillman

Photo Search: La Tray

Janet Jackson Performing










Mega Star Janet Jackson will set San Francisco on FIRE Tuesday April 19th and Wednesday April 20th.   Janet will be performing at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.  I watched Janet grow up for a cute little girl to a Beauty Queen,  I have had the honor of seeing Janet in person 3 times.   I’ve met them all except Mrs Jackson, Jermaine and big sister Rebbie.   San Francisco will never be the same once MS. JACKSON PERFORMS!

Follow Janet Jackson on  and

Photo Credit/Courtesy Google Images (

Classic Hollywood Gorgeous Eyes


Elizabeth Taylor


Elvis Presley
Paul Newman


Bette Davis
Freddie Prinze


 They Are Gone But Will Never Be Forgotten

 1. Elizabeth Taylor ( Mega Movie Legend) Video Credit: YouTube (dameelizabethtaylor) “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” Also Starring Paul Newman   

2. Elvis Presley ( Actor, Singer) Video Credit: YouTube (exit9999) ” Jailhouse Rock”

3. Paul Newman ( Super Movie Star)Video Credit:YouTube (shawthingfilms)

4. Bette Davis ( Movie Star) Video Credit: YouTube (CliffMountPictures) Best of Bette Davis

5. Freddie Prinze  (Star of Chico and The Man) Video Credit: YouTube (Lottus4115) PART ONE and PART TWO  (very funny stand comedy routine)

Photo Credit/ Photo Courtesy Google Images/ Bing  1.Elizabeth Taylor ( 2. Elvis Presley ( 3. Paul Newman ( 4. Bette Davis ( 5. Freddie Prinze (

De De Tillman Actress/ Scriptwriter/ Celebrity Blogger

Photo Research By: La Tray

Donald Trump_Sarah Palin For President?

There is talk that Donald Trump might make a statement after the Celebrity Apprentice that he will run for President and everyone know Sarah Palin is itching to get into the White House,  I wish them the best of luck and if the day comes where either one of them become President,  I will relocate to another country…  I have nothing negative to say,  I will just move and become a citizen elsewhere, I can do bad somewhere else….

De De Tillman Actress/ Scriptwriter/Celebrity Blogger

Who Should Win American Idol Season 10?

Season 8 was my last time watching Idol  When ADAM LAMBERT lost to kris allen,  I made myself a promise that I would NEVER EVER watch Idol again and I have made good on that promise. I put  allen’s name in same text because that’s the way I feel about what happened in season 8.  For those of you watching Idol,  It is going your way so far?  Who do you want to win?


De De Tillman

Actress/ Scriptwriter/ Celebrity Blogger

Zsa Zsa Gabor Til Death Do Them Part

Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor has returned to the hospital,  Gabor is grieving over the lost of her dear friend the Late Great Elizabeth Taylor, the same thing happened to Mother Teresa when Princess Diana died,  Mother Teresa was getting ready for Princess Diana’s funeral when you got sick and passed away,  I pray Zsa Zsa get the care she need and deserve,  according to her husband  Prince Frederic von Anhalt she may not make it this time and will not return home.  This is such a cruel thing for him to say,  even if it’s true don’t write her out like that.   If Gabor does not have her estate in order,  it’s going to be an ugly battle between Von Anhalt and Gabor’s daughter  Francesca Hilton.  Von Anhalt should be positive.

De De Tillman /Actress /Scriptwriter/ Celebrity Blogger

Subject Title : By La Tray

Chris Brown “Dancing With The Scared Stars”

By: De De Tillman

Subject Title: By La Tray

Chris Brown is due to perfom on“‘Dancing With The Stars” tonight, instead of worrying about spots on the floor, dust on the chairs etc, they are going nuts and scared s-hitlless about interviewing Brown. Host Tom Bergeron told producer that he “DOES NOT WANT TO INTERVIEW BROWN”   The network want Brown to perform now they are scratching thier head to come up with a plan to keep the audience from booing him.   ABC is using Brown for their ratings however they are giving the staff high blood pressure about what to do with him.  ABC invited the guest unpredictable guest not caring about the dancers and stars. Dancer Cheryl Burke is not in favor of Brown on the show.  Let them deal with it and “Run It Run It” as one of Brown’s number one song says to do.

Dancing With The Stars…Kirstie Kissed Maks

Did you watch ” Dancing With The Stars?”  What a great night it was,  Kirstie planted a big juicy kiss on Maksim Chmerkovskiy A.K.A. Maks lol.  Sugar Ray was trying so hard however the judges were not too happy with his performance,  Cheryl Burke was great with her partner,  all and all it was an okay night.  They will get better as time goes on.  So far, who is your favorite star?  Who are you voting for?   Please CLICK THE  REPLY BUTTON AND LEAVE A MESSAGE FOR ME

De De Tillman

Will Adam Lambert Sing Happy Birthday To Lady GaGa?

Today March 28th is Lady GaGa’s birthday I wonder if Adam Lambert will give her a call to wish her a Happy Birthday?  Better yet,  He might take her out to dinner,   Adam truly love her music and is a big fan of GaGa.  I know Adam bought GaGa a nice gift!

Happy Birthday Lady GaGa You Are Awesome! Keep Up The Good Work

De De Tillman / Actress / Scriptwriter / Celebrity Blogger 

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Reese Witherspoon Unties The Knot

Reese Witherspoon recently married Agent Jim  Toth in HER estate,  they started dating in January, 2010,  Toth popped the question December, 2010 now married March 26, 2011.   What’s wrong with this picture?  Jumping too fast,  It’s not enough time to build a relationship so,  I hate to say it however the next breaking news will read  “Reese Witherspoon Unties The Knot”. MOST  HOLLYWOOD MARRIAGES  DO NOT LAST.   You can count on your fingers how many that do last.

De De Tillman /Actress / Scriptwriter / Celebrity Blogger