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Jennifer Aniston Follows Angelina Jolie Footsteps

Written By: De De Tillman – Scriptwriter – Celebrity Blogger

Source: New York Post – Affairs On The Sets

Posted: Wednesday June 15, 2011 @ 5:40 pm PST

HOLLYWOOD –  Do onto Heidi Bivens as Angelina did onto Jennifer Aniston.  It seems as if Actress Jennifer Aniston has done the exact same thing Angelina Jolie did to her according to New York Post. New man on Jennifer’s block is Justin Theroux who dumped his girlfriend Heidi of 14 years to be with Aniston.  Jennifer faced ex-husband Brad Pitt and girlfriend Angelina for the  first time and said “Dogs” looking at Pitt.

Now the question is if this is true has Aniston looked boyfriend Theroux in the face and say “Dog?” because, he did the same thing Brad Pitt did to Jennifer.  Is Theroux using Aniston to advance his career?

I recently did a blog on Actor Bradley Cooper and Actress Zoe Saldana  with a maybe romance off the set.  When Actors go to work they should remember they are there to do a job and remember who and what they have at home.  The best thing to do is stay single, don’t live together if their heart is not settled and ready for a total commitment.  Marriage among celebrities should be banned until the word faithful is learned and honored.

First Lady Michelle Obama Acting Debut

Written By: De De Tillman

Source: E! Online  – iCarly Set –  Jenna Mullins

Posted: Wednesday June 15, @4:00 pm PST

SAN FRANCISCO –  First Lady Michelle Obama made her acting debut on the TV Show iCarly to bring attention to military families the episode will be seen January 2012.



Ryan Reynolds Is Shirtless (Photo Link)

Written By: De De Tillman – Scriptwriter – Celebrity Blogger

Written By: Entertainer La Tray

Source: E! Online

Posted: Wednesday June 15, 2011 @ 3:00pm PST

HOLLYWOOD – The photo link shows a scene in the film The Proposal Actor Ryan Reynolds shirt off. This is the film that also starred Sandra Bullock. He is single. Enjoy the photo.


Charlie Sheen Evicted Ashton Kutcher Moves In

By: De De Tillman

Source: People/ Mike Fleeman and Cynthia Wang

Posted: Friday May 13, 2011 @ 1:13am PST

SAN FRANCISCO-  Actor Ashton Kutcher might be Malibu’s newest resident if talks goes well with Kutcher and CBS Executives.  Many Actors name has been floating around Hollywood as to who will take Charlie Sheen’s place on Two and a Half Men.  Names include Actors Rob Lowe, John Stamos, Hugh Grant and the latest is Ashton Kutcher.

If Kutcher joins the cast of Two and a Half Men will he be “Charlie?” or, a long lost brother of Charlie and Alan?  Will the fans welcome a new “Charlie”

CBS is not dishing any information to the public at the moment however one thing is for sure they are racing against the clock to fill that spot before the fall season starts.  Fans of the show will just have to wait and see what happens and who will take Charlie Sheen place.  It’s going to be a rough one because,  Charlie is the show. Will Kutcher move to Malibu since Sheen has been evicted for the show?   


American Idol Haley Reinhart Sings “The Earth Song”

By: De De Tillman

Source: My Twitter/My Yahoo/American Idol Season 10

Posted: May 13, 2011 @12:01am

SAN FRANCISCO_  It’s no secret that I am no longer a fan of American Idol since Season 8 however everywhere I turn my twitter, yahoo, email etc has Idol 10 all over the place,  Now they are talking about the singer name “Haley Reinhart” and The Earth Song”   she sang by the late super great my favorite Michael Jackson

For those of you who are following Idol was Randy and JLo too hard on her?  Was Steve Tyler right?   If Adam Lambert had been the one on stage to sing it would not have been a question of “Did he bring it”  Adam would have taken that song into orbit and back before the judges knew what hit them.

Haley spoke up for herself,  was she wrong to do that?

Here Is Haley Singing “The Earth Song”

Video Credit: American Idol Season 10 (And Other Idol Season 10 Performances)

Here Is Michael Jackson Singing  “The Earth Song”

Credit:Vevo via mjj productions


Fergie Duchess Of York vs. Camilla Duchess Of Cornwell

By: De De Tillman

Source: De De Tillman

Posted May 12, 2011 @12:15am

HOLLYWOOD-   Fergie Duchess Of York WAS NOT invited to The Royal Wedding however,  Camilla Parker Bowes Duchess Of Home Wrecking should have not been invited either,  Thanks to Camilla Parker Bowes Princess Diana is Dead! and died of a broken heart.  Camilla had the d-mn audacity to show up at Princess Diana and Prince Charles wedding.

I grant you that Sarah aka Fergie is no peach however Camilla is a rotten stinking apple to the core.   Camilla was at Princess Diana Son’s wedding while the Princess is in her grave thanks to Camilla. I wonder if either will be invited to Prince Harry’s Wedding To Chelsy Davy?


Dallas Sweeps Los Angeles Sends Jackson Into Retirement

By: De De Tillman

Source: By JAIME ARON, AP Sports Writer

Posted: May 8, 2011 @ 9:41pm

SAN FRANCISCO- The Dallas Mavericks swept the Los Angeles Lakers sending Coach Phil Jackson into retirement.  This is so embarrassing for Los Angeles.  If the players would keep those da-n gold digging whor-s off the court they might have had a chance to win.

I don’t understand why athlete girlfriend/wives/ trash etc… has to be at the games,  if they were working for a fast food joint they would not be on the job watching them flip burgers and washing dishes.  When it’s time for a game,  here comes the trash,  if they win a championship here comes the trash riding on the floats. 

It’s fine for the parents/relatives/children to be on the float with them NOT the trash they sleep with.   The so-called wives have to have their section at the games,  they need their privacy… I say what Coach Pat Riley says keep their azz at home,  get a real job and stay away from the players,  they have a job to do and the trash they are with is a big distraction.   The Lakers attract tons of Hollywood Celebrities that pays BIG BUCKS for season tickets and this is the thanks they get.

Coach Pat Riley did not play that mess, they would not have been allowed to bring their gold digging sticky azzes around the players.  Maybe next season Kobe, Lamar and the others will leave their trash at home while they are WORKING….   A clean sweep by Dallas is so da-n embarrassing and unnecessary.  Thanks Vanessa,  Khloe and the rest of the garbage…

5 Star Hollywood Hunk David Beckham Car Crash

By: De De Tillman

Source: Associated Press

Posted: Ma y 7, 2011 @ 9:45pm

SAN FRANCISCO_  5 Star Hunk Of May, 2011 David Beckham was in a car crash on the Los Angeles 405 Freeway,  Beckham rear ended a stalled vehicle in the carpool  lane.  Beckham and his son Brooklyn was not injured,  the man in the stalled car was taken to a nearby hospital.

Paul McCartney 2nd Mistake Down The Aisle

By: De De Tillman /Actress/Scriptwriter/Celebrity Blogger

Source: Associate Press

Posted:  May 7, 20011 @ 3:01pm


LONDON- Sir Paul McCartney is headed down the aisle again, this will be McCartney’s 3rd trip to the altar.  Paul 1st marriage ended with such sadness,  the Late Great Linda died in 1998  from cancer.  Linda McCartney and Paul worked side by side to the end.  The 2 of them paired up with the Late Michael Jackson with a song called “Say, Say, Say”  which also includes Jackson’s big sister LaToya.

I have a feeling Shevell will be on The View soon,  she knows someone on their very well…

McCartney went on to marry Heather Mills and it cost him a fortune to get rid of that gold digger,  Now he is engaged to Business Woman Nancy Shevell.  I hope Sir Paul have a Pre-Nup ready this time.  Well,  I do wish Sir Paul the best however,  his true marriage was with Linda.  His first mistake was  walking down the aisle with GOLD DIGGER MILLS and now he is on an airplane headed for his 2nd mistake. SHEVELL..

Attention Attorneys:  Sir Paul Is Signing The Give Me Your Millions Knot Papers, You Have A Client Coming Her Name Is Nancy Shevell.  Heads Up She Will Tell You She Wants Half.

Enjoy ” Say Say Say” With Paul McCartney,  Linda McCartney, Michael Jackson and LaToya Jackson:

Video Credit: Giraldi

Directed By: Bob Giraldi

Prince William And Kate Coming To California

By: De De Tillman

Posted: May 6, 2011 @ 11:59 pm PST


Source: Official Royal Wedding

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be coming to California  July 8th-10th.   Prince Harry should be coming soon, his last visit was in 2009 in New York.  Prince Harry is very active in Charity work just like his Mother The Late Great Super Beautiful Princess Diana. 


Pippa Middleton The Next To Marry Royalty

By: De De Tillman

SAN FRANCISCO- May 2, 2011  posted 11:45am

Source: De De Tillman

Pippa Middleton is Duchess Of Cambridge Kate Middleton younger sister.  Pippa is 27 and un-married.  Pippa was born Philippa Charlotte Middleton. Men all over London are mesmerized by her stunning beauty,  the paparazzi are more into Pippa than Kate because,  they see Pippa as this gorgeous, dark toned party girl fun of life while Kate is the opposite,  light tone skin, dull and not interesting, they also wonder why does Prince William has such poor taste in women. 

Princes William and Harry’s Uncle Andrew is a bachelor and might love a young stunning beauty like Pippa because,  his Ex-wife Fergie was not pretty at all.

Will Pippa go after her best friend Chelsy Davy’s man who is Prince Harry?   Pippa is known for dating Heirs and Aristocrats.  Harry is known for dating blondes. Pippa can either dye her hair or, load up on blonde wigs.