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Joey Yung and Denise Ho Lovers or Friends Broke Up

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Source: XIN – MSN

Photo Credit: Joey Yung and Denise Ho (XIN) / Joey Yung (asianbite) / Denise Ho (lastfm) / Heison (XIN)

Posted: Wednesday February 8, 2012 @ 2: 35 p.m. PST

Cantopop singers Denise Ho and Joey Yung have been rumoured to been dating for years but the media is reporting that they have gone their separated ways.

Yung hasn’t publicly said if they were a couple or not; she stated that she is interested in men; even the singer’s mother supposedly introduced her to a man who was a 36 year-old finance specialist named Jeffrey. It was also reported that Jeffrey told Yung, he loved her. All of this news of Yung, either was or is in a relationship with Jeffrey could be rumours as well; for one, the media reported Yung doesn’t know Jeffrey at all.

However, the media reported seeing the singer eating out and being flirtatious on the internet with director Heison who has directed some of Yung’s music videos but in a telephone interview Heison denies that they are dating “We’re all friends, “I’m not courting her”.

According to XIN, Joey’s manager was asked if Yung was in a relationship and she said that she did not know if Yung was in a new relationship then adds, Yung and Ho were always friends.

As for as Ho, it was rumoured that she was involved with Jozie Lu who co-starred with her in a musical called “Jia Baoyu’. Again, could be just that, a rumour. Ho and Lu will be together for six moths when they tour China in March.

Also, the media reported, Yung is the one that broke it off either as friends or lovers  and Yung said ” Women cannot be trusted too”.

However, that doesn’t mean anything for Yung and Ho if they are out with guys, they could be attracted to both sexes or trying to keep their sexual preference on the down low. Perhaps, just good friends. The disclosure of their relationship will have to come from Yung and Ho not rumours.

Plus, Yung’s manager said “new” relationship, who was Yung’s past relationship?

Joey Yung and Denise Ho
Joey Yung
Denise Ho