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Dia Tree {Kpop} Comeback With “The Day Is Long” Due September 3rd

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Posted: Tuesday August 25, 2015 @ 2:21 a.m PST

On August 24th, it was reported that Dia Tree would be making a fall comeback with their 12th single titled The Day Is Long.

The male vocal trio has been dubbed the second SG Wannabe as they also shine in the arena of ballads. Having just debuted in 2012, the group has released an impressive 12 singles since then.

The group shared, “We first greeted the public in 2012 with the ballad track ‘Missing You’ and we didn’t have a lot of broadcast activities so we are not well-known, but it is already our 12th album. However, thanks to our fans for their continual love and for looking for us, we are here right now. Please look over this single as well.”

Dia Tree will begin promotions with the release of this single, hoping to touch the hearts of even more listeners with their soulful and melodic vocals.

“The Day Is Long” is due for a September 3rd release.

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