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Sian Green, 23, British Tourist Foot Was Ripped Off By New York Taxi Driver “Faysal Kabir Mohammad Himon”,24, (Dr.Oz Helped Green)

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Source: London Evening Standard

Media: London Evening Standard

Posted: Wednesday August 21, 2013 @ 3:00 a.m PST



Sian Green, 23, was eating a hot dog with a friend near the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan yesterday morning when a yellow cab careered across the street and ran into her.

Crash: The taxi on the pavement Witnesses said the taxi driver hit a cyclist then jumped the curb and struck Ms Green who was standing by a fountain on Sixth Avenue and 49th Street just after 11am.

Passers-by rushed to her aid and plumber, David Justino, was hailed as a hero after he used his belt to make a life-saving tourniquet. A pizza truck owner raced to put her severed sandal-clad foot on ice.