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Dada Chan Needed 13 Stitches

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Source: Yahoo Singapore

Media: Yahoo Singapore

Posted: Tuesday February 11, 2014 @ 8:58 a.m. PST


Dada Chan recently assured that she is fine despite needing several stitches for her wound due to an accident at a party.

Previously, Sina reported that the actress uploaded a photo on Weibo of her stitched forehead on 8 February, saying that she was involved in an accident during a party the night before.

Dada then disclosed that she and her friends were at a birthday party when the incident happened. There was a large crowd of people in a dimly lit room and she accidentally slammed her forehead onto a friend’s mouth while they were huddling together, which caused the injury to her head.

According to HK Top Ten, while speaking to the media at the Spring Banquet held by Pegasus Entertainment, the actress, who hid her wound under her hair, stated that she needed 13 stitches to close the wound but said that her friend had the bigger misfortune.

“Not only did she lost a tooth, she also chipped the other one,” said Dada. “But we have already talked about it and there are no hard feelings.”

When asked if she will pay for her friend’s dental bills, Dada said, “Nobody wanted to have an accident. My friend has more money than me and she has insurance to cover her medical bills.”

Dada Chan injures forehead in a freak accident

Monique Idlett-Mosley (Music Executive) Divorcing Timothy Mosley aka Timbaland

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Posted: Thursday October 17, 2013 @ 1:49 p.m PST



The music producer – a regular collaborator of Justin Timberlake – has been served divorce papers by his wife of five years, music executive Monique Idlett-Mosley, who is reportedly seeking child support for their five-year-old daughter and her 10-year-old child from another relationship. According to court documents obtained by US gossip site TMZ, Mrs Idlett-Mosley – formerly Monique Idlett – claims that Timbaland has “publicly and privately proclaimed this child as his own”.

According to documents she will seek permanent alimony from Timbaland, real name Timothy Mosley, whose fortune is reportedly around $80 million.

Lee Byung-Hun and Lee Min-Jung Wedding “A Dream Come True”

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Source: Yahoo Singapore

Media: Yahoo Singapore via Reuters

Posted: Saturday August 10, 2013 @ 6:03 p.m. PST


Top South Korean movie star Lee Byung-Hun, one of the best known faces of the “Korean Wave” of popular culture, married actress Lee Min-Jung on Saturday. The 43-year-old, who starred in last year’s blockbuster costume drama “Masquerade”, told reporters the wedding was “a dream come true” shortly before tying the knot with longtime girlfriend Lee.

South Korean actor Lee Byung-hun (R) poses with his bride, actress Lee Min-jung, during a photo call before their wedding ceremony at a hotel in Seoul August 10, 2013.


South Korean actor Lee poses with his bride during a photo call before their wedding ceremony in Seoul


South Korean actor Lee poses with his bride during a photo call before their wedding ceremony in Seoul


South Korean actor Lee Byung-Hun poses with Lee Min-Jung before their wedding in Seoul, on August 10, 2013


South Korean actress Lee poses during a photo call before her wedding in Seoul


South Korean actor Lee poses with his bride during a photo call before their wedding ceremony in Seoul

Shahid Kapoor Wins 5 Star Hunk Of March 2012

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Posted: Sunday April 1, 2012 @ 10:00 p.m. PST

Dancer and actor Shahid Kapoor wins 5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of March 2012.



Kapoor received 74% of the votes to win, Tim Tebow 16%, Patrick Schwarzenegger 11%, Drake and Cornelius Smith Jr. were both tied with the least votes.

Kapoor will move on to the finals in December 2012 for the 5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of The Year 2012. He will join Matt Jacobi (January 2012) and TJ Jackson (February 2012).

Thanks to everyone who participated in voting and congratulations to Shahid Kapoor.

Next voting is 5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of April 2012 with a new list. Enjoy!

Shahid Kapoor Wins 5 Star Hollywood Hunk Of March 2012.

LINK 1: 5 Star Hollywood Hunks Of March 2012 (Cast Your Votes) (SHAHID KAPOOR)



Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Commotion


Prince William


Prince Charles
Earl Spencer


Fergie Duchess of York


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Friday April 29, 2011 is THE ROYAL WEDDING between Prince William and Kate Middleton,  there will  be plenty of seats lots of room but the problem is, where will Uncle Earl Spencer sit?   Spencer is  the brother of  The Late Princess Diana,  Earl Spencer does not get along with Prince Charles because Spencer blames Prince Charles for hurting his sister’s heart.  Where will Fergie sit if invited?  Fergie was introduced to Prince Andrew by Princess Diana, they were best friends and then sisters-in law. 

There is another twist, where will Camilla sit?  Next to her husband Prince Charles?  The man she stole from Princess Diana.

Fergie and Diana grew apart due to the fact Fergie was having too much fun while married to Prince Andrew when he was away working,  Fergie was adored by Queen Elizabeth, not like by Prince Phillip, (the queen’s husband and father of prince charles)

Princess Diana was loved by Prince Phillip while the Queen did not care for her so, once again where will Spencer and Fergie sit?

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Chris Brown “Dancing With The Scared Stars”

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Chris Brown is due to perfom on“‘Dancing With The Stars” tonight, instead of worrying about spots on the floor, dust on the chairs etc, they are going nuts and scared s-hitlless about interviewing Brown. Host Tom Bergeron told producer that he “DOES NOT WANT TO INTERVIEW BROWN”   The network want Brown to perform now they are scratching thier head to come up with a plan to keep the audience from booing him.   ABC is using Brown for their ratings however they are giving the staff high blood pressure about what to do with him.  ABC invited the guest unpredictable guest not caring about the dancers and stars. Dancer Cheryl Burke is not in favor of Brown on the show.  Let them deal with it and “Run It Run It” as one of Brown’s number one song says to do.

Will Adam Lambert Sing Happy Birthday To Lady GaGa?

Today March 28th is Lady GaGa’s birthday I wonder if Adam Lambert will give her a call to wish her a Happy Birthday?  Better yet,  He might take her out to dinner,   Adam truly love her music and is a big fan of GaGa.  I know Adam bought GaGa a nice gift!

Happy Birthday Lady GaGa You Are Awesome! Keep Up The Good Work

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Show Aretha Franklin Your Love

Reese Witherspoon Unties The Knot

Reese Witherspoon recently married Agent Jim  Toth in HER estate,  they started dating in January, 2010,  Toth popped the question December, 2010 now married March 26, 2011.   What’s wrong with this picture?  Jumping too fast,  It’s not enough time to build a relationship so,  I hate to say it however the next breaking news will read  “Reese Witherspoon Unties The Knot”. MOST  HOLLYWOOD MARRIAGES  DO NOT LAST.   You can count on your fingers how many that do last.

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Chris Brown In Jeopardy

Chris Brown is in Jeopardy of not being able to perform for ABC show “Dancing With The Stars” I made  blog a couple of days ago saying this is going to happen to Chris if he does not STOP and WAKE UP,  he is a very young man who has a chance to have a long-lasting career however,  he must get help before his career is over,  his Albums may have high sells,  the problem is his behavior will stop him from expanding.

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Mother Nature Dislikes Britney Spears

Singer Britney Spears was due to perform for an hour in the  San Francisco Castro/LGBT Community.  The show will be this weekend in the Civic Center District, the show will be for ABC Good Morning America, Yes! Same show Chris Brown was on…

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Legend Elizabeth Taylor Gone Too Soon

This is the type of blog I do not like to blog! Legendary screen Actress Elizabeth has passed away. She will always be remembered for her extraordinary beauty, soft voice and natural acting ability,  Elizabeth stated that she never took acting lessons, one thing for sure is,  she was truly a master of the art.  I know the late King Of Pop Michael Jackson and Fisher has welcomed her with loving open arms. 

To Elizabeth Taylor: You put the “H” in Hollywood, You will always be loved and so sadly missed. Please give Micheal a hug from all his fans. I had the honor of meeting Michael and he was truly a gem.  R.I.P


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Cast Your Chris Brown Outburst Vote

Charlie Sheen Wanted

Hot Off The Libra Scale: CBS want Charlie Sheen back to work, they know Two In A Half Men is history without Charlie,  It’s based on his real life,  Rob Lowe is a wonderful Actor and as I have stated before,  Rob is as H-ll.  It’s going to take more than Rob to keep the show running.  I have a suggestion, Get Charlie Back To Work.

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Mel B / Emma Bunton / Victoria Beckham_Pregnant

Congratulations to Spice Girls Mel B,  Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham all 3 are expecting a baby.  This will be number 3 for Mel B,  and number 4 for the Beckhams.  This will be 3 babies by 3 different men for Mel B.

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Janet Jackson Coming To San Francisco


Hey all you Janet Jackson Fans!  Hot Off The Libra Scale,  Janet Jackson will be performing Saturday April 19th and Sunday April 20th at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.  Get your Tickets Come See Janet I meant Miss Jackson if you’re Nasty!  Remember! You heard it here first.

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Prince Harry To Marry Kate Middleton?

Apparently a company made a huge mistake by putting a photo of Prince Harry souvenir mugs with Kate Middleton,  we all know Prince William is the one marrying Kate Middleton April 29, Unless Prince Harry is like Singer Jermaine Jackson,  You know all about that Right? Right!  If not just scroll down my page and read ALL about Mr. Jermaine Jackson…..

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