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Ethan Ruan’s Girlfriend Tiffany Tsu May or May Not Celebrate

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Source & Credit: Yahoo Singapore / Syahida Kamarudin

Media Credit: Yahoo Singapore

Posted: Tuesday January 15, 2013 @1:05 a.m. PST



After a year of alternative service in lieu of military conscription, Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan was finally discharged.

Groove Asia website reported that on 12 January at 5pm, the actor went to Banqiao Stadium to receive his military retirement certificate in order to officially end his service.

Speaking to the media, Ethan revealed that his current plan is to return home to Taichung to be with his family. However, when asked if the actor will be celebrating his retirement with girlfriend, Tiffany Hsu, the actor replied the negative, and did not comment any further.

Despite being discharged, the actor still has a lot of projects to be completed. Ethan has promised to film a movie with director Peter Chan before his enlistment, and his new film, “The Assassin” is aiming for 2013’s Cannes Film Festival. The actor also has agreed to be in Niu Chen-Zer’s new film, “Military Paradise” and will be flying to Milan for a fashion show.

Meanwhile, more producers and directors have set their eyes on the actor. Paco Wong revealed that he is planning to work with the actor while Daneil Lam stated that he has been eyeing for an opportunity to work with Ethan even before his enlistment.

Ethan Ruan Discharged