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Kim Yuna {Korean Skater} Interview In The September Edition Of “Elle Korea”

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Posted: Wednesday August 20, 2014 @ 9:44 p.m PST


After the photo shoot, she had participated in a brief interview, which will be in the September issue. However, Elle Magazine released teasers of the interview for fans to look forward to!

Regarding her retirement from figure skating, Yuna Kim said, “Since I’m not exercising anymore, my body doesn’t hurt anywhere and my mind generally feels free. And because I’m not working right now, I’m not stressed.”

Having retired at the age of 25, Kim Yuna mainly reminisced upon how her life has been more relaxing and carefree since her finale performance. Though she doesn’t have a driver’s license yet or haven’t drunk any soju so far, she was said to have gotten deep into shopping, something she wasn’t able to do with her long practice hours.


Kim Yuna {Korean Figure Skater} Covers Vogue Magazine

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Source:Koreaboo – Vogue Magazine

Media: Koreaboo – Vogue Magazine

Posted: Monday May 26, 2014 @ 5:12 p.m PST


Kim Yuna, since leaving the ice after the Sochi Winter Olympics, had her final performance: “Kim Yuna’s Ice Show”.  Since then, fans have been curious as to what she will do after hanging up her skates.

After her shoot, she was interviewed and said, “Entering the rest of my 20’s and beginning a different life, I am very excited, but on the other hand, I am afraid, too. Afraid, but more excited than afraid.”

Yuna also goes on to say, “I will continue to be active in the sport and coach my juniors [hubae]. I can’t give up the thing I know best.”


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Brian Boitano {Skating Legend} Is Gay

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Posted: Thursday December 19, 2013 @ 12:39 p.m PST



Boitano’s statement, in full:

I am currently skating in Europe but want to provide a statement regarding my appointment to the Olympic delegation. I have been fortunate to represent the United States of America in three different Olympics, and now I am honored to be part of the presidential delegation to the Olympics in Sochi. It has been my experience from competing around the world and in Russia that Olympic athletes can come together in friendship, peace and mutual respect regardless of their individual country’s practices.

It is my desire to be defined by my achievements and my contributions. While I am proud to play a public role in representing the American Olympic Delegation as a former Olympic athlete, I have always reserved my private life for my family and friends and will continue to do so. I am many things: a son, a brother, and uncle, a friend, an athlete, a cook, an author, and being gay is just one part of who I am. First and foremost I am an American athlete and I am proud to live in a country that encourages diversity, openness and tolerance. As an athlete, I hope we can remain focused on the Olympic spirit which celebrates achievement in sport by peoples of all nations.

Adam Rippon (Figure Skater) Named To 2012 World Championship Team

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Figure skater, Adam Rippon was born November 11, 1989  in  Scranton, Pennsylvania. He is the oldest of six children.  Rippon was born deaf but underwent surgery at Yale University when he was young which allows him to hear almost perfectly.

Rippon’s signature move is a triple lutz that he executes with both arms on his head, popularly called the “Rippon Lutz“. He is capable of performing the triple lutz-double toe loop-double loop combination with one hand over his head in all three jumps (popularly called the “‘Tano Lutz” after Brian Boitano, who invented the move). He is also one of the few men able to do a donut spin.  Rippon is a very handsome young man with a super bright future. According to Wikipedia.