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Julie Gayet (President François Hollande’s Mistress) Not The First Fling, Left Segolene Royal For Valerie Trierweiler

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Source: National Post

Posted: Thursday January 16, 2014 @ 12:25 a.m. PST


France’s Culture Ministry has denied an actress a coveted spot at a prestigious French cultural institution after reports that she’s having an affair with the president.

An official with the ministry says Julie Gayet was nominated for the jury at the Villa Medicis, a French state-owned institution in Rome. Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti rejected the nomination Wednesday, the official said, without giving a reason. The official was not authorized to be publicly named.

The decision came a day after French President Francois Hollande’s news conference where he admitted to problems in his love life but refused to comment on the affair.

Hollande’s first lady, journalist Valerie Trierweiler, has been hospitalized since Friday, when the tabloid magazine Closer published photos it said proved Hollande’s liaison with Gayet.

Hollande conceded Tuesday that he is going through “painful moments” with Trierweiler.

But the Socialist Hollande, who has some of the lowest approval ratings of a French leader, sidestepped specifics about his personal life and tried to devote his annual presidential news conference to his plan for reviving France’s struggling economy.

Hollande said Trierweiler “is resting” but insisted at the packed news conference that it was not the place to discuss the issue.

He did not deny or confirm the Closer report, which has become a setback for Holland, whose announcement Tuesday of economic measures meant to encourage hiring was nearly overshadowed by the scandal.

The first reporter to speak asked Hollande who is France’s first lady.

The president brushed aside the question in a country where the private lives of leaders have long been considered private. But he suggested that his relationship with Trierweiler was in a crisis stage.

“Everyone in his or her personal life can go through ordeals — that’s the case with us,” he said. “They are painful moments. But I have a principle. It’s that private affairs should be handled privately, respecting the intimacy of all. This is neither the place nor the moment to do so.”

Hollande said he would respond to the question before his Feb. 11 state visit to Washington, a trip that would normally include Trierweiler.

In Washington, White House spokesman Jay Carney hedged awkwardly when asked if there were any changes to plans for the visit by Hollande and his partner.

“The president looks forward to seeing President Hollande. … On issues of the delegation that the French come with, I would refer you to the French government,” Carney said.

The Closer report showed photos of a man it identified as Hollande. He was wearing a motorcycle helmet and being ferried on the back of a small scooter to an alleged tryst with Gayet.

Asked whether his security was compromised, Hollande said, “My security is assured everywhere, and at any moment. When I travel officially … and when I travel on a private basis, I have protection that is less suffocating. But I am protected everywhere.”

After the news conference, Hollande visited with several journalists in a private Elysee office, appearing relaxed and saying he was satisfied with the news conference. He said he was not surprised about the questions about his private life, but refused further comment on it.

Trierweiler is the first person to hold the post of first lady — not a formal function in France — who was not married to the president.

But Gayet would not be Hollande’s first fling. He had four children with another leading Socialist politician, Segolene Royal, and left her for Trierweiler, whom he has lived with since 2007.

France has a rich tradition of dalliances among leaders, be they kings — whose courtesans made infidelity a royal ritual — or presidents.

But the concept of privacy, considered sacred, was chipped away under Nicolas Sarkozy, Hollande’s swaggering, brash predecessor and political rival. Sarkozy divorced while in office, then married model and songstress Carla Bruni.

The French media have pounced on the report of Hollande’s infidelity to Trierweiler. The cover of the weekly newsmagazine L’Express, bearing a picture of Hollande, read, “The Discredit.”

Of course, in France, leaders “have the right to fall in love,” the magazine’s executive editor, Christophe Barbier, said on iTele TV station. But “he should have clarified his personal situation” rather than leaving it in the hands of Closer.

In contrast, former Socialist President Francois Mitterrand, Hollande’s mentor, kept his love child, daughter Mazarine, secret for years.

Asked about the Closer report on Tuesday, Hollande said his “indignation is total” and called it a “violation that touches a personal liberty.” He left open the possibility of suing the magazine.

The French president tried to lift the debate, speaking in elegant terms of “France’s destiny” and laying out economic measures to return dynamism to France so that it counts fully in Europe and the world.

Hollande notably announced measures meant to loosen up France’s labour market and cut into the 11 per cent unemployment rate. He promised to cut $68-billion in public spending over the years 2015-2017 and laid out a broad economic strategy that largely involved going “faster, farther” with modest reforms his government has already taken.

But the report of a presidential affair even reached the floor of parliament earlier Tuesday. A leading legislator from the opposition conservative UMP party accused the president of taking unreasonable risks with his security.

“The president is not a normal citizen during his term. He is the chief of our armies. He is the keystone of our institutions. His protection should not suffer from any amateurism,” Christian Jacob said in the National Assembly. “The president should be aware of the level of responsibility that he exercises, be aware that his role is greater than his person, and be aware that he incarnates the image of France in the eyes of the world.”

Some wondered whether the revelations would lead to doing away with the informal role of first lady.

Francois Rebsamen, a Socialist lawmaker who counts himself among Hollande’s friends, said the revelations showed the entire idea of a first lady was obsolete.

“Francois Hollande himself said it at one point: You elect a person. And then this person can live alone, can be single, can live with another man or a woman. It’s no one’s business and it doesn’t come into play,” he told RTL radio on Tuesday.

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Griffon vultures Ate a 52-Year Old Women In 45 to 50 minutes

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The body of a tourist was devoured by vultures in a matter of minutes after she fell over a cliff in the Pyrenees in France.

The incident has sparked a campaign against the birds, known as Griffon vultures

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The 52-year-old woman tumbled down a 300-meter drop while taking a shortcut while hiking with friends on Pic de la Pista, in southern France, gendarmerie Major Didier Pericou told The Times of London.

“There were only bones, clothes and shoes left,” after the vultures got to her, Pericou said. “They took 45 to 50 minutes to eat the body.”



Marine Lorphelin Crowned Miss France

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Source & Credit: Le Monde

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Posted: Sunday December 9, 2012 @1:07 a.m. PST



A student in medicine 19 years from Burgundy was crowned Miss France Saturday, December 8th 2013, a title she wants to take to promote the cause of children and organ donation.

Marine Lorphelin, Miss Burgundy , beat Miss Tahiti and Miss Pas-de -Calais, Miss Martinique and Miss Pays de Loire, at the end of an evening organized at the Zenith of Limoges and broadcast by TF1.

This pretty brunette with green eyes 1.76 indicated that my dream was to becomean obstetrician or pediatrician. It intends to use its title to “defend the cause of children and organ donation” . “When we talk more, I think that attitudes can change” , says the girl, who has a sister 15 years and a brother 12 years.

She introduced herself as someone “natural, generous and Endorsement” , “who will discover with pleasure all the regions of France and the world if possible” in his new role.

She, as is tradition, burst into tears on hearing she had won, while the actor Alain Delon , the life president of the jury, he plastered one kiss in the neck after having proclaimed.


Trembling voice, the new Miss France immediately called on viewers to make a donation to the Telethon, organized charity marathon this weekend in France tofinance research on rare genetic diseases.

The young woman is sophomore Medicine in Lyon, after honors in a contest tray and got the first time. She also said to be very athletic and enjoy the athletics for five years, a few minutes after his election by the viewers.

The evening Miss France, one of the highest annual hearings TF1, paid tribute to actresses this year. Tables featuring the candidates spoke Brigitte Bardot ,Catherine Deneuve , Meryl Streep or Marilyn Monroe .

The evening was organized by production company Endemol, owner of the Miss France acquired the family of Genevieve de Fontenay in 2002. It precedes the election of 48 hours dissenting Miss Prestige National will be held Monday evening at the Lido in Paris .