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FT Island 6th Anniversary “Thanks To” September 23, 2013

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FT Island’s comeback is much anticipated by the band’s fans, and the closer we’re getting to September 23rd, the more teasers FNC Entertainment is unleashing.

After revealing a movie clip, as well as concept pictures, FNC Entertainment has uploaded another teaser video. This time around, the video features raw footage of the band’s practices of new title track “Memory.” The unconventional teaser has already brought up a lot of talk among fans, but seems to be able to reach its goal in showing that FT Island will be making a return with their own material.

FT Island will be releasing “Thanks To” on September 23rd to commemorate their 6th anniversary. The tracklist includes a variety of tracks written by its own members.

FT Island 6th Anniversary Album And Concert In September, Pictorial And Interview In October

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Revealing the reason why he married the beautiful Fujii Mina on TV, FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi said he has interest in interracial marriage.

In a recent interview with fashion magazine @star1, Lee Hong Gi stated, “Because I have some interest in interracial marriage, I decided to appear on We Got Married – Global Edition.


From April to July, Lee Hong Gi was married to Japanese actress Fujii Mina for MBC Every1’s We Got Married – Global Edition.

“Fujii Mina was a very kind person who I had a lot of fun with during filming,” said Lee Hong Gi, thanking the actress.

“The day when the FT Island members came to the set was really fun. It was really cold the day we filmed the wedding, but the members came to congratulate us,” said Lee Hong Gi. “I was really thankful. They even sang a congratulatory song.”

Meanwhile, @star1 will be releasing its October issue with FT Island’s pictorial and interview.

On September 23, FT Island will release its 6th anniversary album, Thanks to and hold its concert, FTHX on September 28 and 29.