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G.NA aka “Gina Jane Choi” Illnesses Including Scoliosis, Cervical Disc, and Osteoporosis.

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Source: Koreaboo – Nate

Media: Koreaboo  – Nate

Posted: Wednesday September 10, 2014 @ 6:21 p.m PST


G.NA revealed in the latest episode of Health “Thesaurus Returns” that she not only has Osteoporosis, but also numerous other ailments.

On September 10th’s Health “Thesaurus Returns” G.Na confessed about having multiple illnesses including Scoliosis, Cervical Disc issues and Osteoporosis.

All illnesses that she have are related to her bones, showing how strong she is during powerful choreography moves and endless nights of dancing. G.NA went on to add that her tailbone was hurt while snowboarding, and that she is also allergic to many things.

We hope G.NA begins to get more healthy and feel better soon!