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Se7en, G.O.D’s Son Hoyoung & BTOB’s Changsub

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Se7en debuted with YG Entertainment in 2003 and received several Rookie of the Year awards.

He continued to rise in popularity through Korea and all of Asia, and made his American debut in 2009.

Se7en was discharged from the military in December 2014, a service marked with scandal due to breaking curfew and visiting a massage parlour famous for prostitution.

His contract with YG Entertainment expired months later and they mutually agreed not to renew the singer’s contract.

He established his own agency, ELEVEN9 Entertainment and returned to music in 2016. Most recently, he acted in the musical “Dogfight” with G.O.D’s Son Hoyoung and BTOB’s Changsub.


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TVXQ Yunho Was Poisoned In The Past By a Fake Fan. 6 Others With Near-Death Experiences

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1. Yunho (TVXQ)
Yunho was once handed a drink (filled with superglue) by an anti-fan disguised as a fan. He realized something was wrong with the drink halfway and was immediately rushed to the hospital. He doesn’t remember much because he fainted soon after he drank the contaminated orange juice but according to members he coughed up blood on his way to the hospital. He was able to recover completely from the incident. However, he said he couldn’t drink orange juice for a long time because he was traumatized after the incident.


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