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The Genna Sapia-Ruffin Story: Before, During & After David Ruffin Of The Temptations

Written By: Genna Sapia-Ruffin

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Posted: Friday August 18, 2017 @ 5:30 p.m PST




Joy Jenna Sapia (pka Genna Sapia-Ruffin) is a baby boomer who was born in and went to school in Maryland. Her abusive and chaotic childhood was far from idyllic, but was nothing compared to what lay ahead for her in Detroit, Michigan. It may have been Baltimore where she was born and educated, but it was in Detroit that she was raised and schooled.

Born as Genevieve into a broken family in the ’40’s, she learned early to “roll with the punches”. Never taken to church as a child, she was taught nothing about The Father, The Son or the Holy Spirit. She never saw a Bible in the family home, and it didn’t occur to her to ask or wonder why.

In June of 1964 she met David Ruffin–“the love of her life”. For her, love equaled pain, so she didn’t recognize the early signs that should have warned her that he was an abuser too. Ultimately, one of the things that Genna’s relationship with David–an abused child himself—soon taught her was that two wounded people do not equal one healthy one!

Tragically, David died young in 1991; Genna managed to keep putting one foot in front of the other one, and the hard days inevitably turned into years. Meanwhile, gathering her strength and years of journals, she began to create that which would eventually become her autobiography entitled “A Memoir: David Ruffin—My Temptation”. After years of difficult work, it was finally published in early 2003. Then late in 2003, she miraculously began to be pulled out of the cult she’d been in for over thirty years and began to be pulled to the lap of Father God and to the feet of Jesus Christ! In 2004, she was re-born and dumped the mess of her life at the foot of Jesus’ cross.

With multiple nudges from the Holy Spirit, she then went on to publish in 2010, “Delivered From Temptation”, the sequel to her first book. She now has peace in knowing that her life, first as the abused and then as the survivor, was meant to be her platform with which to bring others to Jesus. Her experiences are being used by God to share words of encouragement to those in similar circumstances, and she is honored to be working for the Kingdom of God in this way. She feels led to public speaking and ministry in prisons, universities, churches, high schools and middle schools in hopes of saving someone from the death and destruction that poor choices can bring—and the joy in the Lord that good choices can bring!

A year after David’s death, she moved from Detroit and did some further traveling before settling down in a warm and more peaceful climate. Here she continues to write, and spends time learning about The Bible, Jesus and what it means to live as His follower. Website:

Her autobiography, “Delivered From Temptation (From Temptation to Salvation)”, is available on online book stores, including, where it was a #1 seller.

GENNA SAPIA-RUFFIN’S BOOK – “Delivered From Temptation–From Temptation to Salvation” 

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