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Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun Final Farewell Letter

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Posted: Saturday December 23, 2017 @ 8:37 p.m PST


“Even though I saw you off on your last journey..I still can’t believe this is real..the Jonghyun I’ve seen for the last 10 years was always bright and passionate.

You were an amazing person that gave laughter and joy to people around you..I respected that you sang with everything you had on stage and loved that when you were the most humane and warm person I knew off-stage.

I always thought of you as such a strong and awesome person..I feel stupid for being so limited in the way I saw you and I regret it..I was so close to you yet why couldn’t I see that side of you..why couldn’t I be there for hard things must have been..

I only found out now that you were enduring pain I can’t even imagine all alone..I’m so sorry..and you did so well..don’t hurt anymore and I pray that you can rest in the ever shining Jonghyun oppa..I will remember you forever..”

– Seohyun


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Hyeri (Girl’s Day) Kpop Made Her Delete Phone Numbers

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Media: Koreaboo –Mydaily

Posted: Saturday April 15, 2017 @ 9:18 p.m PST


Hyeri talked about just how obsessive her ex-boyfriend was, as he went through her phone to delete all the phone numbers of other guys.

On a recent broadcast of Life’s Bar, Girl’s Day had an honest talk about their lives accompanied with some alcohol. Here, Hyeri talked about her past relationship history and revealed the story of a past obsessive boyfriend.

“In the past, I had a boyfriend who was very obsessed with me. He wanted to meet me whenever I had days off. He also said things like, ‘You said you can’t meet up with me because you’re busy, but you still meet up with your friends.’”

Hyeri also revealed that he would constantly check her cell phone, saying,

“He would check my cell phone too. It wasn’t that serious of a relationship, but it seemed like he really hated that I had friends who were guys. He deleted all the guys’ phone numbers.”

— Hyeri (Girl’s Day)


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Girl’s Day {Kpop} Returns To KoonTV and Apologized For Their Alleged Rude Attitudes

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Media:Koreaboo –  X Sports News

Posted:Sunday July 12, 2015 @ 6:12 p.m PST

Girl group Girl’s Day makes a returning appearance on online broadcasting show KoonTV, giving their official and public apology to viewers for their alleged rude attitudes.

On July 10th, they returned on the popular AfreecaTV live broadcast show, apologizing for their actions that many have stated to be rude in the last broadcast.

Before their appearance, the host Choi Koon led the live airing and said, “I was an inexperienced host. During the live broadcast, I should have spotted the live comments that needed to be addressed but fell short. Today, coming at the end of the music broadcast is Girl’s Day.”

As the group’s leader, Sojin makes an apology on behalf of Girl’s Day, and said, “We would like to say we are sorry. We would like to apologize to viewers for making them uncomfortable when they only wanted to see an enjoyable broadcast. Girl’s Day will always be bright and energetic and work hard, and we will be more careful and pay more attention in the future. Once again, we are sorry.”

On the July 7th broadcast of KoonTV, which has since been taken down from its original channel on both YouTube and AfreecaTV, Girl’s Day was seen focusing more on the food in front of them and ignoring their host which many viewers found to be very rude.



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