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Super Junior’s Leeteuk And Girl’s Day Minah Kissing

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Source: koreaboo

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Posted: Monday October 15, 2018 @1:45 am PST

On an episode of Candid Shot Battle, Leeteuk and Minah kissed on a hidden camera in order to trick Hyeri into believing that the two were in a relationship.

Hyeri demanded that the two idols kiss to prove that they are really dating.

Leeteuk boldly placed his hands behind the back of her hair and pulled her close sending everyone into a screaming fit! Hyeri can be seen nearly pulling all of her hair out!

Being embarrassed by everyone’s reaction, Leeteuk failed on his first attempt and momentarily removed himself from the situation.

He went in for the second time, but failed again when Yura began screaming next to them.

On his third attempt, he finally succeeded and gave Minah a peck on the lips.

Hyeri showed the biggest reaction, falling to the ground and slapping it over and over with her arms.


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