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Super Junior’s Leeteuk And Girl’s Day Minah Kissing

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Posted: Monday October 15, 2018 @1:45 am PST

On an episode of Candid Shot Battle, Leeteuk and Minah kissed on a hidden camera in order to trick Hyeri into believing that the two were in a relationship.

Hyeri demanded that the two idols kiss to prove that they are really dating.

Leeteuk boldly placed his hands behind the back of her hair and pulled her close sending everyone into a screaming fit! Hyeri can be seen nearly pulling all of her hair out!

Being embarrassed by everyone’s reaction, Leeteuk failed on his first attempt and momentarily removed himself from the situation.

He went in for the second time, but failed again when Yura began screaming next to them.

On his third attempt, he finally succeeded and gave Minah a peck on the lips.

Hyeri showed the biggest reaction, falling to the ground and slapping it over and over with her arms.


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Hyeri (Girl’s Day) Kpop Made Her Delete Phone Numbers

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Posted: Saturday April 15, 2017 @ 9:18 p.m PST


Hyeri talked about just how obsessive her ex-boyfriend was, as he went through her phone to delete all the phone numbers of other guys.

On a recent broadcast of Life’s Bar, Girl’s Day had an honest talk about their lives accompanied with some alcohol. Here, Hyeri talked about her past relationship history and revealed the story of a past obsessive boyfriend.

“In the past, I had a boyfriend who was very obsessed with me. He wanted to meet me whenever I had days off. He also said things like, ‘You said you can’t meet up with me because you’re busy, but you still meet up with your friends.’”

Hyeri also revealed that he would constantly check her cell phone, saying,

“He would check my cell phone too. It wasn’t that serious of a relationship, but it seemed like he really hated that I had friends who were guys. He deleted all the guys’ phone numbers.”

— Hyeri (Girl’s Day)


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Girl’s Day {K-Pop} Sexy Stages 14 Ultra HD

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Posted: Friday December 5, 2014 @ 10:06 p.m PST



Girl’s Day are one of the top girl groups right now, growing from small time rookies to a force to be reckoned with. Their style is a unique feeling of classy and elegant yet sexy.

The group has shown their skill and beauty on stage, with hit song after hit song. Not to mention, Hyeri is making waves on TV!! Check out these 14 Ultra HD Girl’s Day Sexy Stages!



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Girl’s Day {K-Pop} Super Hot Sexy Photos You’ve Never Seen

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Posted: Friday September 5, 2014 @ 3:36 a.m PST


Girl’s Day were known for their cute, girlish concept when they first debuted; however, recently they underwent a sexy transformation. Here’s our collection of some of their hottest photo shoots.






Yura Revealed Her Ideal Type Is Lee Seung Gi Not SHINee’s Jonghyun

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Posted: Thursday July 4, 2013 @ 6:21 p.m.  PST


Idol girl group Girl’s Day and hip-hop duo Dynamic Duo were guests on the recent episode of SBS Radio Power FM ‘Cultwo Show’, where Girl’s Day’s Yura listed Lee Seung Gi as her ideal type.


SHINee’s Jonghyun had revealed on another radio show that Yura was his ideal type. Yura responded, “I heard him mention about this on another radio show yesterday,” expressing her gratitude to Jonghyun.

When asked which SHINee member was her favourite, Yura replied, “I liked all the SHINee sunbaenims.” After a short pause, Yura added, “My ideal type is actually Lee Seung Gi,” which led to laughter all around in the studio.

Meanwhile, Girl’s Day’s Sojin revealed, “My ideal type is Dynamic Duo’s Choiza. My heart started beating faster when I heard that we would be on the same radio with them.” Sojin’s sudden confession left Choiza stunned momentarily.

Girl's Day


Girl’s Day (걸스데이) (Kpop) To Hold An Outdoor Swimming Pool Venue

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Posted:Friday June 14, 2013 @ 4:37 p.m PST




Girl’s Day is preparing to make a comeback with a repackage edition of their 1st studio album, “Expectation.”

To celebrate their upcoming repackaged album release, Girl’s Day will hold a showcase at an outdoor swimming pool venue, becoming the first girl group to do so in South Korea. In addition to performing their new tracks, Girl’s Day will also be performing such tracks like “Expectation,” “Don’t Forget Me” and “Twinkle Twinkle.”

Girl’s Day will release their repackaged album on June 24th.



Jihae Left “Girl’s Day”

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Posted: Thursday Ocotober 18, 2012 @10:12 p.m PST

A representative of the group’s agency stated, “Due to personal reasons, Jihae will leave the group and will not participate in the upcoming album that will be released in October 26th. In the meantime, members Sojin, Yura, Minah, and Hyeri will remain in activities as a four member group.”

The decision of leaving the group was made due to Jihae’s personal reason. As a current student of Sungkyunkwan University, majoring in dance/choreography, it has been said that Jihae will focus on her schooling for now. According to, Koreaboo.