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Hyeri (Girl’s Day) Kpop Made Her Delete Phone Numbers

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Posted: Saturday April 15, 2017 @ 9:18 p.m PST


Hyeri talked about just how obsessive her ex-boyfriend was, as he went through her phone to delete all the phone numbers of other guys.

On a recent broadcast of Life’s Bar, Girl’s Day had an honest talk about their lives accompanied with some alcohol. Here, Hyeri talked about her past relationship history and revealed the story of a past obsessive boyfriend.

“In the past, I had a boyfriend who was very obsessed with me. He wanted to meet me whenever I had days off. He also said things like, ‘You said you can’t meet up with me because you’re busy, but you still meet up with your friends.’”

Hyeri also revealed that he would constantly check her cell phone, saying,

“He would check my cell phone too. It wasn’t that serious of a relationship, but it seemed like he really hated that I had friends who were guys. He deleted all the guys’ phone numbers.”

— Hyeri (Girl’s Day)


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Park Bo Gum {Actor} and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri’s Relationship

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Posted: Saturday December 19, 2015 @ 5:40 p.m PST


In addition to playing on-screen love interests in popular drama Reply 1988, actor Park Bo Gum and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri have also been showing amazing chemistry off-screen as well. 

From photos and streams on the V App featuring the two co-stars, netizens have noticed the strong chemistry between Hyeri and Park Bo Gum. Being similar in age and working in the entertainment industry, the two have shown that they get along quite well, and their skin ship off-camera have netizens imagining that the two would make a great couple as well. Netizens have been speculating about the possible pairing, making the duo a hot topic online recently.



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