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Goo Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend Choi Jong Bum To Receive An Arrest Warrant

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Posted: Tuesday October 23, 2018 @ 12:25 am PST

Seoul Gangnam Police Station released a statement on the case against Goo Hara and her ex-boyfriend, Choi Jong Bum. 

Though initially accused of assault, he now faces additional charges for threatening Hara through blackmail.

“We applied for an arrest warrant on Choi Jongbum for threats, injuries and coercion on October 19. The district prosecutor’s office requested the courts for the warrant today.” 

— Seoul Gangnam Police

Goo Hara also provided evidence and accused her former boyfriend for violence, intimidation, sexual harassment and “revenge porn.”

According to the investigation, the police decided that there was no definite evidence of the video being intentionally spread, leading to Choi Jong Bum no longer being suspected of violating the Sexual Violence Act. 

However, they did consider the extend to which he had mistreated Goo Hara in the leaked video and judged it as a criminal act and not a simple assault. Other crimes such as sending Hara the video and forcing her to kneel down were thought to be blackmail, which were included as reasons for his arrest.

The courts are expected to release their decision for his arrest as soon as possible.




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Choi Jong Bum Cannot Be Punished For Goo Hara’s Sex Tape! It Was Consensual

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Posted: Monday October 8, 2018 @ 6:00 pm PST

Koo Hara recently revealed that her feud with her ex-boyfriendbegan when he allegedly blackmailed her with videos of them having sex. The boyfriend soon clarified that Koo Hara was the one who initiated the filming and was “in control”.

Korean legislator, Kim Kyung Jin, recently held an interview where he revealed that Koo Hara’s ex-boyfriend will most likely be un-punishable for claims of ‘revenge porn’. As Koo Hara consented to the filming, it will be difficult for the ex-boyfriend to be charged.

“With the current laws, it’s impossible to punish someone for spreading a [sex tape] if it was filmed with both parties’ consent.”

However, Kim Kyung Jin is adamant that showing someone a private video during a feud can only be interpreted as blackmail and threatening.

— Kim Kyung Jin

“Showing your ex-girlfriend the video means, ‘I have this, so you need to do as I say.’ Isn’t it most logical to think, ‘It’s impossible not to consider it a threat.’?

It’s a passive threat, a silent threat.”

— Kim Kyung Jin

Lawmakers, such as Kim Kyung Jin, have begun vocalizing their demands to create and strengthen laws that punishes those who use private videos as a form of threat.

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Goo Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend “Choi Jong Bum” Has Been FIRED!

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Posted: Monday October 8, 2018 @ 4:45 am PST

Goo Hara’s ex-boyfriend, who was involved in Goo Hara’s assault scandal, has reportedly been fired from his post at the hair salon he worked at.

The salon released an announcement through their official Instagram account, stating that the hairdresser is no longer employed at the salon and that they are not related in any way to his scandal.

“This is Salon Hearts.
Team Leader 000 has been fired from our salon and has not worked a single day at our salon since the incident.
Our salon is not related in any way to the incident and as such, we ask that you refrain from false rumors or negative comments.”

Goo Hara’s ex-boyfriend has been in the spotlight for accusing Goo Hara of assault. He claimed that he was the victim of a one-sided assault by Goo Hara while Goo Hara claimed the assault was committed by both sides.

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Goo Hara Directly Attacked & Assaulted Choi Jong Bum: Says His Attorney

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Posted: Monday October 8, 2018 @ 2:56 am PST

Goo Hara’s ex-boyfriend, Choi Jong Bum, has revealed shocking images of the aftermath of the assault that took place on September 13th.

Choi Jong Bum had accused Goo Hara of a one-sided assault whereas Koo Hara claimed that both sides were involved.

As to why he chose to reveal these photos, Choi Jong Bum stated that he believed the victim and offender have been switched since Goo Hara revealed that a sex tape was involved.

Choi Jong Bum’s attorney continued to explain how Choi Jong Bum was assaulted by Goo Hara:

“She directly attacked him and scratched his face. Then as he was trying to stop her, Goo Hara sustained some injuries as well. It is true that these were caused by Choi Jong Bum as Goo Hara claims. The couple’s quarrel began in the closet room of Goo Hara’s home and eventually led to a physical fight.” ㅡ Choi Jong Bum’s Attorney

Through his attorney, he explained in more detail about the sex tape and how he feels about the people who have been referring to it as a “revenge porn”.

“Although it is something that I (and Choi Jong Bum) must accept as part of our job, I hope that it would be based on facts. This is because the video was not filmed in secret. Revenge porn is when a man leaks a video to threaten a woman who wants to break up with him as revenge, but this is the exact opposite case. In relation to the video, it is in fact Choi Jong Bum who is the victim. It’s already been revealed through the video how it was filmed and it wasn’t Choi Jong Bum who led the filming of the video. He wasn’t trying to reveal the video, he simply wanted to get legal compensation for his injuries. In particular, when he told Koo Hara that since he’s a hairdresser he wouldn’t be able to see his customers with the injuries, Goo Hara didn’t have much of a response.” ㅡ Choi Jong Bum’s Attorney



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Goo Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend Said “He Didn’t Release Her Porn Video To The Public”

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Posted: Friday October 5, 2018 @ 4:33 pm PST


Goo Hara has recently accused her ex-boyfriend of threatening her with a sex tape, which has led to numerous netizens to supportBlue House petitions asking for stricter punishment on such instances of “revenge porn”.

Her ex-boyfriend has since spoken out, stating that although the existence of the video is true, he did not take the lead in filming it nor did he reveal it to the public.

“It is true that the video exists. But Koo Hara was the one who led the filming of the video and I did not release the video after it was filmed. I hope that people would not see it as revenge porn.” ㅡ Goo Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend

According to the ex-boyfriend’s attorney, Koo Hara had wanted to film the video in order to “treasure a loving memory” and this can be proved as she can be seen adjusting the phone camera when it falls over in the video.

“It is true that the video exists. In terms of how the video came to be filmed, it was Koo Hara who wanted to film the video first and over 80% of the video was led and filmed by her. When my client asked, ‘Why are we fiming this?’, Koo Hara replied, ‘I want to treature a loving memory.’ While filiming, when the phone camera fell down, Koo Hara set it back up. The fact that Koo Hara led the filming of the video can easily be confirmed through the video.” ㅡ Ex-Boyfriend’s Attorney

The attorney continued to explain that his client (Koo Hara’s ex-boyfriend) did not mean to use the video as a means of negotiation and did not have any intention of releasing it or utilizing it in any negative way.

“If his goal was to leak or exploit the video, wouldn’t he already have done so? He also never tried to use it as a means of negotiation. When talking to the other party, he did not even mention the existence of the video.” ㅡ Ex-Boyfriend’s Attorney

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Goo Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend Threatened Her With Sex Tape

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Posted: Thursday October 4, 2018 @ 6:01 pm PST

After her assault scandal with her ex-boyfriend,  Goo Hara has finally revealed the reason as to why she had to remain silent after the news broke out.

On the day of the incident at approximately 2:30 am, text messages show that Goo Hara was doing her best to accommodate to her ex-boyfriend despite the fact that the assault occurred on both sides.

The messages continue with Goo Hara asking for a chance to talk in person, stating that she would even bring the acquaintance that was the reason for their fight and have him kneel before him as he had asked.

The ex-boyfriend continues to make sarcastic remarks and Goo Hara continues to desperately work things out.

While her ex-boyfriend claimed that the assault was one-sided,  Goo Hara had previously claimed that both parties were involved in the assault. So why was she so desperate to accommodate his requests? The answer lied in the video that the ex-boyfriend sent at 2:04 am: a sex tape.

Because of this tape, Goo Hara was doing her very best to please her boyfriend. She was even caught on camera kneeling before him in front of the elevator.

Then at 2:23 am, the ex-boyfriend sent another text message that contained yet another video, his second time threatening her.

Goo Hara confessed her feelings of desperation at the thought of what her ex-boyfriend did and would do with the videos.

“I discovered the videos on his cell phone. I was sure I erased them. It was scary. I wondered if he reported it to Dispatch. If he shared them with his friends. How about my life as an entertainer? My life as a woman…My mind was filled with thoughts.” ㅡ Goo Hara


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