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GOT7’s BamBam Misunderstood What He’d Been Told And It Turned Disastrous

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Posted: Tuesday October 30, 2018 @12:11 am PST

GOT7‘s BamBam is personable, very outgoing, enthusiastic, and has a great sense of humor. Not to mention the fact that he can translate a few different languages. All these qualities seem like they would make him a great tour guide! Unfortunately, the one time he tried it out, it ended up being a bit of a disaster!

A few years back the cast of Where Is My Friend’s Home headed to a Thai village to taste the local coffee, try their hand at farming and cooking, and give a performance.

Being able to speak Thai, BamBam was the obvious choice to help guide and translate for the group. At the time a local was showing the group some of the things that made the village unique and pointed out a swing that is part of the area’s original culture.

While things were going pretty smoothly, they were about to take a dramatic turn. As the villager explained to BamBam that everyone played on the swing during their swing festival…

BamBam turned around and explained it to the rest of the group. The only problem was that he misunderstood what he’d been told…

Which meant that what he told the others wasn’t quite the same story! Actually, it was really, really different from what he had been told!

Of course, his companions were shocked by the sudden horror story that was unfolding before them.

When they wanted to know a little bit more about who or what exactly was being sacrificed to the ghosts, BamBam relayed the news that it was always people.

Jackson was so shocked by the news that he attempted to call BamBam out because he couldn’t believe that such a peaceful village was hiding such a dark tradition.

But BamBam was quick to assure him it was true!

It wasn’t until the local told BamBam that anyone in the village could take part in the swinging that he started to expect something was up.  After finding out that the swing wasn’t nearly as sinister as he first thought, he thankfully righted the mistake much to the relief of the entire group!

It’s probably safe to say that BamBam won’t be taking up any tour guide positions any time soon!



friend home 3 friend home

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Got7 Lead Rapper Bambam Must Draw a Black Card April 9th To Avoid The Thai Military. Red Card He Goes

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Posted: Saturday March 31, 2018 @9:33 p.m PST

On April 9th, the reported date of the draw, Bambam has to draw a black card in order to avoid service. However, he must serve for up to two years if he draws a red card.

One can be excluded from the lottery if there were enough volunteers from the person’s home province. This was the case for 2PM’s Nichkhun, but Bambam’s province did not have enough volunteers.

A fan asked Bambam about the news and he only assured them with a reply, saying, “I really want it to be over with and I have everything planned out. Don’t worry.” 


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