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T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung Was Sent To The Hospital

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Blog Source: Channel News Asia

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Photo Credit: Channel News Asia –  Promotional photo for the group’s single “Lovey Dovey”. -photo from

Posted: Tuesday January 10, 2012 @ 1:30 pm PST

Topic: T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung

T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung who is 23 was sent to the hospital on Friday January 6, 2012 for a sprained ankle which is the second time while performing for a recording session for a music program.

The first time Ham sprained her ankle was on December 31, 2011 during a music show.

The past weekend, she performed with a bandaged ankle and consumed painkillers to promote the group’s new single “Lovey Dovey”.

Ham’s members wished her a speedy recovery.

According to Another Planet Entertainment, T-ara is a popular South Korean female pop group, with hit songs like TTL, Bo Beep Bo Beep, Crazy Because of You, and Roly Poly etc. The seven members of T-ara are Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Hwayoung.

The K-Pop seven member girl group, T-ara performance for the K-POP Power & Beauty is postponed due to injury, until further notice in San Francisco on Friday January 13, 2012 at the Bill Graham Civic Center Auditorium.

T-ara's Ham Eun Jung