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Han Geng Tells All About Working As A Super Junior Became Intolerable

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Source: Yahoo Singapore By Heidi Hsia | From Cinema Online Exclusively for Yahoo Newsroom

Media: Yahoo Singapore

Posted: Tuesday October 1, 2013 @ 11:05 p.m. PST


Chinese singer and former Super Junior member Han Geng recently sat down for an interview and talked about his experience as a member of Super Junior and the reasons why he left the group.

According to Jpop Asia website, the 29-year-old singer-actor stated that he chose the entertainment industry because it was the quickest way to save his family from destitution, but found that being an idol in a foreign land has its consequences.

“I was the first foreign idol star and at the time, the South Korean law were not very kind to people like me. I couldn’t make much from my work,” and added that he only earned RMB 4,000 (approx. USD 653) in his first year as a Super Junior member.

“However, I was given KRW 3,000,000 (approx. USD 2,794) as bonus, twice as much as the rest of the group. All the money I made, I gave it to my family.”

Han Geng expressed that he was disappointed that even when Super Junior’s Chinese sub-unit, Super Junior-M, was created, he still did not get to enjoy as many benefits as his group members.

“Although my group mates were allowed to be in ads or land roles in dramas despite their inability to speak Chinese, I was denied many of the opportunities. But my workload still did not decrease because I was the group’s official translator.”

The singer stated that it became intolerable to the extent that he decided to secretly sue the company, SM Entertainment, for the unfair treatment and restart his career in China.

Han Geng left Super Junior because he couldn't stand it