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Baby Girl In Hong Kong Pregnant With Twins {Fetuses Between 8 and 10 Weeks}

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Posted: Tuesday March 10, 2015 @ 12:29 a.m PST


Initially, doctors thought she had tumors in her abdomen, but soon discovered the two growths were actually a pair of fetuses, aged between 8 and ten weeks.





Hong Kong’s Rooftop Slums With Cramped Windowless Room

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Posted: Monday December 8, 2014 @ 3:10 a.m PST


Fifty-eight-year-old Hong Kong resident Chan Piu sleeps on a pile of newspapers on the floor because there is no space in his home for a bed.

He lives in a windowless room that is no larger than a parking space, and standing there, even for a few minutes, feels claustrophobic.

A picture of his late father hangs on the wall, watching over him silently.

It is a cramped existence, made even more so by the fact that seven other families share the same kitchen, toilet and small living area.



Sharon Chan {Actress} To Play a Married Sex Therapist/Expert

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Posted: Monday November 10, 2014 @1:23 a.m PST


It was revealed that newlywed actress Sharon Chan will be playing a sex expert in TVB’s upcoming sex comedy produced by Jazz Man, title to be determined.

According to On CC News, she recently expressed, “I have seen a professional [sex therapist] to understand my character more. I asked about the kinds of sexual problems and difficulties experienced by the clients.”

When asked if she herself has any sexual issues, Sharon replied, “I am very normal.”


Liddy Li With Boyfriend After Her Exposed Affair With “Oxide Pang” {Hong Kong Director}

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Posted: Friday September 19, 2014 @3:20 a.m PST


After disappearing from the public eye for more than three months after her affair with Hong Kong director Oxide Pang was exposed, Liddy Li was spotted with her ex-boyfriend last Friday in Hong Kong.

The two spent more than 40 hours together including dinner at The News Room Diner. Her ex, who coincidentally looks like Oxide, was also seen giving her a kiss on her hand. They then retired to the actress’ apartment, which was reportedly rented by Oxide previously for their rendezvous.


Alan Tam On a Date With Mistress “Wendy Chu” and Married To “Sally Yeung”

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Posted: Wednesday August 13, 2014 @ 8:38 p.m PST


The 63-year-old has been maintaining a clandestine relationship with Wendy for twenty years. He secretly married his wife, Sally Yeung, in 1981 – the marriage was only discovered in 1993, when Alan’s name appeared on Sally’s deceased father’s obituary.

However, the star fell in love with his fan, Wendy, soon after that. Although the latter even bore him a son.


Christy Chung Surgery

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Posted: Thursday July 31, 2014 @ 6:50 p.m PST


Former screen siren Christy Chung recently made an appearance on Zhejiang TV’s health programme Healthy 007, where she discussed about women’s diseases with fellow guests, China actor Oscar Sun and singer Huhu.

During the programme recording, a doctor, who was also a special guest on the show, mentioned that inappropriate dosage of birth control pills could cause adverse effects on the body. In response, Christy revealed that she once had a growth in her ovary due to consumption of the pills. “But it has been removed via surgery!” she assured.

After listening to the doctor’s advice, Christy promised to pay more attention to her health and to go for regular check-ups.


Christy Chung

Sire Ma {Hong Kong Actress} Clips Maybe Released Having Intercourse Using Mobile Phones

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Posted: Wednesday July 30, 2014 @ 7:50 p.m PST


Following the release of Hong Kong actress Sire Ma’s private video clip which featured her dressed in barely-there lingerie and making steamy dance moves last Wednesday, the TVB starlet has admitted that more clips may be leaked in due time.

Sire has reportedly admitted to having filmed at least 10 similar clips using her and her close friend’s mobile phones; these included shots of her having intercourse, as well as vacation and kissing photos taken mostly in Shanghai.


Aimee Chan,33, {Hong Kong Actress} Accused Of Abandoning Her 3 Cats

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Posted: Monday July 21, 2014 @ 6:01 p.m PST


Hong Kong actress Aimee Chan was recently chided by angry netizens after she revealed that that she gave away her three cats – that she had been raising for six years – to a friend after her pregnancy.

Although Aimee, 33, expressed that her actions stemmed out of worry that her child would contract asthma after inhaling cat fur, she was slammed for being irresponsible and disrespectful towards life; a renowned veterinarian even called her selfish and ignorant.

Yesterday, the actress tried to clarify matters while attending an event. She claimed that in reality, the reason why she gave her cats away to her friend was not because of her son, but her allergy to cats.

Kelly Chen { Hong Kong Diva} Husband and Ayase Haruka {Japanese Actress}

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Posted: Tuesday July 15, 2014 @ 7:37 p.m


Hong Kong diva Kelly Chen’s husband, businessman Alex Lau, is reportedly cheating on her with Japanese actress Ayase Haruka.

Kelly, 41, has been in a happy relationship with Alex for 16 years. The couple married in 2008, and currently enjoy an idyllic life with their two sons.

However, news broke yesterday that Alex was spotted having French cuisine with Haruka at a gathering.Although there were a lot of other people present, the two behaved intimately, sharing a menu and looking at each other tenderly. They spoke in soft tones, and Alex purportedly even seemed unwilling when Haruka had to leave – sparking rumours that their relationship is not as simple as it seems.

Kelly Chen

Don Li ( Hong Kong singer-actor) To Release His New Album

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Source: Yahoo Singapore

Media: Yahoo Singapore

Posted:  Friday March 13, 2014 @ 1:47 p.m. PST


After spending so much of his time establishing his career in mainland China, Hong Kong singer-actor Don Li recently returned to Hong Kong to release his new album.

As reported on Mingpao, Don recently made an appearance at the premiere screening of his new movie, the horror film “Second Coming 3D”, together with cast members Kenny Wong and Susan Shaw.

Speaking to the media at the event, the 32-year-old singer stated that he has formed a record company in Hong Kong and he will be releasing a new album.

Don said, “This is a point of no return for me. I have turned down a lot of film offers to focus on releasing a new record.”

“I hope that the record will sell, or I will be suffering from losses,” added the singer.

His last album, “For My Dearest”, was released back in 2010.

On a side note, co-star Susan Shaw revealed that the horror movie is her first 3D movie, which made her feel like a newcomer.

Don Li hopes new record will sell

Yeung Ki, 41, Chopped Off Ex-Boyfriend “Zhou Hui” Penis and Killed Him With a Hammer

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Posted: Tuesday March 11, 2014 @ 9:04 p.m PST



Yeung Ki, 41, on trial in the city, has admitted killing 32-year-old piano teacher Zhou Hui on Boxing Day 2012 but denies murder, the South China Morning Post reported.

Yeung, a Chinese mainlander and Hong Kong resident, killed Zhou after an affair with the married man lasting years, during which he had deserted her while pregnant and borrowed money without paying it back on numerous occasions, it said.

On the night of the killing, Zhou “beat her, pushed her to the floor, and slapped their daughter”, then “forcibly had sex with her”, the High Court heard, according to the newspaper.

Afterwards, she drugged him with soup laced with sleeping pills, cut off his penis and flushed it down the toilet, then when he was awakened by the pain, beat him to death with “almost uncountable” blows from a hammer, the paper reported the prosecution as saying.

Ki  cut her former boyfriend’s penis with scissors and then killed him with a hammer after he raped her, a Hong Kong court heard, according to a report Tuesday.

Miss Hong Kong Pageant Rumours and Scandals From Bisexual To Plastic Surgery

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Source: Yahoo Singapore Heidi Hsia

Media: Yahoo Singapore

Posted: Sunday August 25, 2013 @ 1:45 a.m. PST


This year’s “Miss Hong Kong Pageant” contestants have been plagued with lots of rumours and scandals – a situation that may be changed for the better by TVB, by adding a new segment into the competition.

As reported on Oriental Daily website, the station recently revealed that they have added a new segment for the Semi-Final event, to take place on 25 August.

In the segment, to be judged by actress Carol Cheng, actor-manager Nat Chan, singer Hacken Lee and actor-producer Eric Tsang, all 20 contestants will be facing the four judges as they drill the beauties about the negative news and controversies that were reported on the media about them throughout the competition.

The segment, which will also be aired on live telecast, will test the girls’ quick wit and ability to give responses, and determine whether they truly possess both beauty and wisdom.

Many speculated that the segment will be most difficult to several controversial contestants such as Kendy Cheung, who was once rumoured to be bisexual and had gone under the knife, Moon Lau, who is said to frequently use profanity, Virginia Lau, who was earlier accused of wearing counterfeit clothes, as well as the highly controversial Tammy Ou Yang – who was accused of plastic surgery, working at night clubs, flirting with men, as well as taking out high interest private loans with her classmates as guarantors.

Miss Hong Kong Pageant

Fiona Sit Allegedly In A Lesbian Relationship With Hong Kong Singer Eman Lam

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Source: Yahoo Singapore By Heidi Hsia

Media: Yahoo Singapore / Fiona Sit /Eman Lam /

Posted: Thursday August 1, 2013 @2:58 a.m. PST


Rumour has it that Fiona Sit is in a lesbian relationship with Chet Lam’s sister, Hong Kong singer, Eman Lam.

According to HK Channel, sources claimed that the singer found support from Eman after the continuous tribulations she faced in her life, beginning with her breakup with boyfriend, Jaycee Chan, her parents’ divorce, her father’s illness, as well as her conflict with record label, Warner Music.

An insider alleged that the two of them met through Chet Lam, who was also introduced to her by Joey Yung when they took part in a stage play. However, they only grew closer after Fiona signed on with Paco Wong’s Sun Entertainment and performed together for the 903id club Music Live show at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in May.

A source claimed, “Eman often asked Fiona to rehearse together, and since both of them are women, Fiona dared to show sexier moves. As they always met for rehearsal, both of them became much closer.”

It was alleged that Fiona felt more comfortable with Eman and learned to accept that a man can never be as attentive as a woman. Eman was the only person she agreed on seeing when she was down on her luck.

Although she’d never actually announced her sexual preference in public, Eman is known to have been dating a partner of the same-sex. The singer once said, “I believe everyone has experienced being in love with someone of the same gender, especially women!”

Fiona Sit is rumoured to be dating Eman Lam