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Hong Kong’s Rooftop Slums With Cramped Windowless Room

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Posted: Monday December 8, 2014 @ 3:10 a.m PST


Fifty-eight-year-old Hong Kong resident Chan Piu sleeps on a pile of newspapers on the floor because there is no space in his home for a bed.

He lives in a windowless room that is no larger than a parking space, and standing there, even for a few minutes, feels claustrophobic.

A picture of his late father hangs on the wall, watching over him silently.

It is a cramped existence, made even more so by the fact that seven other families share the same kitchen, toilet and small living area.



Ekin Cheng (Videos)

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Cantopop Superstar Ekin Cheng went by the name  (Dior) and (Noodle) early in his career.  Cheng is an actor, singer and a  marital arts artists
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