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Hwang Hyunjin aka “이겨”, or “Eegyo” {World Cup Star, Hwang Sunhong} Daugther To Debut In Group “Ye.A” July 18th

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Media: Koreaboo

Posted: Monday July 7, 2014 @ 10:05 p.m PST


Hwang Hyunjin, daughter of World Cup Star, Hwang Sunhong, and leader of the group, will be debuting under the stage name, “이겨”, or “Eegyo” which means “Win”.

The girl group will be an 8-member group all with separate but complementing skills and charm. Hwang Hyunjin, who has been receiving training for quite some time now, has been training her dancing, and vocals skills as well as her ability to speak English and Japanese.

Kiroy Y Group revealed in a statement,  ”Eegyo is a very skilled and amazing member. She and the rest of her members will be working their absolute hardest to show future fans their best side. Please give them a lot of interest and wait for their debut.” She will be debuting in the group Ye.A on July 18th!



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