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iKON! And The Women They Are Attracted To “B.I’s Type Is Kim Ji Won

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Posted: Friday November 30, 2018 @ 7:00 am PST


Have you ever wondered what type of characteristics your favorite group, iKON, looks for in a girlfriend? Well, look no further, because we have compiled a list of each iKON member, and what type of woman they are attracted to!


The leader of iKONB.I likes a woman who has ambience around her, and strong eyes. He also shared on an episode of Get It Beauty that his ideal type is someone who is “cheerful and comfortable to be around.”

B.I’s ideal type is actress Kim Ji Won. He has openly admitted that she is his muse, and he will often think of her when he is composing a song.


Junhoe likes girls on the taller side, who also have a neat, tidy appearance. A girl’s smile is very important to him, because he wants to be able to make her laugh with his aegyo!

On a prior episode of MBC‘s Brother’s Thoughts, Junhoe revealed that the celebrity that best fits his ideal type is actress Kim Tae Ri. She does have a nice smile, too.

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iKON’s Jung Jinhyung and BLACKPINK’s Miyeon, Cut For Dating Scandal?

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Posted: Monday September 17, 2018 @ 1:50 am PST

he other member to be removed from iKON is controversial trainee Jung Jinhyung. One of the 9 final trainees competing on Mix & Match,Jinhyung was eventually eliminated from the group.

Speculation indicates that he was removed from YG Entertainment for dating fellow YG trainee Miyeon, who was supposed to be the 5th member of BLACKPINK.

Before their debut, BLACKPINK had 5 members. Miyeon, their 5th member, was a trainee at YG Entertainment for 5 years.

Reports indicate that Miyeon was removed from the group due to unforeseen circumstances, and Miyeon left YG Entertainment.

Although the reason for her departure are unclear, rumors indicate that she was cut from the group for dating Jung Jinhyung, a contestant on Mix & Match (the audition program that formed iKON).

Miyeon took a break from music for a few years, until she got an offer from Cube Entertainment. She has since debuted with (G)I-DLE, and BLACKPINK debuted as a 4-member group. Miyeon has revealed that the 5 original members remain close. The girls of BLACKPINK even texted Miyeon a message of congratulations when she finally debuted!

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iKON’s New Album October 1, 2018

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Posted: Tuesday September 11, 2018 @ 12:28 am PST

The upcoming album, “New Kids: The Final”, will be iKON’s third comeback in this year alone, a significant achievement for a YG artist!

YG Entertainment is known for their strict system of releasing albums and many YG artists have revealed that it is nearly impossible to release a new album until it is deemed perfect.

“New Kids: The Final” is most likely the final album to the “New Kids” series, which includes “New Kids: Begin” (2017) and “New Kids: Continue” (2018}

The talented idol group has made some significant achievements this year at #1 for 43 days in the domestic music charts with their hit song “Love Scenario”.

Their latest song, “Killing Me”, has hit #1 on the iTunes album chart in 24 countries around the world, #1 on the Japanese iTunes album chart as well as K-Pop album chart and #1 on the Chinse Kugou music new K-Pop chart




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Brian Puspos {Choreographer} Claims iKON {Kpop} Used His Choreography

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Posted: Tuesday November 18, 2014 @ 3:04 a.m PST


On November 17th, American dancer and choreographer, Brian Puspos, left an unhappy message on his Twitter, claiming iKON used his choreography and linking to a video of the said dance. 

Although he has since deleted his tweet, screenshots of his tweet, as well as replies he sent regarding the issue, have continued to circulate online. Brian’s tweet read “My choreo being used once again by the iKON boys. Hey YG, hire the choreographer next time. Stop cutting corners :)” 

In addition, he linked to a clip, which was a video of iKON dancing to “Niliria,” “All of me,” and “Siri Says,” on the 8th episode of MIX & MATCH.





Brian Puspos tweeting abou iKON

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B.I, {iKON} Father Kim Jung Ju,42, Arrested For Embezzling $2.4 million

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Posted: Monday Novermber 10, 2014 @5:35 a.m PST


B.I, leader of YG Entertainment‘s rookie boy group iKON, has garnered attention for his father Kim Jung Ju (42 years old)’s embezzlement scandal.Kim Jung Ju, who is also the former CEO of Seunghwa Freetech, has ordered to appearing court for his trial with accusations of embezzling approximately $2.4 million USD worth of funds.

According to Seoul Southern District Court, Kim Jung Ju and Mr. Kang have been arrested for illegal activities as outlined in the Capital Market Act, specifically for illegal political funds, and illegal slush funds. From June to August of 2014, the two have raised $1.81 billion USD funds from the investors by making fraudulent company statements. Additionally, they shared $2.4 million USD for personal expenses. Currently,police are tracing Mr. Kang as he has gone missing. Seunghwa Freetech stocks have also been temporary halted for any trading.

With the news of Kim Jung Ju’s embezzlement, netizens are showing various responses, with some criticizing B.I for the issue and voicing strong opinions that B.I should depart from iKON. Whilst, some are empathizing and supporting B.I with the unfortunate news surfacing right before iKON’s debut in January 2015.


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Kim Dong Hyuk {Final 7th iKON-Kpop Band} Member

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Posted: Thursday November 6, 2014 @4:55 p.m PST


the final seventh member of YG Entertainment‘s upcoming boy group iKON has been revealed!

During the broadcast of YG Entertainment’s survival program MIX & MATCH, which aired on November 6th, Kim Donghyuk was announced to be the final confirmed member of iKON, who is set to debut in January 2015.

Known for his strong beliefs and persistence on pushing his trainees to go through a survival-format process to debut, CEO Yang Hyun Suk has had a group of nine male trainees endure harsh competition and criticism for the last six months in order to get them standing where they are today.

Six members of Team B, who were first introduced to the public in 2013 during their original survival program WIN: Who Is Next, failed to debut in the beginning of 2014 with an unfortunate loss to their brother group Team A, who are now known as WINNER. With much regret, Team B members Kim Jinhwan, Bobby, B.I, Koo Junhoe, Kim Donghyuk, and Song Yunhyeongwere put forth yet another set of challenges with the release of MIX & MATCH.

An addition of three completely new trainees, Jung Jinhyeong, Jung Chanwoo, and Yang Hongsuk, were placed among the previous six members to see if they could survive the training and brotherhood to fulfill their dreams of becoming an iKON member. Only seven of the nine trainees were announced to debut in the group, the remaining two trainees who fail to gain the most viewer votes getting eliminated from the group and possibly, even the agency.

Yang Hyun Suk previously confirmed that trainees B.I, Bobby, and Kim Jinhwan were already set as official members of iKON, which exempts them from all voting and leaves only the remaining six trainees’ positions unaccounted for unless voted into the group by the viewers of the show.

After six long months of Mix & Match training and competition, as well as an intense round of voting, the remaining four finalized members following Kim Jin Hwan, Bobby, and B.I have been revealed to be Koo Junhoe, Song Yunhyeong, Jung Chanwoo, and Kim Donghyuk.

Many fans have been showing their gratitude towards the nine iKON trainees, even before the finalization of all seven members, for their hard working efforts and for sharing the bittersweet memories with them throughout the whole process of their debut preparations.

Kim Donghyuk

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iKON {K-Pop Boy Group} 4 Members To Join Bobby, B.I and JInhwan

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Posted: Tuesday October 14, 2014 @ 4:29 a.m PST


YG Entertainment has released the official poster for the final match of “MIX & MATCH.”

After undergoing vigorous training and experiencing various types of evaluations, all nine trainees will be holding their final match on October 22nd. According to YG Entertainment today, it was confirmed that “MIX & MATCH’ will hold their final match at Korea University’s Hwajung Gym in Seoul, South Korea at 8PM KST.

Big Bang, 2NE1 and other artists are confirmed to attend the event.

Meanwhile, the final match will determine the four remaining members that will join Bobby, B.I and JInhwan to form, iKON. The votes accumulated during the fan meeting and voting event held in Japan, China and South Korea will be included in the final evaluation of the show. The final voting will be held in Seoul, South Korea on October 17th.

The full episode for “MIX & MATCH” will be aired simultaneously on Mnet and Naver.