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“INFINITE Power” {New K-Pop Group} Formed For SBS Drama “My Lovely Girl” {4 Members}

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Media:Koreaboo – MyDaily – asianwiki

Posted: Friday September 12, 2014 @ 4:56 a.m PST


“INFINITE Power”, an idol group specially formed for SBS drama “My Lovely Girl”, reveals a jacket photo and concert poster!

In the drama “My Lovely Girl,” “INFINITE Power” is the best Hallyu K-Pop group from AnA, Korea’s most successful entertainment company. The group consists of 4 members, including Kim Myungsoo and Lee Hoya of INFINITE, as well as Lee Daeyeol and Choi Seongyun. If you haven’t recognized the resemblence, Lee Daeyeol is the brother of INFINITE’s member Lee Sungyeol, while Choi Seongyun is a trainee. With jacket photos and a concert poster taken so professionally, it seems almost real that this is a new group that will soon debut in the K-pop industry.

Hoya will play the role of the group’s leader as Raeheon, while Myungsoo plays Shiwoo. Although “INFINITE Power” is just a group formed for the drama, all 4 members, including the non-INFINITE members, showed their coolness and charisma that would not lose out to real idol groups.

We can expect “INFINITE Power” to showcase their popularity and explosive energy through a passionate stage, as it is reported that they have already completed filming for their “MHDR” concert. Although “My Lovely Girl” has yet to premiere on television, “INFINITE Power” has already shown their power by receiving a lot of support and attention.

“My Lovely Girl” stars Rain and f(x)’s Krystal, and besides “INFINITE Power”, some other cast members include Chae Yeryun, Park Doosik, and BESTie‘s Na Haeryung.

“My Lovely Girl” will broadcast its first episode on September 17, taking over the timeslot of recently-ended “It’s Okay, That’s Love” on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10PM (KST). Meanwhile, this upcoming drama has already released its fourth teaser clip, hyping things up for their potential viewers!


Kim Doyeon {choco-holic} and L {Infinite 인피니트} Scandal

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Posted: Friday September 27, 2013 @ 4:03 p.m PST




Woollim Entertainment has released a statement about the recent dating scandal Infinite’s L has been involved. Earlier today, fans speculated over a number of photos, tweets and blog posts revealing that Infinite’s L is in a relationship with ulzzang Kim Doyeon.

Woollim Entertainment has now revealed that the two met through an acquaintance and has been close since, further denying any relationship between the two. The agency went on to state that Infinite is currently committed on their ongoing world tour.

The agency claims that the two are not dating, despite several other photos linking the two circulated online. Earlier today, fans have compiled photos and tweets linking L and Doyeon, identifying couple shirts, shoes, bracelets and wristwatches, followed by a certain “Doyeon” being included to L’s “Thanks To” on their album. It was soon followed by another photo of the two in a supermarket.





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Infinite 인피니트 (Kpop) First Big World Tour

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Posted: Monday June 10, 2013 @ 5:41 p.m PST





Infinite is one of the few Korean artists that are preparing to embark on their 1st world tour this year.

The members are dressed cleanly, seemingly getting ready for the big world tour as the title of each of Infinite’s past album releases appear.

Infinite’s “One Great Step” will be visiting Seoul, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kobe, Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Los Angeles, New York, Lima, London, Paris and more!

MBLAQ, Boyfriend, K-Will, Sistar, ETC..K-Pop World Festival (Videos)

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Posted: Saturday December 3, 2011 @ 6:18 pm PST


Topic-K-Pop World Festival 2011

K-Pop World Festival will be held on Wednesday December 7, 2011  at 19:00 KST in Changwon, Korea.

T-ara, MBLAQ, Secret, K-Will, Sistar, CNBLUE, INFINITE,  ETC… will be 21 artists performing  and representing 16 countries.

KPop World Festival will air on Dec 30th at 18:10(KST) on KBS World, check your local listing for the times in your area.